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Saradha scam: ED summons artist Subhaprasanna  Nov 25, 11:06 am
Kolkata, Nov. 25 (ANI): The Enforcement Directorate (ED) on Tuesday summoned noted painter Subhaprasanna in the Saradha chit fund scam.
Hitler's watercolour painting fetches 130,000 Euros at auction   Nov 23, 11:45 am
Wellington, Nov 23 (ANI): Adolf Hitler's 1941 watercolour painting has fetched 130,000 euros at an auction in Nuremberg, Germany, it has been revealed.
$44.4m Georgia O`Keeffe painting breaks `most expensive artwork by woman` record   Nov 22, 10:32 am
London, Nov 22 (ANI): A floral painting by the late US painter Georgia O'Keeffe has broken the record for the most expensive piece of artwork by a woman.
Paul Cezanne's wife's influence on his paintings was 'more than met the eye'  Nov 17, 2:06 pm
Washington, Nov 17 (ANI): Paul Cezanne's wife, Marie-Hortense Fiquet, influence on his artwork and importance to modern portraiture was more interesting than conventionally thought.
Justin Bieber to perform community service post neighbor's egging case  Nov 11, 10:07 am
Washington, Nov 11 (ANI): Justin Bieber will perform the community labor requirement working which would include things like painting walls and moving office furniture after getting involved in an egging case.
Miley Cyrus faces backlash for painting pet pig's toenails  Nov 9, 4:13 pm
Washington, Nov 9 (ANI): Miley Cyrus has sparked outrage among her fans by sharing pictures of her pet pig, Bubba Sue, getting a pedicure.
Parineeti, Ranveer and Ali turn graffiti painters for Kill Dil  Nov 9, 1:29 pm
New Delhi, Nov 9 (ANI): The Kill Dil trio of Parineeti Chopra, Ranveer Singh and Ali Zafar are leaving no stones unturned to promote their film.
Bruce Jenner paints nails red for 65th birthday  Oct 30, 4:48 pm
Washington, Oct 30 (ANI): Bruce Jenner decided to do something different for his 65th birthday! Paint his nails red.
Black money row: Dabur Group dubs Govt. move to name its former executive as 'unfortunate'  Oct 27, 2:08 pm
New Delhi, Oct. 27 (ANI): The Dabur Group has termed it as 'extremely unfortunate' that the Narendra Modi-led government has named one of its former executives, Pradip Burman, in the list of people having money in safe havens abroad to the Supreme Court, saying every person having a foreign bank account is being painted with the same brush.
40,000 year old paintings excavated in Asia may rewrite history of art  Oct 9, 11:35 am
London, Oct 9 (ANI): A recent excavation project disclosed that art may not have originated in Europe but also along the Indonesian island of Sulawesi.
Now, 'macho-man' Putin depicted as Hercules in Moscow art exhibition!  Oct 7, 3:07 pm
London, Oct 7 (ANI): An art exhibition held at a small Moscow gallery reportedly showcased paintings depicting Russian leader Vladimir Putin as Hercules-the mythical Greek hero.
Now, 'smart' bandage that emits phosphorescent glow to indicate healing  Oct 2, 1:59 pm
Washington, Oct 2 (ANI): Scientists for developed a paint-on, see-through, "smart" bandage that glows to indicate a wound's tissue oxygenation concentration.
Playboy babe paints canvases with 'boobs' to help raise cash for charity  Sep 28, 4:57 pm
London, Sept 28 (ANI): Mexican model Sugey Abrego is painting canvases with her boobs to help raise cash for the breast cancer sufferers.
Artists highlight the glory of Delhi through poetry-paintings  Sep 16, 5:23 pm
New Delhi, Sep. 16 (ANI): To mark the 60th anniversary of Lalit Kala Akademi, poet and artists showcased their exclusive artwork at an event, "Spirit of Delhi".
Scientists uncover new details about Monet's painting with 'celestial sleuthing'  Sep 3, 5:29 pm
Washington, Sept 3 (ANI): A new study has revealed that scientists have applied his distinctive brand of celestial sleuthing to French artist Claude Monet's masterpiece, uncovering new details about the painting's origins and resolving some long-standing controversies over what the canvas depicts and when it was painted.
First 3D street painting event held in Kashmir  Sep 2, 9:42 am
Srinagar, Sept. 2 (ANI): For the promotion of art and tourism in the Kashmir valley, authorities began the first 3D street painting event at Zabarwan Park which is located at the banks of the world famous Dal Lake.
Art exhibition in Kolkata promotes Indian tribal style of painting  Aug 28, 6:27 pm
Kolkata, Aug. 28 (ANI): An exhibition of paintings in Kolkata showcased tribal and ethnic art forms of different regions of India.
John Lennon's first self portrait expected to fetch 3m pounds at auction  Aug 22, 2:40 pm
London, August 22 (ANI): John Lennon's first ever self-portrait made in 1958 is expected to fetch 3 million pounds at an auction in London.
Now, sip champagne from coupe 'molded from Kate Moss 'left boob'!  Aug 22, 12:37 pm
London, Aug 22 (ANI): Kate Moss has recently collaborated with late painter Lucien Freud's daughter, Jane McAdam Freud, and Mayfair restaurant 34 to create a champagne coupe which has been molded from her left breast.
Jogen Chowdhary to be the first artist in-residence in Rashtrapati Bhavan  Aug 4, 2:10 pm
New Delhi, Aug 4 (ANI): Well-known painter and Rajya Sabha member Jogen Chowdhury has been invited to be the inaugural artist to stay at Rashtrapati Bhavan under its 'In-Residence Scheme for Writers and Artists'.
Kids paint myriad hues of Ramadan in Kashmir  Jul 21, 4:48 pm
Srinagar (Jammu and Kashmir), July 21 (ANI): Children in Jammu and Kashmir drew and painted their imaginations during a painting competition-cum-exhibition during the holy month of Ramadan.
Meet the man who sets house afire trying to kill spider   Jul 17, 11:20 am
London, July 17 (ANI): A man almost burned down his house in order to kill a spider with the lighter and spray paint.
Paintings, apparels made by specially-abled attract visitors in Kolkata   Jul 15, 8:55 pm
Kolkata, July 15 (ANI): Specially-abled people showcased their talent at an arts and craft exhibition in Kolkata which concluded on Tuesday.
Watching paint dry must be world's most 'boring job'!  Jul 8, 2:59 pm
London, July 8 (ANI): Watching paint dry has been considered as the world's most boring job possible by some people, it has been revealed.
Three- day painting exhibition brings cheer to specially-abled in Siliguri  Jul 5, 6:24 pm
Siliguri, (West Bengal), July 5 (ANI): Anubhab, a voluntary organisation in West Bengal organised a three- day painting- cum- sale exhibition since yesterday to bring cheer to the specially-abled.