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Vaccine developed to fight Dust-Mite allergies  Jul 27, 12:21 pm
Washington, July 27 (ANI): Researchers have developed a vaccine that can fight dust-mite allergies by naturally switching the body's immune response.
Now, world's first flying motorbike that cruises at 112mph  Jul 15, 5:34 pm
London, July 15 (ANI): Pal-V One is the world's first bike that will never let you get stuck in traffic as it can take off and fly you home with just a flick of a switch.
Jessica Simpson followed vegan diet before tying the knot   Jul 8, 12:21 pm
Washington, July 8 (ANI): Jessica Simpson's prepared for weeks to be wedding-ready as she switched up her eating habits before her nuptials, according to reports.
Diabetes cure may lie in the gut  Jul 1, 1:06 pm
Washington, July 1 (ANI): A new study has revealed that switching off a single gene, researchers have converted human gastrointestinal cells into insulin-producing cells.
Ancient ocean currents may have changed pace and intensity of ice ages  Jun 28, 10:16 am
Washington, June 28 (ANI): Researchers have long tried to explain why ice-age cycles became longer and more intense some 900,000 years ago, switching from 41,000-year cycles to 100,000-year cycles.
Manipur women switch to water hyacinth craft to be self-reliant  Jun 14, 4:32 pm
Imphal, June 14 (ANI): Women in Manipur have switched to water hyacinth craft, as they see it as a self-reliant job opportunity.
Chelsea Clinton was paid $600k annually at NBC News   Jun 14, 11:16 am
Washington, June 14 (ANI): Chelsea Clinton was paid 600k dollars at NBC News before she switched to a month-to-month contract earlier this year, according to reports.
McIlroy says will keep mobile phone switched off during attempt to win second US Open  Jun 12, 12:25 pm
London, June 12 (ANI): Northern Irish golf ace Rory McIlroy will stay silent at Pinehurst this week saying that his mobile phone would be switched off as he tries to win a second US Open title.
Female NASCAR driver Danica Patrick could switch to F1 in 2016  Jun 10, 10:48 am
Sydney, June 10 (ANI): Female NASCAR driver Danica Patrick's boss has reportedly revealed that the racer could switch to Formula One in 2016.
On-off switch to burn stored fat discovered  Jun 6, 9:21 am
Washington, June 6 (ANI): Researchers have reported that a molecular pathway called mTORC1 controls the conversion of unhealthy white fat into beige fat, an appealing target for increasing energy expenditure and reducing obesity.
Apple users can now respond to notifications without switching apps  Jun 3, 4:36 pm
Washington, June 3 (ANI): Apple has reportedly introduced 'actionable notifications' which would allow users to respond to notifications without even switching apps, in its Worldwide Developers Conference.
LG G3 launched with laser-autofocus, kill switch, knock lock: Report  May 28, 12:32 pm
Washington, May 28 (ANI): The new LG smartphone, LG G3 reportedly has high tech features like a laser guided camera, kill switch, knock lock, and a way to hide files.
England goalie is a pretty 'explosive' golf player too!  May 24, 3:22 pm
London, May 24 (ANI): England football team's golf session on team-bonding golf day was reportedly a real blast as goalkeeper Fraser Forster's ball was sneakily switched for a flour bomb.
Facebook employs video sharing startup Switchcam's founders  May 18, 1:10 pm
Washington, May 18 (ANI): Facebook has employed Chris Hartley and Bret Welch, founders of startup company, Switchcam that focused on video sharing.
Minnesota signs smartphone kill-switch bill into law  May 16, 5:02 pm
Washington, May 16 (ANI): Selling a smartphone without pre-installed antitheft software will be declared illegal in Minnesota on 1st July 2015.
Cancers 'on and off' switch discovered?  May 16, 9:54 am
Washington, May 16 (ANI): Researchers have proposed that an "on and off" epigenetic switch could be a common mechanism behind the development of different types of cancer.
David Luiz agrees to 32 mln-pound switch to Barca from Chelsea  May 13, 1:33 pm
London, May 13 (ANI): Chelsea star David Luiz has reportedly agreed to a 32 million-pound switch to Barcelona and would join the Spanish giants after the World Cup is over.
Rio Ferdinand could make 'shock' switch to Arsenal if Man U does not offer contract extension  May 4, 5:07 pm
London, May 04 (ANI): Manchester United defender Rio Ferdinand could make a reportedly shock switch to Arsenal if he is not offered a new contract at his current club.
Breakthrough could lead to new targets for cancer therapies  May 1, 11:29 am
Washington, May 1 (ANI): Scientists have identified a key genetic switch linked to the development, progression and outcome of cancer, a finding that may lead to new targets for cancer therapies.
Soon, smart homes that is programmed to make life easier  Apr 29, 4:51 pm
Washington, Apr.29 (ANI): The idea of a smart home full of automated gadgets, starting from light switches to appliances to heating systems, could soon be a reality with "trigger-action programming."
Home admin jobs take up to three hours per week   Apr 29, 4:51 pm
London, Apr.29 (ANI): People who hate home admin jobs take up three hours each week for tasks such as paying credit card bills, switching utility companies and filing tax returns, a new study has revealed.
Lily Allen called 'traitor' by Fulham footie fans for switching loyalties to Chelsea  Apr 26, 10:24 am
London, April 26 (ANI): Fulham football fans branded Lily Allen "a traitor," as she changed sides to back Chelsea.
Scientists reprogram blood cells into blood-forming stem cells  Apr 25, 10:55 am
Washington, April 25 (ANI): Researchers have reprogrammed mature blood cells from mice into blood-forming hematopoietic stem cells (HSCs), using a cocktail of eight genetic switches called transcription factors.
87 percent of Apple users now on iOS 7  Apr 8, 12:25 pm
Washington, Apr 8 (ANI): A recent research has shown that 87 percent of Apple users have switched to the new iOS 7.
Fox plans new reality show about struggling couples who switch partners  Apr 5, 3:20 pm
Washington, Apr.5 (ANI): Fox Network is reportedly in talks to shoot few pilot episodes of Couples Retreat, a new reality project that would put couples to the test.