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Paris gunmen attack: 18 people evacuated from Qwartz shopping centre  Jul 13, 3:06 pm
London, July 13 (ANI): A total of 18 people have been evacuated from the Qwartz shopping centre in Villeneuve-la-Garenne in the northern suburbs of Paris, where two or three gunmen are believed to be holding up the Primark store.
US Security chief says Al Shabab's call for 'lone wolf attacks' reflects 'new phase' in global terrorism  Feb 23, 2:29 pm
Washington, Feb 23 (ANI): United States Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson has reportedly said that the Al Shabab's call for "lone wolf" terror on western shopping centres reflected a "new phase" in the global terrorist threat, a report said.
Pics of couple having sex in car park goes viral in cyber space  Nov 17, 4:21 pm
London, Nov 17 (ANI): Images of a couple, who had sex at Bluewater Shopping Centre car park in Kent has gone viral.
Lady Gaga's 'private' shopping made Man U's Angel Di Maria leave top shop   Oct 26, 1:17 pm
London, Oct 26 (ANI): Manchester United player Angel Di Maria was recently turned away from a trendy shopping centre after Lady Gaga stepped-in to shop privately.
Chinese 'adulteress' stripped naked, beaten in public  Oct 15, 1:50 pm
London, Oct 15 (ANI): A China-based adulteress has been stripped naked and beaten in busy shopping centre in Puyang, in eastern China's Henan Province, by four women.
World's most wanted woman 'White Widow' could be planning another atrocity  Sep 27, 1:32 pm
London, Sept. 27 (ANI): Security forces across the globe are trying to track down widow of 7/7 London bomber, Jermaine Lindsay, dubbed the White Widow, as she could be planning another strike.
Al-Shahab mutilated bodies of victims to conceal identities during Nairobi mall massacre   Sep 26, 2:18 pm
London, Sept. 26 (ANI): Al-Shabab terrorists, who killed at least 67 people in the Nairobi mall massacre, burned victims' faces and cut off their hands in an attempt to conceal their identities.
Most hostages rescued from Kenyan mall siege, 68 dead   Sep 23, 9:52 am
London, Sept 23 (ANI): Most of the hostages held in an attack on a shopping centre in Kenya's capital, Nairobi, have now been rescued, according to defence officials.
Nairobi mall gunmen killed only people who could not recite Islamic prayers  Sep 22, 10:29 am
London, Sept 22 (ANI): Witnesses to the attack on a shopping centre in Nairobi that left 39 people dead and over 150 injured have said that gunmen executed anyone who could not recite an Islamic prayer.
Australia's Westfield Group sells seven US shopping centers for $1.64bln  Sep 16, 3:59 pm
Beijing, Sept. 16 (ANI): Australian shopping centre group, The Westfield Group is set to sell its seven US shopping centers to private equity company Starwood Capital Group for 1.64 billion dollars.
RiRi goes out shopping in Monaco wearing a swimsuit  Jul 14, 12:28 pm
New York, July 14 (ANI): Rihanna was spotted wearing only a one-piece high-cut bathing suit with a sheer top over it in a shopping centre in Monte Carlo, Monaco on Friday.
Justin Bieber won't face photographer scuffle charge  Nov 23, 1:31 pm
London, November 23 (ANI): Justin Bieber will not face charges over an alleged attack on a photographer at a suburban shopping centre in May, Los Angeles prosecutors say.
Oz billionaire Frank Lowy calls on migrants to 'honour and follow' Australian values for better life in country  Sep 20, 2:44 pm
Sydney, Sep 20 (ANI): Australian-Israeli billionaire Frank Lowy, who owns the Australian shopping centre consortium, Westfield Group, has called on migrants to honour the "great unwritten deal" to follow Australian values and leave behind ideologies of hate in return for a better life in their new country.
Two 'Qaeda-linked' British Pakistanis challenge conviction on human rights grounds  Aug 27, 3:33 pm
London, Aug. 27 (ANI): Two Al-Qaeda linked terrorists, one of them who had plotted to kill thousands of people in a bomb attack on a British shopping centre, are trying to get their convictions cancelled on human rights grounds.
Al-Qaeda terrorists launch human rights bid to get convictions quashed  Aug 26, 12:36 pm
London, Aug. 26 (ANI): Two Al-Qaeda terrorists, one of them who had plotted to kill thousands of people in a bomb attack on a British shopping centre, are trying to get their convictions cancelled on human rights grounds.
Posh enjoys roller disco during shopping trip in Kent  Aug 16, 5:17 pm
London, August 16 (ANI): Victoria Beckham looked a bit wobbly atop the black cab in high heels as she performed at the Olympics closing ceremony, but she seems to be very comfortable in a pair of roller skates.
94pc Brit mums spend more on their tot's wardrobe than their own  Jul 31, 2:26 pm
London, July 31 (ANI): Mothers are putting their children first in the fashion stakes, with 94 per cent spending more on their child's wardrobe than their own, it has been revealed.
UK shopping centre gives 'gibberish' welcome to Arabic athletes coming for Olympics  Jul 27, 6:41 pm
London, July 27 (ANI): A shopping centre in the UK printed a welcome message for the Arabic athletes coming for the Olympics in their native language that reads backwards.
Murder near Games site puts question mark over Olympics security   Jul 1, 5:11 pm
London, July 1 (ANI): The security of spectators and athletes visiting Britain during this year's Olympics has been criticized following the murder of a young man at a prestigious shopping centre next to the gates of the main Games park.
Justin Bieber trained with Mike Tyson before 'roughing up photographer'  May 29, 1:51 pm
London, May 29 (ANI): Justin Bieber trained with former Boxing legend Mike Tyson just days before a photographer complained of being roughed up by the teen popstar at a shopping centre.
GPS-style gadget could steer shoppers through maze-like shopping malls  May 16, 7:56 pm
London, May 16 (ANI): Researchers have come up with a navigation system, which works indoors, to guide shoppers through the winding corridors of large shopping centres and complexes.
Clean tables pose bigger health risk than dirty ones  Apr 17, 5:30 pm
Melbourne, April 17 (ANI): We usually choose clean tables while eating at shopping centres.
Martina Navratilova promotes dance show among her fans in LA  Mar 25, 1:56 pm
London, Mar 25 (ANI): Martina Navratilova walked through The Grove shopping centre in Los Angeles on Friday with her dance partner Tony Dovolani to promote 'Dancing With the Stars'.
Competitive streak most prevalent at 50!  Dec 14, 4:58 pm
London, Dec 14 (ANI): The age of 50 marks the most competitive phase of our lives, when we desperately try to outperform our opponents, a new study has revealed.
Now, a 'pop-up' shopping center made from 60 shipping containers!  Dec 4, 12:03 pm
London, Dec 4 (ANI): London's latest retail park that claims to be the world's first ever 'pop-up' shopping mall is made entirely from recycled shipping containers.