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Kolkata hosts week-long "Seven Sisters Weave" north east fair   Oct 1, 1:49 pm
Kolkata, Oct 1 (ANI): In an endeavor to raise awareness about the northeast, which has a rich and vibrant culture, a week-long "Seven Sisters Weave" fair was recently held in Kolkata.
Gleaming Venus to have rendezvous with 'Seven Sisters' on Tuesday  Apr 1, 10:52 am
Washington, Apr 1 (ANI): Next week, Venus will exhibit a remarkable celestial display when it shines near the well-known Pleiades star cluster in the western sky on Tuesday (April 3).
UK based band 'Higher on Maiden' performs at Imphal  Dec 18, 7:11 pm
Imphal, Dec 18 (ANI): Rock band 'Higher-On-Maiden', the sister band of the legendary metal band 'Iron Maiden' enthralled audiences with heavy music in Imphal, as a part of the Seven Sisters Winter Rock Tour.