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Redheads falling prey to extinction due to climate change: Study  Jul 8, 12:21 pm
London, July 8 (ANI): We may feel a drop in the number of 'red-heads' around us, as a new study claims that they may very soon be on the verge of extinction.
'Redhead' Helen Flanagan dons angel wings for new ad  Feb 20, 12:07 pm
London, Feb. 20 (ANI): Helen Flanagan has joined bingo website Bingo Godz as a guest god, looking almost saintly while posing in white dress with feather wings for a new advert.
Helen Flanagan ditches blonde look to become 'fiery redhead'  Feb 11, 1:00 pm
London, February 11 (ANI): Helen Flanagan has given her blond hair a 'fiery red' makeover.
Prince Harry, Nicole Kidman voted world's most attractive redheads  Feb 7, 10:27 am
London, Feb 7 (ANI): UK's Prince Harry and Hollywood beauty Nicole Kidman have been dubbed the world's most gorgeous redheads in a new poll.
Scotland hosts 1st Ginger Pride march   Aug 11, 5:06 pm
London, August 11 (ANI): The first ever Ginger Pride march took place in Scotland, as hundreds of redheads protested against discrimination.
R-Patz 'dating mystery redhead'  Jul 2, 11:32 am
London, July 02 (ANI): Robert Pattinson, who recently called time on his relationship with Kristen Stewart, was recently spotted driving around his neighbourhood along with a mystery redhead.
Birds might hold clues to redheads' existence  Jan 29, 3:25 pm
Washington, Jan. 28 (ANI): Scientists say red coloration-historically seen as costly in vertebrates-might represent some physiological benefit after all.
Redheads 'face higher risk of skin cancer'  Nov 1, 1:28 pm
Melbourne, Nov 1 (ANI): People with pale skin and red hair may be more prone to developing a deadly form of skin cancer regardless of whether they spend time in the sun or not, researchers have claimed.
Red hair transformed my career, says Christina Hendricks  Oct 17, 4:50 pm
London, Oct 17 (ANI): Christina Hendricks has admitted that becoming a redhead was a career-changing move for her.
Redheads as sensitive to anaesthetic drugs as others  Aug 27, 4:49 pm
Melbourne, August 27 (ANI): Melbourne researchers have dispelled the myth that redheads are more resistant to anaesthetic drugs and therefore more likely to experience awareness during surgical procedures.
Redheaded hooker claims 'obsessed' 'Dark Knight' killer copied her hair colour before massacre  Jul 30, 3:27 pm
Washington, July 30 (ANI): A redheaded hooker has said she had sex with James Holmes, who allegedly killed 12 people at a movie hall in Colorado, and added that the Batman-obsessed killer dyed his hair the same color before carrying out the shooting rampage.
Posh appears in ribcage-baring photo on Harper's Bazaar cover  Apr 7, 4:15 pm
Washington, Apr 7 (ANI): Victoria Beckham posed as a redheaded, animated character in a photoshoot for the Chinese Harper's Bazaar.
How hair colour can determine your pain threshold  Mar 26, 5:12 pm
London, Mar 26 (ANI): In a new study, researchers have tried to investigate whether pale-skinned and red-haired people react differently to pain.
Redheads 'less sensitive to pain'  Mar 7, 6:48 pm
London, Mar 7 (ANI): Redheads, also known as gingers, are less susceptible to skin pain and can handle hot food, a study has revealed.
World's largest sperm bank shuns redheads over low demand!  Sep 17, 12:39 pm
London, Sept 17 (ANI): The world's largest sperm bank, Cryos, has started refusing redhead donors as there is too little demand for their sperm.