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Arunachal Governor's advisor Y.S. Dadwal goes on leave, raises questions  Feb 3, 6:03 pm
Itanagar/New Delhi,Feb. 3 (ANI): Former Delhi police commissioner Y. S. Dadwal, who was appointed as one of the two advisors to Arunachal Pradesh Governor J.P. Rajkhowa last month after imposition of president's rule, proceeded on sick leave for 10 days on Wednesday, giving room for speculation as to why he had taken this step.
Chris Brown slams his baby mama`s claims of making Royalty sick  Feb 1, 10:06 am
Washington D.C., Feb. 1(ANI): Chris Brown's baby mama Nia Guzman recently claimed that their daughter Royalty has developed asthma because the rapper has exposed her to an extreme amount of secondhand smoke.
Khloe K calls mum Kris Jenner 'f***ing liar'  Jan 25, 1:23 pm
Washington D.C., Jan. 25 (ANI): Kris Jenner was troubled a lot by her kids on a recent episode of the 'Keeping Up With the Kardashians.'
Chris Brown`s accuser denied to enter club in his presence  Jan 21, 11:31 am
Washington D.C., Jan. 21 (ANI): The woman, who claimed that Chris Brown punched her, was recently not allowed to enter in the club, where the rapper was hanging out with his friends.
Scott -Chris spotted partying hard again  Jan 20, 11:20 am
London, Jan. 20 (ANI): Party seems to be Scott Disick and Chris Brown's favourite past time as they were again spotted partying together in Hollywood before heading to a strip club.
`Party animal` Scott Disick enjoys `boys night-out`  Jan 17, 11:04 am
Washington D.C., Jan. 17 (ANI): Party animal Scott Disick was recently spotted enjoying boys night out in Las Vegas.
Bijnor incident: Women activists demand strict laws to protect old, sick  Jan 12, 12:26 pm
New Delhi, Jan. 12 (ANI): Expressing shock over the horrific video of a woman thrashing her elderly mother-in-law in Uttar Pradesh's Bijnor district, the women activists on Tuesday demanded that a law should be made to protect the old and sick in this country.
Scott Disick isn`t dating model Lina Sandberg  Jan 11, 11:36 am
Washington D.C., Jan. 11 (ANI): After a model revealed that she and Scott Disick are going-on in full swing, the reality star has claimed that he barely knows her.
Scott Disick wants to stay closer to Kardashians  Jan 7, 11:04 am
Washington D.C., Jan. 7 (ANI): Scott Disick wants Kardashians to help him in staying sober and because of this he has bought a house near the Kardashian clan.
Kim K, Khloe K not happy with Scott Disick`s new fling  Jan 6, 1:33 pm
Washington D.C., Jan. 6 (ANI): Looks like Scott Disick's former partner Kourtney Kardashian's sisters are not happy about his new romance with Swedish model Lina Sandberg.
Kourtney K`s ex Scott Disick has a new lover  Jan 5, 10:56 am
Washington D.C., Jan. 5 (ANI): Six months after he parted his ways from Kourtney Kardashian, Scott Disick has finally moved on as he is dating Swedish model Lina Sandberg.
Kourtney Kardashian, Scott Disick celebrate New Year differently!  Jan 2, 1:11 pm
Washington, D.C, Jan. 2 (ANI): Kourtney Kardashian has possibly shown the cutest way to ring in 2016.
Single Kourtney K isn`t ready to mingle  Dec 29, 1:45 pm
Washington D.C., Dec. 29(ANI): She might be single, but Kourtney Kardashian is not ready to mingle.
`New buddies' Scott -Chris helping each other to stay sober  Dec 28, 3:12 pm
Washington D.C., Dec. 28(ANI): It seems like new pals, Scott Disick and Chris Brown are proving to be pillars of strength to each other, as they are helping each to stay sober.
Khloe K enjoys Christmas with nieces  Dec 26, 11:30 am
Washington D.C., Dec. 26(ANI): The recent social media posts of Khloe Kardashian suggest that she had a whale of a time with her nieces on Christmas.
Villagers, forest officials attend to sick elephant calf in West Bengal  Dec 25, 5:07 pm
Midnapore (West Bengal), Dec. 25 (ANI): Residents of Chandan Kath village in Midnapore District of West Bengal, often at the receiving end of elephant attacks, were moved when they found an elephant calf writhing in pain.
Scott Disick, Chris Brown are Saturday party partners  Dec 21, 12:35 pm
Washington D.C., Dec. 21(ANI): After starring in his music video, Scott Disick has found a Saturday party partner in Chris Brown.
Scott Disick needs Chris Brown to help `f*** girls` in new video  Dec 18, 1:15 pm
Washington D.C., Dec. 18(ANI): Scott Disick has made a cameo in Chris Brown's new 'Picture Me Rollin' video that features some inappropriate moments.
Scott Disick returns to filming 'Keeping up with the Kardashians'  Dec 4, 2:04 pm
Washington D.C., Dec. 4 (ANI): Scott Disick is back to filming 'Keeping up with the Kardashians' as he was spotted with Caitlyn Jenner while tree shopping.
Is Scott Disick, Kourtney K's family getting back together?  Dec 3, 4:48 pm
Washington D.C., Dec. 3 (ANI): If sources are to be believed then, things are getting better between families of Scott Disick and Kourtney Kardashian and they might even give another chance to their relationship.
Find out Scott Disick's New Year Eve venue  Nov 30, 10:20 am
Melbourne, Nov 30 (ANI): With New Year around the corner, Scott Disick has booked his gig for the big day.
`Home- sick` PeeCee feels nothing like being home  Nov 29, 4:33 pm
New Delhi, Nov. 29 (ANI): It seems Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra feels there's no place like home, as suggested by her recent post.
'Friendly' exes Kourtney-Scott reunite over shopping  Nov 29, 2:43 pm
Washington D.C., Nov. 29 (ANI): Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick have recently been spotted shopping together.
Scott Disick shares `shocking` New Year's party plans  Nov 27, 9:10 am
Washington D.C., Nov 27 (ANI): Though Scott Disick got separated from his long-time partner Kourtney Kardashian because of his habit of partying and drinking alcohol, it appears he's not regretful about that as he recently shared his upcoming nightclub appearance on New Year's Eve.
Kourtney K, Scott Disick back together?  Nov 26, 2:46 pm
Washington D.C., Nov. 26 (ANI): Seems like Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick might be getting back together as both of them were spotted having lunch sans their three kids.