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Paracetamol putting babies at asthma risk  Feb 10, 2:12 pm
London, Feb 10 (ANI): Babies are nearly a third more likely to develop asthma if they are given paracetamol, according to a new study.
Zika virus affects 2,100 pregnant women in Columbia  Jan 31, 5:05 pm
Bogota, Jan.31 (ANI): The Colombian national health institute has revealed that more than 2,100 pregnant women in the country have been infected with the mosquito borne Zika virus, as the disease continues to spread across America.
Keeping your virginity can get you scholarship in South Africa  Jan 25, 10:37 am
Melbourne, Jan. 25 (ANI): Keep your virginity and get awarded.this is the new scheme, under which a South African mayor has awarded scholarships to 16 young females for remaining virgin till completing their studies.
Holly Madison is going to be mom again!  Jan 23, 10:22 am
Washington D.C., Jan. 23 (ANI): Author Holly Madison is all set to experience motherhood once again as she is pregnant with her second child.
`The Hunger Games' star Jena Malone expecting first child  Jan 22, 11:26 am
Washington D.C., Jan. 22 (ANI): 'The Hunger Games' actress Jena Malone is all set to experience motherhood as she is pregnant with her first child.
Chrissy Teigen gets maternity style advice from Kim K  Jan 21, 12:44 pm
Washington D.C., Jan. 21 (ANI): Chrissy Teigen, who is pregnant with John Legend's first child, got some special maternity style advice from none other than Kim Kardashian.
`Prankster` Kendall drops `pregnancy bombshell` on Kim K  Jan 21, 11:20 am
Washington D.C, Jan. 21 (ANI): Kim Kardashian nearly jumped out of her skin when Kendall Jenner played a prank on her that she is pregnant.
`Pregnant` Chrissy Teigen's boobs are now `40DD` size  Jan 14, 12:29 pm
London, Jan. 14 (ANI): Chrissy Teigen, who is expecting her first child with husband John Legend, has opened up about the changes her body has been going through.
Liv Tyler expecting third child  Jan 9, 10:35 am
Washington, D.C., Jan. 9 (ANI): American actress Liv Tyler is all set to experience motherhood once again, as she is pregnant with her third child.
Pregnant woman dies after falling off wheelchair  Dec 27, 10:39 pm
Siliguri (West Bengal), Dec. 27 (ANI): A 20-year-old pregnant woman reportedly died after she fell off a wheelchair at North Bengal Medical College and Hospital near here on Friday.
Preggers Chelsea Clinton is excited for baby no. 2  Dec 23, 11:11 am
Washington D.C., Dec. 23(ANI): Chelsea Clinton, who is expecting her second child with husband Marc Mezvinsky, is very excited about the bun in her oven.
Chelsea Clinton expecting second baby  Dec 22, 10:29 am
Washington D.C., Dec. 22(ANI): Bill Clinton's daughter Chelsea Clinton is all set to experience motherhood once again, as she is expecting her second baby with husband Marc Mezvinsky.
John Legend's X-mas gift is Chrissy Teigen's 'lifetime dream'  Dec 20, 11:29 am
Washington D.C, Dec 20 (ANI): With Christmas around the corner,John Legend picked up the most special gift for his pregnant wife Chrissy Teigen.
Antidepressant use in pregnancy ups autism risk  Dec 15, 1:47 pm
Washington D.C, Dec 15 (ANI): The pros and cons of taking antidepressants while pregnant have been hotly debated and now, a recent study suggests that their usage increases the risk of autism by 87 percent.
Pregnant woman in Shakur Basti slum faces hospital's apathy  Dec 15, 10:18 am
New Delhi, Dec. 15 (ANI): With residents of Delhi's Shakur basti slums being forced to live on the streets after their shanties were razed to the ground during a demolition drive by Indian Railways, a woman gave birth to child in the wee hours of Monday, battling freezing cold and apathy by hospital staff.
Kardashian granny `pregnant` at 60?  Dec 14, 12:59 pm
Washington D. C, Dec 14. (ANI): The Kardashian clan's latest dilemma? Kris Jenner getting pregnant at 60!
Baby no.3 coming soon for `Ladies of London` star  Dec 5, 12:18 pm
Washington D.C., Dec. 5 (ANI): Happy times are on their way for the 'Ladies of London' star Marissa Hermer as she is pregnant with her third child with husband Matt Hermer.
`2nd time mom-to-be` Kim K wants a third  Dec 5, 11:07 am
Washington D.C., Dec. 5 (ANI): Kim Kardashian, who is pregnant with her second child with husband Kanye West, recently shocked her mother Kris Jenner about her plans of having another baby.
`Pregnant` Kim K feeling 'as fat as f­­k'  Dec 4, 9:33 am
Melbourne, Dec. 4 (ANI): Kim Kardashian, who is expecting her second baby with husband Kanye West, revealed that she is feeling 'as fat as f­­k' and her soon-to-be-born son is the size of a pumpkin.
`37 weeks pregnant` Kim K battling with sinus infection  Dec 2, 1:52 pm
Johannesburg, Dec 2 (ANI): Seems like Kim Kardashian is having a tough time, as she has been struck down by a sinus infection and flu in wake of her forthcoming pregnancy.
`Pregnant` Kim K's `breech` baby is out of danger   Dec 2, 11:06 am
Washington D.C., Dec 2 (ANI): Kim Kardashian, who previously revealed that her baby is breech, is now out of any pregnancy danger as she went under a painful procedure and got him at the right position in her womb.
'Pregnant' Anne Hathaway takes stroll with hubby  Nov 29, 11:00 am
Washington D.C., Nov. 29 (ANI): Taking a stroll together, Anne Hathaway and her husband Adam Shulman have made their first public appearance since their pregnancy news.
`Pregnant` Anne Hathaway spotted with baby bump  Nov 28, 12:23 pm
Washington, Nov 28 (ANI): Anne Hathaway is possibly pregnant and expecting her first child with husband Adam Shulman as she was spotted strolling over the streets with a baby bump.
`Preggers` Rani Mukerji extends hospital stay  Nov 21, 10:15 am
New Delhi, Nov. 21(ANI): After the mom-to-be Rani Mukerji was hospitalised because of Diwali exhaustion, she has decided to extend her visit to the hospital.
Moderate coffee while pregnant doesn`t harm baby's IQ  Nov 20, 8:26 am
Washington D.C, Nov 20 (ANI): Coffee-lovers rejoice! If you were worried about giving up joe during pregnancy, then relax. A new study has revealed that women drinking and eating moderate amounts of caffeine during pregnancy are not harming their child's intelligence.