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Apple surpasses USD one billion sales mark in India  Nov 19, 11:56 am
New Delhi, Nov 19 (ANI): Apple, the third-largest brand in the Indian cell-phone market, crossed USD one billion sales mark in Indian operations for the first time in the year ended March.
Daniel Craig rejected $50m smartphone deal in `Spectre`  Nov 4, 11:03 am
Melbourne, November 4(ANI): After promoting Heineken for 45 million dollars in 'Skyfall,' it was time for a smart phone promotion in 'Spectre,' but Daniel Craig rejected a 50 million dollar offer from Samsung.
Samsung launches Tizen-based Smartphone Z3 in India  Oct 14, 6:34 pm
New Delhi, Oct 14 (ANI): Samsung Electronics launched its second Tizen-based Smartphone, Z3, reaffirming its commitment to strengthen the device portfolio on the operating system and its ecosystem in India.
Oculus introduces USD 99 Gear VR that works with new Samsung phone  Sep 25, 2:17 pm
Washington D. C., Sept. 25 (ANI): Facebook acquired Oculus and Samsung have announced a new mobile VR headset called Gear VR which will be coming in November.
Samsung brings 'excitement and innovation' with Galaxy Note5  Sep 8, 1:52 pm
New Delhi, Sept 8 (ANI): Mobile giant Samsung Electronics recently launched Galaxy Note5 in India sticking to their commitment to the big screen smartphone market, which Samsung pioneered in 2011 with the original Galaxy Note.
Samsung introduces its Ultra High Definition Blu-ray disk player  Sep 4, 4:27 pm
Washington D C, Sept. 4 (ANI): Samsung has introduced its first Ultra HD Blu-ray player.
Samsung unveils a sleep tracker that controls home during sleep  Sep 4, 2:17 pm
Washington D C, Sept. 4 (ANI): Korean company Samsung has introduced a new device that tracks sleep called SleepSense.
Samsung unveils latest smartwatch, the Samsung Gear S2  Sep 1, 1:34 pm
Amsterdam, Sep. 1 (ANI): Korean company Samsung has announced its latest smartwatch, the Samsung Gear S2.
Samsung's wireless charging pad available for pre-order at USD 70  Aug 20, 5:59 pm
Washington D C, Aug. 20 (ANI): Samsung's wireless charger has now been released for pre-order.
Samsung releases teaser of new Gear S2 smartwatch  Aug 20, 3:40 pm
Washington DC, Aug. 20 (ANI): Samsung has released a teaser video online for the Gear S2 smartwatch.
Samsung's new smartphones streams video on YouTube using Live Broadcast   Aug 14, 3:12 pm
Washington D C, Aug. 14 (ANI): Samsung has announced a new feature for Galaxy Note 5 and S6 Edge+ called Live Broadcast.
Samsung unveils a Keyboard cover for Galaxy Note 5, S6 Edge+  Aug 14, 3:12 pm
Washington D C, Aug. 14 (ANI): Samsung has introduced a Keyboard Cover for the Galaxy Note 5 and S6 Edge+.
Samsung announces Samsung pay, mobile payment service  Aug 14, 3:12 pm
Amsterdam, Aug. 14 (ANI): Samsung has announced that it is launching Samsung Pay, mobile payment system.
Samsung starts production of 3D vertical flash memory  Aug 11, 4:35 pm
Washington D C, Aug. 11 (ANI): Samsung has announced plans to start the manufacturing the first 256-gigabit, which is 32GB, 3D vertical flash memory.
Samsung Note 5, Galaxy S6 Edge Plus images leaks on the net  Aug 3, 1:18 pm
Washington DC, August 3 (ANI): Samsung's Galaxy Note 5 and S6 Edge Plus images have leaked on the internet two weeks before its event on August 13.
Samsung introduces monitors with wireless charging for mobiles  Jul 27, 4:13 pm
Washington DC, July 27 (ANI): Samsung has developed a new monitor called SE370 with built-in wireless charging for mobile phones.
Samsung unveils new Galaxy Tab S2 tablet  Jul 20, 12:20 pm
Washington, July 20 (ANI): Samsung has announced a new tablet called Galaxy Tab S2.
Samsung starts testing mobile payment service Samsung Pay  Jul 17, 4:43 pm
Washington, July 17 (ANI): Samsung has started testing its mobile payments service Samsung Pay in South Korea for users of its Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge devices.
Samsung announces its 2TB solid state drives  Jul 7, 1:25 pm
Washington, July 7 (ANI): Samsung has announced two 2TB SSDs (solid-state drive), the SSD 850 Pro and the SSD 850 Evo.
Beep! Samsung's new technology may run your phone for a week with one charge   Jun 30, 6:27 pm
London, June 30 (ANI): If you too are done with your phone battery draining out quickly then this news might relief you as the leading electronic company Samsung will soon reportedly bring a new technology that will allow your phone to run for a week after a single charge.
Samsung to double battery life of your phone  Jun 29, 4:53 pm
Washington, June 29 (ANI): Samsung is planning to double the battery life of your smartphone without increasing the size.
Samsung ranked No. 1 brand in Asia  Jun 2, 1:14 pm
Hong Kong, June 2 (ANI): While Samsung's sales may be under pressure, its reputation in Asia is holding up.
US appeals court slashes Apple's $930M win in Samsung patent case  May 19, 3:14 pm
Washington, May 19 (ANI): A U.S. appeals court has slashed Apple's overall 930 million dollar award, despite ruling that Samsung copied specific design patents in the brand's iPhone, saying that it wasn't infringing the gadget's overall look and feel.
Now fly with new gen 'smart luggage' equipped with GPS  May 17, 1:50 pm
Washington, May 17 (ANI): Samsung and Samsonite have joined hands to come up with satellite-tracked suitcases.
Samsung Electronics unveils ARTIK, a new platform to make smart devices faster  May 14, 3:04 pm
Washington, May 14 (ANI): Samsung Electronics has released a new open platform called ARTIK that can develop smart devices faster and easier.