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Sunken ferry captain's actions are murderous, says South Korean President  Apr 21, 3:03 pm
Seoul, Apr 21(ANI): South Korean President Park Guen-Hye has said the actions of the captain and crew of the sunken ferry was 'akin to murder'.
Transcript reveals crew's confusion when South Korean ferry sank  Apr 21, 11:02 am
Johannesburg, Apr. 21 (ANI): The South Korean ferry that sank was crippled by confusion and indecision soon after it began listing, a transcript has revealed.
Capsized South Korean ferry 'steered by inexperienced third mate'  Apr 20, 2:08 pm
London, Apr. 20 (ANI): The South Korean ferry that sank was steered by an inexperienced third mate.
Pak's PID dubs China an Islamic Republic in major faux pas  Apr 19, 12:01 pm
Islamabad, Apr 19 (ANI): In yet another blunder, Pakistan's Press and Information Department (PID) reportedly declared China an Islamic Republic in its routine media statement.
Captain of sunken South Korean ferry arrested over suspected 'late' evacuation orders  Apr 19, 10:40 am
Sydney, Apr. 19 (ANI): The captain of the sunken South Korean ferry along with two crew members has been reportedly arrested as investigators looking into the matter are inspecting whether his evacuation orders came to late to save lives.
'Deeply ashamed' S. Korean ferry captain first one to abandon ship  Apr 18, 4:00 pm
London, Apr. 18 (ANI): The captain of the South Korean ferry that capsized with 475 passengers on board was one of the first people to escape the doomed vessel, Coast Guard officials said.
South Korea blocks infidelity website in bid to protect 'sexual morality, family life'  Apr 17, 4:13 pm
Seoul, Apr 17(ANI): South Korea has banned the newly launched Korean version of adultery hook-up website Ashley Madison.
South Korean Ferry: Unfavorable weather hinders quest of survivors  Apr 17, 4:13 pm
Seoul, Apr 17(ANI): Frantic efforts to rescue survivors from the South Korean ferry mishap site have been brought to a halt owing to highly unfavorable weather conditions.
Samsung used Jobs death to strike back at Apple  Apr 17, 1:05 pm
Washington, Apr 17, (ANI): Samsung reportedly took Steve Jobs' death as the right time to attack iPhone, some leaked e-mails from the South Korean smartphone company's executive has revealed.
Major emergency rescue operation launched as South Korean passenger ship sinks  Apr 16, 12:01 pm
Washington, Apr 16 (ANI): A major rescue operation has begun after a South Korean ship carrying 476 passengers reportedly sank off the country's southwest coast.
Apple again brands Samsung 'copycat' in billion-dollar damages case  Apr 12, 11:51 am
Washington, Apr. 12 (ANI): Apple has reportedly accused Samsung as 'copycat' once again claiming billions of dollars in damages.
China- can it rein in North Korea?  Apr 2, 5:12 pm
On 31 March 2014, North Korean artillery shells splashed into South Korean waters in an act designed to express displeasure at combined US and Republic of Korea (ROK) military drills. South Korean artillery returned fire. This was the same day that ROK and US armed forces conducted a large-scale amphibious beach landing near Pohang on South Korea's east coast.
North, South Korea exchange fire during North's military exercises  Mar 31, 1:41 pm
Washington, March 31 (ANI): Amid boiling tensions plaguing the Korean peninsula, North Korea reportedly fired near the South Korean maritime border inciting strong retaliation from South Korea, which in turn fired its own artillery shells into the North Korean sea.
Now, smart skin patch that knows when to deliver drug to patient  Mar 31, 10:52 am
Washington, Mar 31 (ANI): A group of South Korean researchers have come up with dermal patch that not only dispenses drugs continuously, but also has the ability to determine when it's time to stop.
North Korea threatens to carry out 'new form' of nuke test  Mar 31, 10:17 am
Washington, Mar. 31 (ANI): North Korea has vowed to carry out a 'new form' of nuclear test.
Kim Jong-Un using Xbox game to plan nuclear war on US   Mar 28, 1:46 pm
Washington, March 28 (ANI): North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un is reportedly planning an all-out nuclear war on the US using an Xbox game.
North Korea fires two mid-range missiles: South Korea  Mar 26, 9:53 am
Washington, Mar. 26 (ANI): North Korea test-fired two mid-range ballistic missiles into the sea off its east coast on Wednesday, South Korea has said.
North Korea threatens US of nuclear measures in wake of fresh provocations  Mar 25, 3:10 pm
Johannesburg, March 25 (ANI): North Korea has reportedly warned US of nuclear measures if it did not end its provocations.
Cyber thieves implanting PCs with malware to steal financial data: Study  Mar 20, 4:31 pm
Johannesburg, March 20 (ANI): Cyber thieves are reportedly implanting PCs with deliberate malware, a new study has revealed.
North Korea test-fires 18 short-range rockets into sea of Japan  Mar 17, 12:38 pm
Washington, March 17 (ANI): North Korea reportedly fired 18 short-range rockets into the sea off its east coast in what appears to be a part of its ongoing protests against military drills by the US and South Korea.
2014 Winter Paralympics conclude 'colourfully' at Sochi  Mar 17, 12:38 pm
London, Mar. 17 (ANI): The 2014 Winter Paralympics, which took place in Sochi, have reportedly concluded in a 'colourful' and 'spectacular' ceremony.
Defected North Korean women reveal emotional struggle   Mar 9, 2:59 pm
London, Mar. 9 (ANI): North Korean women, who defected to South Korea, have revealed their struggle living in the highly secretive country.
Hackers behind South Korean phone giant's mega data theft arrested   Mar 7, 2:03 pm
London, Mar. 07 (ANI): Hackers who yielded personal details of 12 millions customers form one of South Korea's biggest phone companies have reportedly been arrested.
Now, Kim Jong-un orders execution of 33 Christians  Mar 7, 1:58 pm
Washington, Mar. 7 (ANI): North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has reportedly ordered execution of 33 Christians.
Now, Kim Jong-un jails N. Korea's second most powerful man   Mar 5, 12:49 pm
Washington, Mar. 5 (ANI): North Korea's second most powerful leader has disappeared with speculation that dictator Kim Jong Un has sent him to jail.