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22744 patients benefited from 'Mukhmantri Cancer RahatKosh' scheme  Feb 3, 7:01 pm
New Delhi, Feb 3 (ANI-NewsVoir): 'Mukhyamantri Punjab Cancer RahatKosh Scheme' launched by Shiromani Akali Dal has been a boon the cancer patients of the state.
Varanasi district magistrate orders probe on blinding case (Update)  Feb 1, 11:39 am
Varanasi, Feb. 1 (ANI): The District Magistrate (DM) of Varanasi on Monday ordered an inquiry into the incident in which seven patients lost their eyesight due to the alleged use of infected injections by doctors.
Seven lose sight after getting 'infected' injection  Jan 31, 10:09 pm
Varanasi, Jan. 31 (ANI): At least seven eye patients reported problem in their eye sight after alleged use of infected injection by doctor at the Ophthalmology department at Sir Sunderlal Hospital here.
Epilepsy drug brings hope for multiple sclerosis patients  Jan 31, 2:59 pm
Washington D.C, Jan 31 (ANI): A commonly-used epilepsy drug has brought hope for multiple sclerosis sufferers as it may help prevent nerve damage.
President Mukherjee calls for 'empowering' leprosy victims  Jan 29, 2:31 pm
New Delhi, Jan. 29 (ANI): President Pranab Mukherjee on Friday called on the nation to make strong efforts to spread awareness about leprosy, its treatment, care and rehabilitation of its patients.
Sunny Leone raises funds for cancer patients  Jan 28, 2:23 pm
New Delhi, Jan. 28 (ANI): It is often said that appearances are deceptive and this goes for Bollywood's hottie Sunny Leone, who just proved that she has a heart of gold by raising funds for the cancer patients.
Study shows medical marijuana decreases migraines  Jan 16, 9:52 am
Washington D.C., Jan. 16 (ANI): A new study has revealed that patients diagnosed with migraine headaches saw a significant drop in their frequency when treated with medical marijuana.
These yoga positions lead to 'eye pressure' in glaucoma patients  Jan 10, 10:33 am
Washington, D.C., Jan. 10(ANI): A new study says there are certain head-down yoga positions that create eye pressure in Glucoma patients.
Skin cells can heal injured hearts  Jan 9, 10:21 am
Washington D.C., Jan. 9 (ANI): Usually after a heart attack, the heart is unable to replace its dead cells and patients are often left with little option of another heart transplant or cell therapy that transplants heart cells into the patient's heart.
New drug target discovered to treat severe autism  Jan 5, 12:25 pm
Washington, D.C., Jan. 5 (ANI): A novel drug target has been discovered by the Penn State scientists to rescue functional deficits in human nerve cells derived from patients with Rett Syndrome, a severe form of autism-spectrum disorder.
Maha govt. exempts dialysis patients from various medical taxes  Dec 31, 9:10 am
Mumbai, Dec. 31 (ANI): The Maharashtra Government exempted the drugs required by dialysis patients from various taxes making drugs related to dialysis procedure cheaper.
Hypnosis offers new alternative for `awake brain surgery`  Dec 29, 9:46 am
Washington D.C, Dec 29 (ANI): According to a new study, hypnosis may provide a new option for the 'awake surgery' for brain cancer patients.
Cancer's 'social network' analysis offers hope for patients  Dec 26, 10:10 am
Washington D.C, Dec 26 (ANI): A team of scientists has developed a computer model that applies techniques used to analyse social networks to identify new ways of treating cancer.
Excessive testing on type 2 diabetes patients due to over treatment: Study  Dec 9, 11:58 am
Washington D.C., Dec. 9(ANI): A new University of Michigan study has revealed that the excessive of testing of type 2 diabetes patients can be linked to over treatment.
Patients with diabetic foot show cognitive deterioration  Dec 7, 2:53 pm
Washington D.C, Dec 7 (ANI): In a first-time study, researchers have revealed that people with diabetes who suffer from "diabetic foot" have significantly impaired cognitive function.
New vaccine strategy shields high-risk cancer patients from flu  Dec 7, 10:28 am
Washington D.C, Dec 7 (ANI): A team of researchers has developed a vaccine strategy that reduces the risk of flu infections in cancer patients at highest risk for influenza.
Epileptics likelier to commit suicide than others  Dec 7, 9:50 am
Washington D.C, Dec 7 (ANI): According to a new study, patients with epilepsy are more likely to commit suicide than the general population.
Not possible to restore sight of 40 patients, says AIIMS docs  Dec 6, 8:51 pm
New Delhi, Dec. 6 (ANI): Doctors at All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) have reportedly said it was not feasible to restore sight of 40 patients of the Badwani botched up eye surgeries.
Chennai floods: 18 critical patients die in MIOT hospital  Dec 4, 1:26 pm
Chennai, Dec. 4 (ANI): A major power crisis has hit the rain-struck state of Tamil Nadu where 18 people lost their lives after being admitted to the Madras Institute of Orthopaedics and Traumatology (MIOT) in a critical condition.
Western BP guidelines may put Asians at stroke risk  Nov 27, 8:03 am
Washington D.C, Nov 27 (ANI): The recent Western blood pressure guidelines may actually boost the stroke risk if used for Asian patients, particularly the elderly, according to an expert opinion.
Exercise doesn't help 'sedentary' heart patients much  Nov 26, 1:54 pm
Washington D.C, Nov 26 (ANI): Patients with heart disease, who sit a lot, have worse health even if they exercise, according to a new research.
Now, a new compound that can speed up diabetic wound healing  Nov 24, 11:51 am
Washington D.C., Nov. 24 (ANI): In a breakthrough discovery, researchers have found a compound that accelerates wound healing in diabetes patients, which can help to make new treatment strategies.
Air pollution risks your heart  Nov 19, 11:31 am
Washington D.C, Nov 19 (ANI): A team of researchers has explained what effect air pollution has on heart disease patients.
Viagra may help ward off diabetes onset  Nov 19, 8:52 am
Washington D.C, Nov 19 (ANI): Taking the male potency pill may benefit the patients at diabetes risk, according to a new study.
Prostate cancer patients can benefit from Yoga  Nov 17, 12:09 pm
Washington D.C., Nov. 17 (ANI): A new study has revealed that men with prostate cancer who are undergoing radiation therapy can benefit from practicing yoga.