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Smartphone that can tell you 'you're pregnant' comes closer to reality  Jul 2, 12:30 pm
Washington DC, Jul 2 (ANI): One day, your smartphone will be able to tell you that you're pregnant.
Cut off smart technology that doesn't let you relax after work  Jul 1, 12:54 pm
London, July 1 (ANI): Improved technology might have made the working systems easier but the combination of smartphones and increasing pressure at work has made it impossible for people to cut themselves off from office after work hours.
Samsung to double battery life of your phone  Jun 29, 4:53 pm
Washington, June 29 (ANI): Samsung is planning to double the battery life of your smartphone without increasing the size.
OnePlus 2 preview leaked on internet  Jun 29, 3:30 pm
Washington, June 29 (ANI): The preview of OnePlus' latest smartphone One Plus 2 has been leaked on the internet.
Google announces Cast for wireless music playing on a speaker  Jun 26, 2:51 pm
Washington, June 26 (ANI): Google has announced Cast for playing of music or audio from smartphone to a compatible speaker over Wi-Fi.
Lenovo K3 Note launched in India  Jun 25, 9:49 pm
New Delhi, June 25 (ANI): Chinese computer technology manufacturer Lenovo on Thursday launched its much-awaited smartphone- Lenovo K3 Note in India.
WhatsApp launches voice calling feature for Windows Phone  Jun 25, 2:54 pm
Washington, June 25 (ANI): Instant messaging app WhatsApp has released an update for Windows Phone.
How 'smartphones' can be harmful for people who wear cardiac device  Jun 22, 2:40 pm
Washington, June 22 (ANI): People who wear cardiac device need to keep a distance from smartphones to avoid unwanted painful shocks or pauses in function, suggests a new study.
Big B launches LG G4 in Mumbai  Jun 21, 4:17 pm
New Delhi, June 21 (ANI): Bollywood megastar Amitabh Bachchan recently launched LG's latest smartphone G4 along with LG managing director Soon Kwon at an event in India's showbiz capital Mumbai.
Sharp introduces a new type of screen to make smartphones thinner and lighter  Jun 18, 2:52 pm
Washington, June 18 (ANI): Japanese multinational corporation Sharp has introduced a new type of screen that it has begun manufacturing.
Now, Belgian smartphone addicts can walk and talk in their 'own lanes'  Jun 16, 12:52 pm
Washington, June 16 (ANI): Can't keep your eyes off your phone? Now, people can stay connected at all times without worrying about running into another car, as Belgium has created a separate lane for smartphone addicts.
'Smartphone' kids ignorant about history but full of next generation tech ideas   Jun 6, 12:54 pm
London, Jun 6 (ANI): As per a new study, though children are clueless about telephone history, they are full of ideas for the future communication.
Second Ubuntu phone to be unveiled in June  Jun 3, 5:07 pm
Washington, June 3 (ANI): UK-based computer software company Canonical has announced that it will launch the second Ubuntu smartphone - the Aquaris E5 HD Ubuntu Edition - later this month.
Global smartphone market set to slow down as China nears saturation  May 27, 6:06 pm
Washington, May 27 (ANI): An American market research, analysis and advisory firm has predicted again that the global smartphone market will continue to see a slump in overall growth in 2015.
'One glance' is all you'll need to unlock this 1st 'iris-scan' smartphone   May 24, 5:16 pm
London, May 24 (ANI): A new Japanese smartphone, which is the first device to ever own an eye scanning feature to enable activation, is about to hit the shelves.
Microsoft to enter crowded chat app market with 'Flow'  May 21, 5:15 pm
Washington,May 21 (ANI): Microsoft is reportedly developing a new smartphone chat app on iphone, called "Flow" that would work as a complement for its Outlook inbox app.
LG rolls out latest smartphone `G4` for sale worldwide  May 18, 4:02 pm
Washington, May 18 (ANI): LG has confirmed that it has started to roll out its latest flagship device, G4, for sale worldwide, starting with Hong Kong.
Smartphone cameras can help detect eye cancer in kids  May 15, 7:09 pm
Washington, May 15 (ANI): Technology has for sure stepped ahead as smartphones can detect eye cancer that almost exclusively affects young children.
Bing to give boost to mobile-friendly sites in smartphone search results  May 15, 1:14 pm
Washington, May 15 (ANI): Following Google's steps, Bing will now start giving mobile-friendly websites a boost in search results delivered to smartphones and other mobile devices.
Here's why you should keep smartphone away as you run on treadmill   May 14, 1:38 pm
Washington, May 14 (ANI): A new study has revealed that using smartphones as you run or walk on the treadmill reduces the intensity of the exercise, resulting in overall less health benefits.
Smartphone shipments in China drop for first time in 6 yrs  May 12, 2:39 pm
Washington, May 12 (ANI): For the first time in six years, smartphone shipments in China have reportedly plunged by four percent to 98.8 million units in the first quarter of 2015.
Samsung building $14.3 bln `Semiconductor Valley`  May 10, 4:00 pm
Washington, May 10 (ANI): Samsung is reportedly beginning construction on a 14.3 billion dollar manufacturing complex that will be of the size of 400 soccer fields and will supply essential components to the electronics industry.
Now, optical lens to transform smartphone camera into microscope  May 5, 4:02 pm
Washington, May 5 (ANI): A team of scientists has created an optical lens that can be placed on an inexpensive smartphone to magnify images by a magnitude of 120, all for just 3 cents a lens.
Google now integrates tweets in search results on smartphones  May 5, 1:22 pm
Washington, May 05 (ANI): Google has reached a deal with the social networking site Twitter wherein the company now integrates tweets in the search results on smartphones.
Study says phablets eating phones, tablets  May 3, 3:36 pm
Washington, May 03 (ANI): According to a new report from Yahoo-owned mobile analytics firm Flurry, smartphone users are increasingly buying phablets as they spend less time talking on the phone and more on screens while playing games, reading or chatting with friends.