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Josh Duhamel, Ernie Hudson to star in baseball drama 'The Wrong Stuff'  Feb 28, 3:37 pm
Washington, Feb 28 (ANI): Josh Duhamel and Ernie Hudson will be starring in the baseball drama 'The Wrong Stuff,' based on the bestselling memoir by ex-pitcher Bill "Spaceman" Lee and Richard Lally.
Highlights of Union Budget 2015-16 (Part 2)  Feb 28, 11:49 am
New Delhi, Feb. 28 (ANI): Finance Minister Arun Jaitley, who is presenting the Union Budget for fiscal 2015-16 in the Parliament, on Saturday said, with the fiscal space reduced, the government has decided to continue supporting important national priorities.
Kevin Spacey to be honored with 'special' Olivier Award  Feb 26, 2:31 pm
London, Feb 26 (ANI): Kevin Spacey will be awarded with a special prize for his outstanding contribution to the Old Vic at this year's Olivier Awards.
New 'sun-grazing' comet captured  Feb 25, 10:47 am
Washington, Feb 25 (ANI): The European Space Agency (ESA) and NASA's Solar and Heliospheric Observatory, or SOHO, has captured an unusual comet skimmed past the sun on Feb 18-21, 2015.
Expansion of domestic defence industry decreases import dependency: Prez  Feb 23, 2:53 pm
New Delhi, Feb. 23 (ANI): President Pranab Mukherjee on Monday hailed the government's initiatives to expand the domestic defence industry, adding that such initiatives encourage domestic manufacturing and decrease import dependency.
Hubble captures best ever view of stellar debris disk warped by massive exoplanet  Feb 22, 2:10 pm
Washington, Feb. 22 (ANI): NASA's Hubble Space Telescope has captured the best ever view of stellar debris disk warped by a massive exoplanet.
Tapan Misra appointed Space Applications Centre director  Feb 20, 8:09 pm
New Delhi, Feb. 20 (ANI): Tapan Misra on Friday assumed office as the director of the Space Applications Centre (SAC), Ahmedabad.
MAVEN spacecraft accomplishes first Martian deep-dip campaign  Feb 20, 10:44 am
Washington, Feb 20 (ANI): NASA's Mars Atmosphere and Volatile Evolution has completed the first of five deep-dip maneuvers designed to gather measurements closer to the lower end of the Martian upper atmosphere.
Google opposes new law that would strengthen FBI's watch over digital space  Feb 19, 12:14 pm
Washington, Feb 19 (ANI): Taking the lead in opposing U.S. law enforcement agencies' tightening control over the digital realm, Google has reportedly opposed an "obscure committee measure" that would give the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) more warrant power to seek the locations of servers involved in illegal activity.
NASA observes supersonic blast wave of solar wind for first time ever  Feb 19, 11:06 am
Washington, Feb. 19 (ANI): NASA's spacecraft has captured a solar shockwave in action for the first time ever.
'Karnataka has been pioneer in Aero Space sector': Siddaramaiah  Feb 18, 10:40 am
Bangalore, Feb. 18 (ANI): Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah on Wednesday said that his state has been a pioneer in the Aero Space sector, noting that India's first aircraft factory had been established in Bangalore.
Modi monogrammed 'Rs.10 lakh' suit: My son does not have guts to spend that kind of money, says NRI businessman  Feb 18, 9:54 am
New Delhi, Feb.18 (ANI): Last month, as the nation was celebrating its 65th Republic Day and the historic presence of President Barack Obama as the first American head of state to be invited as chief guest, the focus shifted to Prime Minister Narendra Modi's monogrammed black suit, which generated substantial controversy and occupied considerable space in the media.
PM Modi to inaugurate 'Aero India-2015'  Feb 17, 6:20 pm
New Delhi, Feb. 17 (ANI): Prime Minister Narendra Modi is scheduled to inaugurate the 10th international edition of the aerospace and aviation exhibition Aero India-2015 in Bangalore on February 18.
Astronomers left baffled by unexplained plumes on Mars' surface  Feb 17, 11:05 am
London, Feb. 17 (ANI): The mysterious plumes observed on Mars' surface has left astronomers studying the atmosphere on the Red Planet baffled.
ISRO scientists present PM Modi with book on Adi Sankara  Feb 13, 8:59 pm
New Delhi, Feb.13 (ANI): Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday was presented with a book on the life of Adi Sankara, 'Atmatirtham', by Prof. B. Anantharaman and Dr. K.S. Vishwanathan of the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO).
SpaceX's Dragon cargo spacecraft splashes down in Pacific Ocean from ISS  Feb 11, 2:59 pm
Washington, Feb. 11 (ANI): SpaceX's Dragon cargo spacecraft has splashed down in Pacific Ocean from International Space Station (ISS).
New 'state-of-the-art' space satellite can help save Earth from potential solar storms  Feb 8, 10:47 am
London, Feb. 8 (ANI): A new state-of-the-art space satellite has recently been developed that can help save Earth from potential solar storms in future, it has been revealed.
Now tell your partners they're 'out of this world' by sending messages into space   Feb 7, 12:49 pm
London, Feb 7 (ANI): Valentine's Day is coming up and with it, the struggle to find an original gift is back, but thanks to WriteItInTheStars project that offers romantic souls a unique opportunity to declare their love by launching the Valentine messages of people from all around the world in space.
Hubble catches rare three moon-parade in front of Jupiter  Feb 6, 10:41 am
Washington, Feb. 6 (ANI): NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope has recently captured a rare triple moon transit of Jupiter.
Amity School students to represent Asia in NASA competition  Feb 5, 11:25 am
New Delhi, Feb. 5 (ANI): A team of 12 students from Amity International School, Noida who have brought laurels to the school and made the entire country proud for being the only team from India to represent Asia in the World Finals of International Space Settlement Design Competition (ISSDC) to be held at NASA Kennedy Space Centre, Florida in July 2015.
Space research reveals possibility of more Earth-like planets supporting life  Feb 5, 10:40 am
Washington, Feb. 5 (ANI): A recent space research has revealed possibility of hundreds of billions of Earth-like planets, which may support life.
NASA finds abundance of hydrogen on Moon's pole-facing slopes   Feb 5, 10:39 am
Washington, Feb. 5 (ANI): NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) spacecraft has recently discovered more hydrogen in abundance on Moon's pole-facing slopes, it has been revealed.
Big Bang gravitational wave theory hindered as evidence fails to space dust  Feb 3, 1:59 pm
London, Feb. 3 (ANI): A new joint analysis of data has found no conclusive evidence of primordial gravitational waves, despite earlier reports of a possible detection.
Why travelling to Mars maybe hazardous to human health  Feb 3, 1:11 pm
Washington, Feb 3 (ANI): If you are dreaming of the day when you can travel to Mars, you might want to rethink your plans, as a new study has suggested that low gravity conditions age immune system faster.
Canadian B-school launches MBA in Aerospace Management  Jan 30, 8:50 pm
New Delhi, Jan. 30 (ANI): Starting in September 2015, HEC Montreal will be offering an AeroWorld MBA. Focusing on aerospace and aeronautics management, this MBA is the only one of its kind in Canada and is intended for managers seeking national and international positions and responsibilities in the field.