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Protein linked to development of asthma paves way for novel therapy  Feb 22, 12:07 pm
Washington, Feb 22 (ANI): Researchers have linked a specific protein to the development of post-viral infection asthma, which is the first step in generating a novel type of asthma therapy designed to prevent its development in young children.
Ewan McGregor to make direction debut with Philip Roth's 'American Pastoral'  Feb 20, 4:16 pm
London, Feb 20 (ANI): Ewan McGregor has signed up to direct an adaptation of Philip Roth's Pulitzer Prize-winning novel 'American Pastoral'.
Cincinnati Archbishop asks people to boycott '50 Shades' as it is direct assault on Christian marriage  Feb 15, 3:54 pm
Washington, Feb 15 (ANI): Cincinnati Archbishop Dennis Schnurr has recently urged churchgoers to boycott the 'Fifty Shades of Grey' film, which is based on the bestselling E.L James novel, on his Facebook page.
James Franco to star in Hulu's '11/22/63' series   Feb 13, 2:30 pm
Washington, Feb 13 (ANI): James Franco has signed on Hulu's upcoming time-travel miniseries series '11/22/63' that will be based on Stephen King's novel.
Surge in sex injuries may be due to '50 Shades'  Feb 12, 2:51 pm
Washington, Feb. 12 (ANI): The sex injuries have doubled since 2007, with a particular jump since the release of 'Fifty Shades of Grey' novels.
Dakota Johnson wants to 'look good naked' for 'Fifty Shades' sex scenes  Feb 11, 2:01 pm
London, Feb 11 (ANI): Dakota Johnson, who will play Anastasia Steele in the movie adaption of erotic novel 'Fifty Shades of Grey,' has revealed that she wants to "look good naked."
Amitav Ghosh shares excerpts from latest novel at M.K. Binodini Lecture  Feb 8, 1:51 pm
Imphal, Feb. 8 (ANI): Eminent author Amitav Ghosh read excerpts from his much-awaited novel 'Flood of Fire' at the third M.K. Binodini Memorial Lecture at the Maharaja Chandrakirti Auditorium here.
Oprah teams up with 'Selma' director for new drama series   Feb 3, 12:07 pm
Washington, Feb 3 (ANI): Oprah Winfrey and 'Selma' filmmaker Ava DuVernay have reunited to bring a new TV drama, inspired by the novel 'Queen Sugar' that will broadcasted on OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network.
Johnny Depp to republish cult classic novel 'Narcisa: Our Lady of Ashes'  Feb 2, 3:03 pm
New York, Feb 2 (ANI): Johnny Depp will be republishing classic cult novel, 'Narcisa: Our Lady of Ashes,' via his HarperCollins imprint Infinitum Nihil.
'Fifty Shades' director reveals why 'Tampon Scene' didn't make it to screen  Feb 2, 2:07 pm
London, Feb 2 (ANI): Director Sam Taylor-Johnson has revealed that some of the 'Fifty Shades of Grey' novel's graphic sexual details, including an infamous episode "The Tampon Scene," were necessarily omitted from the film.
Here's how mild reduction in food intake can protect against cerebral malaria  Jan 31, 12:17 pm
Washington, Jan 31 (ANI): A team of scientists has identified two molecular pathways that can lead to new therapeutic targets for cerebral malaria and also, discovered a novel link between food intake during the early stages of infection and the outcome of the disease.
New potential target identified for epilepsy treatment  Jan 25, 4:20 pm
Washington, Jan. 25 (ANI): A new study has recently identified a novel target to treat epilepsy, it has been reported.
Can a modern day career girl have 'dreams'  Jan 18, 9:31 am
New Delhi, Jan.18 (ANI): This interesting novel is focused on the experience of a young girl who wants to make a mark in her career, and hopes to get married to a person of her choice.
India, US to strengthen ties in Electronic Manufacturing, IT  Jan 14, 8:10 pm
New Delhi, Jan. 14 (ANI): India and the United States have decided to further strengthen their ties in the field of Electronic Manufacturing and Information Technology.
Consumers stand to reap little or no nutritional benefit from energy drinks  Jan 13, 2:35 pm
Washington, Jan 13 (ANI): A new study has revealed that a consumer stand to reap little or no benefit from nutrient additions to novel beverages (vitamin waters, energy drinks, and novel juices) sold in Canadian supermarkets.
Brit Olympian Louise Hazel creates '50 shades'-inspired workout   Jan 11, 3:19 pm
London, Jan 11 (ANI): British Olympian Louise Hazel has revealed her secret workout that is all concerned about lust and chain, and is inspired by erotic novel 'Fifty Shades of Grey'.
Bruce Willis, Mitch Glazer set to bring 'Bandits' to big screen  Jan 9, 11:34 am
Washington, Jan 9 (ANI): Bruce Willis and Mitch Glazer have teamed up to make Elmore Leonard's novel 'Bandits,' into a big screen adaptation.
AIR tribute to Mahatma Gandhi through 100 episodes on FM network  Jan 8, 5:58 pm
New Delhi, Jan.8 (ANI): All India Radio's (AIR's) tribute to Mahatma Gandhi at a time when the nation in particular, and the world in general, is celebrating 100 years of his return to India will be showcased in a novel 100-episode series being aired from January 9 on its FM network.
Kerfuffle over ancient India's scientific prowess  Jan 5, 3:37 pm
Chennai, Jan. 5 (ANI): In this short story 'The last question' written in the 1950s, Asimov dreams about how computers in the future would look like. Computers were still a novel concept in the 50s, mostly owned by governments and big companies and could do little more than a few calculations.
'50 Shades' inspires Brits to splurge 50m pounds over sex this Christmas  Dec 25, 2:43 pm
London, Dec 25 (ANI): Brits are under 'Fifty Shades of Grey' effect and have splurged a whopping 50 million pounds on sex toys, erotic novels and pleasure products this Christmas, claims a new research.
JK Rowling's detective novels under male pen name to be made into TV shows   Dec 11, 1:23 pm
London, Dec 11 (ANI): JK Rowling's detective novels, which she had published under her male nom de plume Robert Galbraith, are being adapted for small screen.
New drug provides fresh hope for leukemia patients  Dec 8, 10:00 am
Washington, Dec 8 (ANI): Scientists have now come up with a novel drug which provides new hope for people suffering from leukemia.
Crime novelist PD James passes away at 94  Nov 28, 10:12 am
London, Nov 28 (ANI): Crime novelist PD James passed away at her Oxford home. She was 94.
Paul Greengrass to direct George Orwell's '1984' adaptation  Nov 20, 5:04 pm
Washington, Nov 20 (ANI): Paul Greengrass is set to direct Sony Pictures' new version of George Orwell's novel '1984'.
Soon, nasal spray for 'better' migraine pain relief  Nov 7, 3:01 pm
Washington, Nov 7 (ANI): A new research has revealed that scientists are developing a novel prochlorperazine nasal spray formulation for better migraine pain relief.