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Blackberry CEO asks investors to be patient during company's transition phase  Jul 10, 3:27 pm
London, July 10 (ANI): The Blackberry CEO in his speech during the company's annual general meeting reportedly asked the investors to keep patience as the company is in a 'transition phase', and would soon return to profitability.
RIM investors to question management's decisions over loss in sales  Jul 7, 1:37 pm
Ottawa, July 7 (ANI): Tough questions are likely to be raised over the future of Canadian smartphone maker Research in Motion Ltd, after dismal quarterly results last week triggered a 28-per-cent plunge in the share price of the company.
RIM finally launches new BlackBerry 10 smartphone  Jan 31, 9:38 am
London, Jan 31 (ANI): Embattled Canadian firm Research In Motion (RIM) has finally launched its new BlackBerry 10 smartphone, which the company hopes would revitalise its fortunes.
Smartphone market is 'duopoly' of Apple, Android: Report  Jan 29, 11:28 am
Johannesburg, Jan 29 (ANI): Google's operating system Android and Apple smartphones captured a whopping 92 percent of global sales in the fourth quarter, giving the two systems an effective duopoly, according to a research firm.
BlackBerry unveils new higher spec handset to take on Apple, Samsung  Jan 28, 9:58 am
London, Jan 28 (ANI): Embattled Canadian mobile maker Research In Motion (RIM) has launched its new higher spec BlackBerry handset in bid to claw back ground lost to Apple and Samsung.
Struggling phone maker hopes for comeback with BlackBerry 10  Jan 24, 5:37 pm
Washington, Jan. 24 (ANI): The makers of BlackBerry devices, Research in Motion, are expected to unveil its new smartphone operating system, BlackBerry 10, and a pair of new handsets on January 30 in New York.
Images of upcoming BlackBerry smartphones leaked online  Dec 25, 10:26 am
London, Dec 25 (ANI): New images apparently showing upcoming Blackberry mobile have been leaked online.
Nokia drops Blackberry ban threat following 'patent licensing deal' with RIM  Dec 22, 2:15 pm
London, Dec 22 (ANI): Nokia has dropped a bid to ban Blackberry handsets from sale after the Finnish mobile maker signed a patent licensing deal with Research In Motion.
RIM records 'first-ever decline' in subscriber base after losing over million users   Dec 21, 11:01 am
Washington, Dec. 21 (ANI): Troubled Canadian mobile maker Research In Motion (RIM) has lost over a million
UK boy suffers serious burns as BlackBerry phone 'bursts into flames'  Dec 5, 11:53 am
London, Dec 5 (ANI): An 11-year-old boy in the UK has suffered serious burns after a BlackBerry smartphone appeared to burst into flames and set fire to his bed.
Samsung leapfrogs Apple to become top mobile phone maker in US: Report  Dec 3, 11:49 am
Washington, Dec 3 (ANI): South Korean electronics manufacturer Samsung has extended its lead as the top mobile phone maker in the US market and Apple moved into second place, according to a report.
Blackberry offers free wi-fi calls on BBM   Nov 15, 10:25 am
London, Nov 15 (ANI): Blackberry, manufactured by the Canadian firm Research In Motion (RIM), has become the latest smartphone to offer free wi-fi calls to users via its own software.
RIM set to unveil much-awaited BlackBerry 10 smartphones on Jan 30  Nov 13, 10:01 am
London, Nov 13 (ANI): Canadian mobile maker Research In Motion (RIM) has announced that its much-awaited BlackBerry 10 handsets will be unveiled on January 30 2013.
'Troubled' RIM wins US security clearance for BlackBerry 10 devices  Nov 9, 11:08 am
Sydney, Nov 9 (ANI): Embattled Canadian firm Research In Motion (RIM) has said that it has won the much-coveted US government security clearance for its upcoming BlackBerry 10 devices.
New BlackBerry smartphones 'being tested by 50 wireless carriers': RIM  Nov 1, 10:41 am
Washington, Nov 1 (ANI): Embattled BlackBerry-maker Research In Motion (RIM) has said that its much-delayed smartphones are now being tested by 50 wireless carriers across the world.
Nokia drops out of top five smartphone makers list  Oct 27, 10:35 am
London, Oct 27 (ANI): Finland-based mobile maker Nokia has dropped out of the top five global smartphone vendors, according to a report.
Pictures of upcoming BlackBerry smartphones leaked online  Sep 29, 10:14 am
London, Sept 29 (ANI): The images of Research In Motion's (RIM) upcoming smartphones, which will launch next year, have reportedly been revealed online.
RIM shares surge as firm reports 'smaller than expected' loss  Sep 28, 12:21 pm
London, Sep. 28 (ANI): Embattled Canadian mobile maker Research In Motion (RIM) reported a narrower than expected quarterly loss, sending its shares up nearly 18 percent in after-hours trading.
'Troubled' RIM unveils new BlackBerry10 handset in 'hope of revitalising firm'  Sep 26, 10:31 am
London, Sept 26 (ANI): Embattled Canadian mobile making firm Research in Motion (RIM) has launched a new prototype for its forthcoming BlackBerry 10 handset in the hope of recovering from losses.
BlackBerry outage in Europe, other regions leaves Vodafone customers affected  Sep 22, 10:14 am
London, Sep 22 (ANI): BlackBerry users on the Vodafone network in Europe, the Middle East and Africa were reportedly cut off from the internet after a technical failure hit RIM (Research In Motion), the Canadian firm behind the struggling smartphone brand.
'Troubled' RIM starts showing upcoming BlackBerry smartphones to carriers  Aug 25, 2:40 pm
Sydney, Aug 25 (ANI): Embattled Canadian phone manufacturer Research In Motion (RIM) has started showing its upcoming BlackBerry smartphones to wireless carriers across the world.
RIM approached by IBM over possible sale of Blackberry's plum email software division   Aug 11, 10:19 am
London, Aug 11 (ANI): Research in Motion (RIM) has reportedly been approached by American tech giant IBM, for buying the division responsible for its popular corporate email server software, which is seen as one of the remaining strengths of the struggling Canadian BlackBerry maker.
Android trounces iPhone in smart phone market: Report  Aug 9, 12:44 pm
London, Aug.9 (ANI): Google's Android-operated cell phones have outsold rival Apple's iPhone, to extend their dominance in the smart phone market.
Sony or Samsung may license next BlackBerry 10 OS  Aug 3, 10:28 am
London, Aug 3 (ANI): Chief Executive of Research in Motion (RIM), Thorsten Heins has said that manufacturers such as Sony or Samsung could license the new BlackBerry operating system.
BlackBerry maker RIM ordered to pay $147.2 million in patent lawsuit  Jul 15, 4:19 pm
Washington, July 15 (ANI): BlackBerry maker Research in Motion has been ordered by a California jury to pay 147.2 million dollars in damages for infringing on a patent for remote management of wireless devices, RIM said.