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US mulling providing 'lethal defensive arms' to Ukraine if diplomacy fails to resolve conflict  Feb 10, 10:30 am
London, Feb 10 (ANI): United States President Barack Obama has reportedly said that he is mulling the option of providing lethal defensive arms to Ukraine if diplomacy fails to end the Ukraine crisis.
Ukraine conflict: Russia, Ukraine, France, Germany plan Minsk meeting to discuss 'new peace plan'  Feb 9, 10:05 am
London, Feb 09 (ANI): Russia, Ukraine, Germany and France are set to meet in Belarus' capital Minsk on Wednesday to discuss a peace plan to end the fighting in east Ukraine, a report said.
Hollande says new peace plan chalked by France, Germany `last chance` to end Ukraine conflict  Feb 8, 10:52 am
London, Feb 08 (ANI): French President Francois Hollande has reportedly termed a peace plan drawn up by France and Germany as "one of the last chances" to end the conflict in east Ukraine.
Kiev, pro-Russia rebels chalk out peace plan to ease tension in Eastern Ukraine  Sep 21, 11:00 am
London, Sep 21 (ANI): The Ukrainian government and pro-Russia rebels have reportedly agreed to a peace plan for Eastern Ukraine during ongoing talks at the Belarusian capital of Minsk.
Putin unveils Ukraine peace plan ahead of crucial Nato summit  Sep 4, 1:01 pm
Melbourne, Sep 04 (ANI): Russian President Vladimir Putin has reportedly unveiled a peace plan for Ukraine right ahead of a crucial Nato summit on Thursday where western nations, led by United States President Barack Obama, were planning to chalk out a new defence plan for Eastern Europe "in the face of Russian aggression."
Ukraine crisis: EU ministers say Russia must cooperate or face new sanctions   Jun 23, 5:48 pm
Washington, May 23 (ANI): Russia has been warned by several European foreign ministers that it will face further sanctions by the West if it fails to cooperate with Ukraine's proposed peace plan.
'Death loving Muslim' Zawahiri's brother proposes 'peace plan' to end jihad against West  Sep 12, 10:52 am
London, Sep 12 (ANI): Mohamed al-Zawahiri, the brother of Al-Qaeda leader Aymen al-Zawahiri, voiced his personal 'peace plan' in an interview aired by CNN on the eve of the 9/11 terrorist attacks that took place on the World Trace Center in New York.
Iran backs Annan's peace plan on Syria: spokesman   Jul 24, 4:13 pm
Tehran, July 24 (Xinhua-ANI): Iran supports six-point peace plan of the UN-Arab League joint envoy for Syria Kofi Annan as a means to move out of the Syrian crisis, Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Ramin Mehmanparast said on Tuesday.
International talks on Syria end without decision on Assad's future role  Jul 1, 12:42 pm
Beirut, July 1 (ANI): An international conference has reportedly accepted a UN-brokered peace plan for Syria, but left open the key question of whether and how the country's President Bashar al-Assad would have to step aside.
France pushing for UNSC to make Annan's peace plan mandatory in Syria   Jun 14, 2:11 pm
Damascus, June 14 (ANI): France has demanded that the United Nations Security Council make Kofi Annan's peace plan for Syria legally binding on that country.
World urges support to Annan plan amid persistent violence in Syria   Jun 5, 12:53 pm
Damascus (Syria), June 5 (Xinhua-ANI): The international community called for support to the six-point peace plan of UN and Arab League joint envoy Kofi Annan amid continuing violence in Syria on Monday.
Annan warns Syrian peace plan may not be available 'forever'  Jun 2, 11:15 am
Damascus, June 2 (ANI): Former United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan has warned that his peace plan for Syria will not be available 'forever'.
EU tightens sanctions against Syria amid continuing violence   May 15, 12:25 pm
Brussels/Damascus, May 15 (Xinhua-ANI): European Union (EU) foreign ministers have decided to impose more sanctions on Syria as violence persists in the Arab country despite a UN-backed peace plan.
EU committed to Annan's peace plan on Syria: official   May 12, 4:07 pm
Damascus, May 12 (Xinhua-ANI): The ambassador of the European Union (EU) to Syria stressed on Saturday the EU's commitment to the initiative for peace by the UN-Arab League joint envoy for Syria Kofi Annan.
Annan admits torture by Syrian forces worsening despite month-long ceasefire  May 9, 3:40 pm
Washington, May 9 (ANI): Former U.N. Secretary General Kofi Annan, whose six-point peace plan is being monitored by a team of United Nations observers in Syria, has admitted that torture by Syrian forces was worsening despite the month-long ceasefire in the country.
U.S. threatens more pressure on Syria if Annan plan fails   Apr 21, 1:42 pm
Washington, April 21 (Xinhua-ANI): The United States on Friday threatened that it will increase pressure on the Syrian government if it fails to live up to all its obligations under the six-point peace plan put forward by UN-Arab League joint envoy Kofi Annan.
UN to send monitoring mission to Syria  Apr 13, 10:47 am
London, Apr 13 (ANI): The United Nations has announced that the Assad regime had failed to implement his peace plan by withdrawing troops from the streets and it is planning to send a 200-strong monitoring mission to Syria.
Assad to face 'renewed threat of international action' for breaking peace plan deal  Apr 11, 5:00 pm
Damascus, Apr 11 (ANI): Syrian President Bashar al-Assad will face a renewed threat of international action as peace negotiator UN-Arab League peace envoy Kofi Annan accused his government of breaking promises to embrace a ceasefire.
Turkey declares Syrian peace plan 'dead' as Assad's troops fire across border  Apr 10, 12:27 pm
Ankara, Apr 10 (ANI): The Turkish government has declared a UN-backed peace plan to end the Syrian crisis was dead after President Bashar al-Assad's armed forces opened fire into Turkey and Lebanon.
Syrian peace plan 'doomed' as Assad regime backs away from troop withdrawal deal  Apr 9, 10:56 am
Damascus, Apr 9 (ANI): The United Nations' peace plan for Syria has fallen into a state of disarray as President Bashar al-Assad's government backed away from a promise to complete a troop withdrawal before April 10 deadline, and continued its brutal crackdown on pro-democracy protestors.
Annan says 'Syria has agreed to April 10 deadline for implementing peace plan'   Apr 3, 12:41 pm
Damascus, Apr 3 (ANI): Special UN-Arab League envoy to Syria Kofi Annan has said that Damascus has agreed to implement his six-point peace plan by April 10.
Hague warns Assad to 'obey peace plan' or 'other countries will arm rebel movement'  Apr 2, 11:20 am
Damascus, Apr 2 (ANI): British Foreign Secretary William Hague has warned Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to honour the new peace plan or else other countries would arm the rebel movement.
Medvedev calls Annan's peace plan 'Syria's last chance to avoid bloody civil war'   Mar 26, 12:15 pm
Damascus, Mar 26 (ANI): Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has said that former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan's peace mission in Syria might be the last chance for Damascus to avoid a 'protracted bloody civil war'.
Guantanamo Bay's Taliban inmates 'agree to Qatar transfer'  Mar 11, 12:30 pm
Kabul, Mar 11(ANI): Five senior Taliban operatives detained at the Guantanamo Bay have agreed to be moved to custody in Qatar as part of a peace plan, the Afghan government officials has said.
Arab League plans to continue Syria observer mission despite criticism  Jan 9, 12:31 pm
Damascus, Jan 9 (ANI): The Arab League has vowed to carry on with its monitoring mission in Syria, despite the Bashar al-Assad regime's failure to put a regional peace plan in place.