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Tobacco plant dug may be the cure for `killer` Ebola virus  Aug 6, 11:33 am
London, August 6 (ANI): Hopes are high that a drug made from tobacco plants may help in curing killer Ebola virus after two US aid workers, who contracted the virus in Liberia, were treated with an experimental serum.
Tripura to produce more electricity  Jul 25, 4:26 pm
Agartala, July 25 (ANI): A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was recently signed between the North East Electric Power Corporation (NEEPC) and the Tripura State Electrical Corporation Limited to increase the production capacity of three power plants in the state.
Plants' size, age impact productivity more than climate  Jul 21, 11:26 am
Washington, July 21(ANI): A new study has revealed that the size and age of plants has more impact on their productivity instead of climate that has a relatively minor direct effect on net primary productivity.
Purple nut sedge was important part of prehistoric ancestors' diet: Study  Jul 17, 5:23 pm
Washington, July 17 (ANI): A new study has found new evidence that our had a detailed understanding of plants long before the development of agriculture.
Scientists decode plants' genes linked with elevated CO2 levels   Jul 7, 4:36 pm
Washington, July 7 (ANI): The researchers have discovered a new genetic pathway, encoded with four genes, in plants that control the density of breathing pores in response to elevated CO2 levels.
James Cameron urges people to eat plants to save world  Jul 6, 2:49 pm
London, July 6 (ANI): James Cameron would be planning a global campaign with wife Suzy Amis Cameron in order to recommend people to include more plant-based foods in their diet rather than animals or animal products.
DMRC to install three more solar plants   Jul 3, 6:47 pm
New Delhi, July 3 (ANI): The Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) is going to install three more roof top solar power plants in its premises, as a continuation of its policy to encourage eco friendly work practices and technologies.
Festival on aromatic plants of Kashmir to create awareness of its potential in income generation  Jun 29, 3:24 pm
Srinagar, June 29 (ANI): A six- day festival meant to highlight the potential of indigenous aromatic and medicinal plants of the scenic state in income generation, concluded here today.
Delhi Lt. Governor Najeeb Jung plants trees on World Environment Day  Jun 5, 8:49 pm
New Delhi, June 5 (ANI): On the occasion of World Environment Day Lieutenant Governor of Delhi Najeeb Jung visited the Garhi Mandu Forest and planted a Jamun tree sapling near waterbody as part of the plantation drive and urged others present to plant trees to reduce the level of air pollution and improve aesthetics.
Southampton Varsity researchers help develop gravity-defying ultrasonic tweezers that could lead to life-changing medical advances  Jun 4, 6:34 pm
Southampton (UK), June 4 (ANI): Researchers from the University of Southampton have helped to develop pioneering 'tweezers' that use ultrasound beams to grip and manipulate tiny clusters of cells, which could lead to life-changing medical advances, such as better cartilage implants that reduce the need for knee replacement operations.
Unravelling the exotic for India, the Gardenesia way  Jun 4, 6:34 pm
New Delhi, June 4 (ANI): Exotic plants are usually inaccessible or extremely difficult to procure. What further complicates the business of exotic plants is the handful clientele most of whom may not be very well versed with the management needs of these exotic plants.
Pregnant women's wine intake could cause pancreatic problems in yet-to-be born kids  Jun 3, 10:39 am
Washington, June 4 (ANI): A study has warned against use of Resveratrol supplements, which is a plant compound found in the skin of red grapes and in peanuts and berries, among other plants by pregnant women.
Experts warn about Earth's impending doom  Jun 2, 6:09 pm
London, June 2 (ANI): Experts have revealed that Earth on the verge of extinction and plants and wildlife will die out long before humans.
Obama to fight carbon pollution emitting from coal plants in US  Jun 2, 11:45 am
Washington, June 2 (ANI): US President Barack Obama has reportedly decided to slash carbon pollution emitting from coal plants across the US.
Frequent power cuts, poor storage facilities, lack of navigation equipment hits fishing in Vishakapatnam  Jun 1, 4:23 pm
Vishakapatnam (Andhra Pradesh), June 1(ANI): Frequent power cuts with poor storage facilities and lack of navigation equipment has hit fishing in Vishakapatnam, where fishermen continue to suffer even though the state government has lifted the 47-day ban.
Skin grafts from genetically modified pigs may help treat seriously burned patients  May 28, 1:44 pm
Washington, May 28 (ANI): A specially-bred strain of miniature swine lacking the molecule responsible for the rapid rejection of pig-to-primate organ transplants may provide a new source of skin grafts to treat seriously burned patients.
NEC provides system to Shimane Nuclear Power Plant to monitor signs of malfunction  May 27, 9:23 pm
Tokyo, May 27 (ANI): Japan's NEC Corporation has announced the delivery of a system for monitoring signs of malfunction in large-scale plants for the Chugoku Electric Power Co., Inc.'s Shimane Nuclear Power Plant Unit 2.
How infants understand speech   May 20, 12:13 pm
Washington, May 20 (ANI): Researchers through cochlear implant simulations have found that infants process speech differently than older children and adults.
New technique to wirelessly charge implants deep in body and brain  May 20, 11:10 am
Washington, May 20 (ANI): A Stanford electrical engineer has invented a way to wirelessly transfer power deep inside the body, and then use this power to run tiny electronic medical devices such as pacemakers, nerve stimulators, or new sensors and gadgets yet to be developed.
Pig heart transplants for humans comes closer to reality   May 19, 12:19 pm
London, May 19 (ANI): Scientists have said that using hearts from genetically modified pigs to help patients waiting for transplants is a possibility in near future.
Early stages of Y-chromosome degeneration seen  May 14, 9:33 am
Washington, May 14 (ANI): Researchers have found a way to shed light on the early stages of degeneration of Y-chromosome, by investigating the process in plants.
NASA to grow plants in space   May 4, 2:20 pm
London, May 4 (ANI): NASA has developed a vegetable production system termed as 'Veggie plant pillows' that could soon give astronauts on the International Space Station (ISS) their first taste of space-grown salad.
Amy Childs may have to remove breast implants  Apr 23, 6:19 pm
London, April 23 (ANI): Amy Childs may have to have her breast implants removed as one of them has come away from her body, it has been revealed.
Apple, Google face off in battle for Exclusive Game apps  Apr 22, 2:49 pm
Washington, Apr 22(ANI): Apple and Google are vying for game companies to gain exclusivity on imminent potent titles.
Floating nuclear plants could withstand tsunamis  Apr 17, 9:56 am
Washington, April 17 (ANI): A new design for nuclear plants built on floating platforms could help avoid disasters like Fukushima.