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Tom Cruise to gain weight for latest role as Barry Seal in 'Mena'  Mar 15, 11:32 am
London, Mar 15 (ANI): Tom Cruise seems to be a perfectionist when it comes to acting as he is all set to put on lot of weight for his role in thriller flick 'Mena', it has been reported.
Miranda Kerr admits to liking feedback post sex  Apr 1, 1:03 pm
Melbourne, April 1 (ANI): Miranda Kerr has revealed that she's a perfectionist in the bedroom and asks for feedback after she has sex.
'Guardians of the Galaxy' director James Gunn calls Vin Diesel 'perfectionist'  Feb 26, 2:43 pm
London, Feb. 26 (ANI): Filmmaker James Gunn has praised star Vin Diesel for being a 'perfectionist' in his upcoming film 'Guardians of the Galaxy'.
Nigella Lawson says chefs are harmonious and conflict-free  Dec 28, 2:01 pm
London, December 28 (ANI): Nigella Lawson has revealed that as a general rule chefs are conflict-driven, perfectionist, and risk takers.
Perfectionists and highly motivated people become workaholics  Aug 30, 12:40 pm
Washington, Aug 30 (ANI): A new study suggests that being a perfectionist and highly motivated at work contributes directly to being a workaholic.
I'm a perfectionist, says Posh  Apr 29, 2:00 pm
London, Apr 29 (ANI): Victoria Beckham has admitted that she's a perfectionist, and thinks she might be a bit of nightmare at work.
Aamir Khan on cloud nine after success of 'Talaash'  Dec 5, 3:34 pm
New Delhi, Dec 5 (ANI): The perfectionist of Bollywood Aamir Khan was recently spotted in an elated mood, after his latest film 'Talaash' received a positive opening response at the box office and appreciative reviews from critics and audience as well.
Being perfectionist lies in your genes  Nov 5, 2:00 pm
London, November 5 (ANI): If you are a perfectionist - your parents are probably to blame, say researchers at the Michigan State University.
Murali says Oz coaching system's 'perfectionist' attitude knocks creative spin aside  Sep 27, 3:52 pm
Sydney, Sep. 27 (ANI): Sri Lanka spin legend Muthiah Muralitharan has said that the Australian coaching system's perfectionist attitude is the main reason behind the nation's failure to produce a single world class spinner since Shane Warne's retirement in 2007.
OCD is tiring, says perfectionist David Beckham  Aug 3, 4:21 pm
Washington, August 3 (ANI): David Beckham has admitted that suffering from obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) is "tiring" but he can't relax if his surroundings are not "perfect".
'Perfectionist' Kim Kardashian 'not ever really comfortable in own skin '  Jul 1, 3:28 pm
Washington, July 1 (ANI): Kim Kardashian, who makes a pretty good impression whether she's sporting a leopard-print mini dress or a pair of sweatpants, had a difficult time giving a straight answer when asked if she feels comfortable with her body.
'Perfectionist' Kim Kardashian doesn't like her thighs  Jun 28, 5:44 pm
Washington, June 28 (ANI): Kim Kardashian has revealed that she is unhappy with her thighs and wears spanx to look slimmer.
Steve Jobs starred as FDR in '1944' Apple marketing video  May 10, 10:51 am
Washington, May 10 (ANI): Steve Jobs, who was known as a great innovator, a perfectionist and a savvy businessman, was also an actor.
Simon Cowell to turn from Mr. Nasty to Mr. Nice to boost show's rating  Apr 9, 5:31 pm
Washington, Apr 9 (ANI): Simon Cowell is reportedly planning to be nicer to contestants in 'Britain's Got Talent' in a bid to attract more viewers.
Not 1 frame was changed in Titanic 3-D, says James Cameron  Mar 28, 4:12 pm
Washington, Mar 28 (ANI): James Cameron, who is considered to be a perfectionist movie maker, has revealed that while he discovered a few minor mistakes in his original 'Titanic', he hasn't changed one frame in his re-mastered 3-D version.
'Workaholic' Aamir cancels 47th b'day celebrations  Mar 14, 11:17 am
New Delhi, Mar 14 (ANI): Aamir Khan, who turns 47 on March 14, will not be celebrating his special day this year unlike his other birthdays.
Daniel Craig is never satisfied with his work  Dec 4, 5:29 pm
Washington, Dec 4 (ANI): Daniel Craig has revealed that he is never satisfied with his work, as he is a perpetual perfectionist.