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Merc put legendary shrink on standby if Hamilton's F1 title bid implodes in Abu Dhabi  Nov 17, 11:57 am
London, Nov 17 (ANI): In case Lewis Hamilton's Formula One title bid implodes in Abu Dhabi, Mercedes has put New Zealand national union rugby team, All Blacks', legendary shrink Dr. Ceri Evans on standby for the Briton.
Now, free space on smartphones by shrinking photos with PhotoShrinker app  Nov 16, 4:54 pm
Washington, Nov 16 (ANI): A new app called PhotoShrinker will now allow users, who are constantly running out of storage space, to increase the space on their smartphones by shrinking photos.
Arogya Expo provides tips on growing medicinal plants  Nov 7, 2:15 pm
New Delhi, Nov. 7 (ANI): Potted medicinal plants growing in the terraces and balconies of city-dwellers may help address one of Ayurveda's big challenges - disappearing medicinal plant species as green spaces shrink.
Why Himalayan glaciers are expanding instead of shrinking  Oct 14, 12:47 pm
Washington, Oct 14 (ANI): Scientists' observations in the Karakoram region have revealed that the glaciers there were stable, and snowfall is increasing instead of decreasing.
Pro-democracy protesters agree to hold formal talks with Hong Kong govt  Oct 7, 10:37 am
London, Oct 07 (ANI): Pro-democracy activists from Hong Kong's Occupy Central movement have reportedly agreed to hold formal talks with the government as the crowd has begun to shrink with several civil servants returning to work on Monday.
Shrink-wrapping 'second skin' spacesuits come closer to reality  Sep 20, 12:56 am
Washington, Sept 20 (ANI): A new research has revealed about the future spacesuits that may be a lightweight stretchy garment lined with tiny muscle-like coils to contract and essentially shrink-wrap the garment around astronauts' body in response to heat.
Shortage of sleep can shrink your brain  Sep 4, 12:29 pm
Washington, Sep 04 (ANI): A new study has revealed that shortage of sleep can rapidly reduce the size of people's brains.
Arctic sea's thick snow drastically shrinking  Aug 14, 3:13 pm
Washington, Aug 14 (ANI): A new study had claimed that the thick snow on Arctic Sea ice has significantly lost its depth.
How shrinking dinosaurs transformed into flying birds   Aug 1, 11:53 am
Washington, Aug 1 (ANI): A new study has revealed that how massive, meat-eating, ground-dwelling dinosaurs evolved into agile flying birds after they started shrinking for over 50 million years.
Antarctic ice sheet was unstable at end of last ice age  May 29, 10:03 am
Washington, May 29 (ANI): Researchers have found that the Antarctic ice sheet started melting about 5,000 years earlier than previously believed while coming out of the last ice age and it's shrinkage accelerated during eight distinct episodes, causing rapid sea level rise.
Rooney to see Liverpool 'shrink' to help in dealing with WC pressure  May 23, 11:50 am
London, May 23 (ANI): Manchester United striker Wayne Rooney has said that he would see Liverpool's psychiatrist, Dr. Steve Peters, in order to help him deal with the pressure of the World Cup as he prepares to go to Brazil with the England squad.
Jupiter's Great Red Spot 'shrinks' to lowest ever measured  May 16, 10:31 am
Washington, May 16 (ANI): Jupiter's trademark Great Red Spot - a swirling anti-cyclonic storm larger than Earth - has shrunk to its smallest size ever measured.
Hamilton says he does not need sports `shrink` as Merc hires psychologist in F1  May 9, 4:51 pm
London, May 09 (ANI): Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton has said that he does not need a sports 'shrink' despite the team having signed up a sports psychologist to help them analyze the current Formula One season.
Dinos shrank in order to survive evolution  May 7, 12:43 pm
Washington, May 7 (ANI): A new study has revealed that shrinking dinosaurs' bodies may have helped the group that became birds to continue surviving evolution.
Pentagon planning to replace flight crews with 'full-time' robots  Apr 23, 3:21 pm
Washington, Apr. 23 (ANI): The Pentagon has come up with a plan for dealing with shrinking budgets: robotic flight crews.
Kejriwal faces protests during road show in capital  Apr 2, 8:42 pm
New Delhi, Apr.2 (ANI): Former Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal on Wednesday faced protests during his road show aimed at reviving the shrinking base among the common man and to consolidate his Aam Aadmi Party's (AAP) position in the upcoming general elections.
More Oz cricketers seeking shrinks' help to improve 'mental health'  Mar 23, 11:22 am
Sydney, Mar 23 (ANI): Australian cricketers are reportedly having confidential counselling sessions more than ever before in order to address and improve their mental health.
Apple's iOS 7.1 update blamed for shrinking battery life, other iPhone glitches  Mar 16, 3:39 pm
Washington, March 16 (ANI): Apple's latest iOS 7.1 update is reportedly said to be the reason behind poor battery performance and other minor glitches in iPhone devices.
Hodgson reveals sports shrink to work with England footballers during World Cup preparations  Mar 5, 9:37 am
Johannesburg, Mar 5 (ANI): England's national football manager Roy Hodgson has revealed that a renowned sports psychologist will work with his players during their preparations for the 2014 World Cup.
Pentagon proposes to shrink US Army to lowest level post WWII  Feb 25, 2:52 pm
Johannesburg, Feb. 25 (ANI): Defence Secretary Chuck Hagel has proposed to shrink the US Army.
Hodgson mulling over roping in sports shrink to remove England's penalty 'kinks'  Feb 25, 2:26 pm
London, Feb 25 (ANI): The manager of the England football team has reportedly brought in cycling chief Sir Dave Brailsford to boost England's World Cup preparations and may bring a psychologist in to help with penalties.
Carbohydrates rich diet could up dementia risk  Feb 22, 9:54 am
Washington, Feb. 22 (ANI): Researchers have linked carbohydrate calorie-rich diets to a greater risk for brain shrinkage, dementia and Alzheimer's disease, impaired cognition, and other disorders.
Shrinking capacitors speed up development of compact next-gen electronics  Feb 20, 11:36 am
Washington, Feb. 20 (ANI): Researchers have developed a way to shrink capacitors, key components that store energy, even further, which could accelerate the development of more compact, high-performance next-gen devices.
'Heavily guarded' secret formula 'keeping' Coke from sinking in shrinking market  Feb 19, 2:46 pm
Washington, Feb 19 (ANI): The mystery surrounding Coca-Cola's secret recipe, which is locked away in a purpose-built vault in Atlanta, is believed to be the reason the company has managed to keep afloat despite the shrinking in the soda market as people shift to healthier options.
Thorpe's 'sports shrink' mentor backs Oz swim great to conquer depression 'demons'  Feb 8, 2:25 pm
Sydney, Feb 8 (ANI): An Australian sports psychologist and a mentor of Ian Thorpe has expressed confidence that the swimming great will conquer his demons and eventually be in a position to help other athletes adjust to post-sport life.