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Kate Moss thinks she had an 'embarrassing' body as teen  Jul 24, 4:51 pm
London, July 24 (ANI): English model Kate Moss recently revealed that she wasn't always proud of her body.
ISIL issues decree asking Iraqi shopkeepers to veil mannequins in Mosul  Jul 23, 12:02 pm
Washington, July 23 (ANI): The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), a Sunni terror group that has wrecked havoc in Iraq and Syria, has now issued a decree asking Iraqi shopkeepers in Mosul to cover the faces of all mannequins.
Google Plus to no longer ask for 'real' names following privacy concerns  Jul 16, 1:49 pm
Washington, July 16 (ANI): Google Plus has reportedly stopped asking people for their 'real names' after receiving complaints that the policies put users at risk.
'SPF-diet' that protects your skin from harmful sunrays revealed  Jul 11, 11:18 am
London, July 11 (ANI): A new research has found that eating particular fruits and vegetables daily, such as blueberries, kale and spinach can help one's skin build up a natural barrier to the sun's harmful rays.
Pak says India asking UNMOGIP to move out of building does not abolish UNSC resolution on Kashmir dispute  Jul 10, 6:55 pm
Islamabad, July 10 (ANI): The Pakistan Foreign Office on Thursday said that asking United Nations observers to close their office in New Delhi, India, which they had occupied for 40 years, did not mean that it abolishes the UNSC's mandate on the Kashmir dispute between Pakistan and India.
Scent of sandalwood aids healing of human skin: Study  Jul 9, 4:49 pm
Washington, July 9 (ANI): Researchers claim that the human skin is responsive towards the scent of Sandalwood, which helps it heal.
Skin can recognize 'scents', claims study  Jul 8, 2:18 pm
Washington, July 8 (ANI): A new study claims that human skin has olfactory receptors that can 'sniff' out the odors.
Congress, allies to write to LS speaker seeking quick resolution in LoP issue  Jul 7, 9:04 pm
New Delhi, July 7 (ANI): Congress leader Anand Sharma on Monday said that the party and its allies will be writing to Speaker Sumitra Mahajan asking for a quick decision in the issue of the Leader of Opposition.
Not commited any sin, says Kumaraswamy amidst CD row  Jul 6, 9:34 pm
Bangalore, July 6 (ANI): Former Karnataka Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy on Sunday defended himself after he was caught on tape asking cash from a MLC aspirant in Karnataka.
Vinnie Jones wins skin cancer battle  Jul 6, 2:49 pm
London, July 6 (ANI): Vinnie Jones who was diagnosed with skin cancer in November has won the battle against the disease and now is back to full health.
Sunscreen users more influenced by fear of skin cancer, than actual data  Jul 2, 7:03 pm
Washington, July 2 (ANI): A new study has found that fear and worry about skin cancer has a bigger influence on people's use of sunscreen than information about the statistical likelihood of developing the disease.
Cristiano Ronaldo rejects getting 'inked' to donate blood  Jun 27, 3:06 pm
Melbourne, June 27 (ANI): Cristiano Ronaldo confessed that he would never get his skin inked as he wanted to continue donating blood.
Do autistic people struggle with driving?  Jun 27, 10:01 am
Washington, June 27 (ANI): In the first pilot study asking adults on the autism spectrum about their experiences with driving, researchers at Drexel University found significant differences in self-reported driving behaviors and perceptions of driving ability in comparison to non-autistic adults.
Students protest in front of DU VC Dinesh Singh's residence  Jun 26, 3:00 pm
New Delhi, June 26 (ANI): Members of Krantikari Yuva Sangathan (KYS) protested in front of outside Delhi University (DU) Vice Chancellor Dinesh Singh's residence today asking for Singh's resignation.
'Bra Bank' campaign aims to help poor kids in Rio's favelas with old lingerie  Jun 25, 5:30 pm
London, June 25 (ANI): A new campaign, which aims to help the impoverished kids the favelas of Rio de Janeiro, by asking women to donate their old lingerie.
Congress to ask for Gogoi's resignation?  Jun 21, 3:09 pm
New Delhi, June 21 (ANI): The Congress high command is mulling over replacing Assam Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi and might be asking for his resignation soon, according to reports.
English should be the medium of communication, Jayalalitha to PM  Jun 20, 1:36 pm
Chennai, June 20 (ANI): Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalitha has written a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi asking him to ensure that English remains the medium of communication on social media.
Aussie men like to stack up on beauty products!  Jun 19, 12:56 pm
Melbourne, June 19 (ANI): Australian men are making skincare and makeup products part of their daily grooming routine, according to a research conducted by Priceline Pharmacy.
How to make your make-up free of monsoon blues  Jun 18, 1:12 pm
New Delhi, June 18 (ANI): This rainy season, wave away your monsoon make-up worries of kajal smudges or foundation running down the face, as the new formulas and clever application techniques are here to help you get through the season.
Police recover explosive material in Varanasi  Jun 15, 8:50 am
Varanasi (Uttar Pradesh), June 15 (ANI): Police in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, have recovered 150 kilograms of ammonium nitrate from a car, while conducting routine frisking of vehicles.
Will Pandits ever return to Kashmir?  Jun 13, 2:53 pm
New Delhi, June 13 (ANI): The Narendra Modi-led NDA Government has tried to reach out to the displaced Kashmiri Pandit community with Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh asking officials in his ministry to work on a plan to ensure their safe return to the Kashmir Valley.
Taliban warns Afghans against voting in run-off polls   Jun 12, 2:45 pm
Islamabad, June 12 (ANI) The Taliban in Afghanistan have reportedly issued a 'final warning' to people, asking them to stay clear of the June 14 presidential run-off vote.
Harvard owns century-old book bound in human skin   Jun 5, 4:56 pm
Washington, June 5 (ANI): Harvard University is home to a book which has its binding done in real human skin.
Pregnant women's wine intake could cause pancreatic problems in yet-to-be born kids  Jun 3, 10:39 am
Washington, June 4 (ANI): A study has warned against use of Resveratrol supplements, which is a plant compound found in the skin of red grapes and in peanuts and berries, among other plants by pregnant women.
Dolly Parton wants challenging film roles   Jun 2, 3:02 pm
London, June 2 (ANI): Dolly Parton, who is tired of being offered acting roles where she only plays heightened versions of herself, wants to shed her skin for a challenging film role.