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Stuck in TV dispute court case, Peter Andre postpones his honeymoon  Jul 15, 11:29 am
London, July 15 (ANI): Peter Andre's newly wedded wife has to wait for her honeymoon as the singer has recently put it on hold after being dragged into a bitter High Court row.
Peter Andre marries his lady love Emily MacDonagh  Jul 12, 2:39 pm
London, July 12 (ANI): Hitched! Peter Andre has tied the knot with Emily MacDonagh on July 11.
Katie Price to expose truth about ex-hubby Peter Andre in court   Jun 17, 2:50 pm
London, June 17 (ANI): Katie Price is reportedly willing to expose the truth about her former singer husband Peter Andre in the next court hearing of their three-year long fierce legal battle.
Peter Andre loves being 'strict', 'fun' dad  Sep 18, 4:42 pm
London, Sept 18 (ANI): Peter Andre has revealed that he loves being "the strict dad and also the fun dad."
Katie Price's 'rollercoaster' life-story to be made into film  Aug 11, 4:45 pm
London, August 11 (ANI): Katie Price is in talks to turn her five autobiographies into a movie.
Katie Price owns 908k pounds worth of rings post three marriages, five engagements  Jun 1, 10:24 am
London, June 1 (ANI): Katie Price is left with 908,000 pounds worth of rings after her three marriages and five engagements, it has been revealed.
Peter Andre reveals sleepless nights because of infant daughter   Apr 20, 12:30 pm
London, Apr.20 (ANI): Peter Andre while talking about fatherhood has revealed that he was not good with sleepless nights.
Peter Andre needs his caffeine fix for late night baby feeds   Mar 25, 3:31 pm
Washington, March 25 (ANI): Peter Andre, who has an 11-week-old-daughter Amelia with fiance Emily MacDonagh, has revealed that he relies heavily on coffee for the late night baby feeds.
Peter Andre calls fiance Emily MacDonagh his 'savior'  Mar 14, 1:12 pm
London, March 14 (ANI): Peter Andre has confessed that his fiance Emily MacDonagh acted as his savior and helped him deal with some tough times in his life.
Peter Andre admits having had a crush on Cheryl Cole  Feb 25, 2:52 pm
London, Feb 25 (ANI): Peter Andre has confessed that he had a thing for Cheryl Cole.
Peter Andre wants more kids  Feb 9, 1:39 pm
London, Feb 9 (ANI): Peter Andre wants more children with fiance Emily McDonagh because the new arrival of his daughter has given him a new lease of life.
Peter Andre names baby daughter Amelia  Feb 4, 2:42 pm
Washington, Feb 4 (ANI): Peter Andre has revealed that he and fiancee Emily MacDonagh have named their baby daughter Amelia.
New dad Peter Andre argues with Gary Barlow over who is best father  Feb 4, 11:30 am
London, Feb 4 (ANI): Peter Andre, who recently welcomed a new daughter Amelia with fiance Emily MacDonagh, has revealed that he argues with fellow singer Gary Barlow over who is the best father among the two.
Peter Andre wants a 'traditional English summer wedding'  Jan 29, 2:08 pm
Washington, Jan 29 (ANI): Peter Andre and Emily MacDonagh are planning a "traditional'' English summer wedding even though they won't be walking down the isle for a ''couple of years'', it has been revealed.
Peter Andre and girlfriend welcome baby girl   Jan 9, 11:20 am
London, Jan 9 (ANI): Peter Andre has confirmed that his girlfriend Emily MacDonagh has given birth to a baby girl.
Peter Andre wishing for baby girl  Jan 5, 1:49 pm
Washington, Jan 5 (ANI): Peter Andre has confessed that he is crossing his fingers for a baby girl with medicine graduate Emily MacDonaugh.
Katie Price claims Peter Andre was building his career by trashing hers  Oct 15, 4:33 pm
London, October 15 (ANI): Katie Price has revealed that she felt like her former husband Peter Andre was trying to build up his own career at the expense of hers.
Helen Flanagan hit by 'penis' while filming 'Celebrity Juice'  Apr 20, 12:59 pm
London, Apr. 20 (ANI): Helen Flanagan, who appeared on 'Celebrity Juice' with Peter Andre, Tom Ellis and comedian Chris Ramsey, was locked in a dark box and made to guess what Keith Lemon was putting inside through a hole.
Peter Andre launches cancer charity foundation  Apr 11, 2:37 pm
London, Apr. 11 (ANI): Peter Andre has started a charity foundation in memory of his brother Andrew, who passed away last December from liver and kidney cancer.
Peter Andre says brother's death 'one of worst moments in life'  Jan 1, 12:24 pm
London, Jan 1 (ANI): Peter Andre has revealed that his brother's death was the worst phase of his life, which had a devastating affect on him and his family.
Peter Andre in mourning after brother Andrew dies of cancer  Dec 18, 4:45 pm
London, December 18 (ANI): Peter Andre is said to be 'devastated' after his eldest brother Andrew passed away on Sunday, losing his cancer fight.
Peter Andre cancels gigs to be with dying brother  Dec 8, 4:38 pm
London, Dec. 8 (ANI): Peter Andre has postponed the rest of his UK tour to be by his cancer-stricken brother's bedside, who has been given two days to live.
Peter Andre fan goes into labour at concert  Nov 19, 3:05 pm
London, November 19 (ANI): A pregnant woman went into labour while cheering on Peter Andre during his concert.
Katie Price sues ex-hubby Peter Andre for 250K pounds over 'smear campaign'  Sep 11, 11:20 am
London, Sept 11 (ANI): Katie Price has accused her former husband Peter Andre and his management team for leaking her private information, and arranging false smears about her personal life.
Peter Andre gushes about 'idol' Becks   Aug 12, 1:49 pm
Washington, August 12 (ANI): Peter Andre has admitted being a huge fan of David Beckham because the soccer star has maintained a successful personal life despite being one of the most famous people in the world.