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Japanese companies showcase their innovative healthcare products  Apr 14, 8:12 pm
Tokyo, Apr.14 (ANI): A large number of Japanese healthcare companies have showcased their innovations at "The International Technical Exhibition of Medical Imaging 2014" in Tokyo.
Regular exercise may slow down aging in humans  Apr 14, 2:16 pm
Washington, April 14 (ANI): A new study has revealed that regular exercising can slow down the aging process in humans.
Hull City beat Sheffield United 5-3 to secure first major Cup final in 110-years history  Apr 14, 1:19 pm
Johannesburg, Apr. 14 (ANI): Hull City have reportedly their first major Cup final in 110-years history after staging an exciting second half fightback to beat Sheffield United with a 5-3 win at Wembley on Sunday.
Apparent that India has not been able to reach its export target: CII  Apr 11, 8:24 pm
New Delhi, Apr. 11 (ANI): Responding to the recently released trade data of March'14, Sanjay Budhia, Chairman, CII National Committee on Export and Export Competitiveness; and Managing Director, Patton International Ltd. said that "Its apparent from the recently released export data of March 2014, that India has missed to reach its export target of US$ 325 Billion for this fiscal as currently it stands at US$ 312 Billion.
Taking care of grandkids once a week helps grannies stay sharp  Apr 9, 10:12 am
Washington, April 9 (ANI): Researchers have claimed that taking care of grandkids one day a week helps keep grandmothers mentally sharp.
Loneliness can cause early aging  Apr 6, 2:49 pm
Washington, Apr 6 (ANI): Several studies suggest that telomere shortening is accelerated by stress, but until now, no studies have examined the effects of social isolation on telomere shortening.
WhatsApp users vent anger on Twitter as app crashes second time in week  Apr 5, 2:02 pm
London, Apr. 05 (ANI): WhatsApp users reportedly vented their anger on Twitter as the messaging service went down for a second time in a week.
Indian-origin professor named amongst world's top 50 thinkers  Apr 5, 2:02 pm
Washington, April 5 (ANI): An Indian-origin professor has bagged one of the top spots on this year's list of world's top 50 thinkers, featuring amongst the likes of Pope Francis, International Monetary Fund Managing Director Christine Lagarde and economist and philosopher Amartya Sen.
Alleged ex-Arsenal player joins ' ruthless Jihadi fighters waging war in Syria'  Apr 5, 12:52 pm
London, Apr 5 (ANI): A former Arsenal footballer, who is said to have grown up playing with Real Madrid superstar Cristiano Ronaldo, has allegedly joined a band of 'ruthless' Jihadi fighters waging war in Syria.
Wenger blames 'unidentified medical products' for injuries suffered by Arsenal players  Apr 5, 12:00 pm
London, Apr. 05 (ANI): Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger has reportedly blamed unidentified medical products for a series of injuries, which his squad has suffered as they chase a top four slot in the Premier League.
Vine's new messaging feature lets users share videos and text messages  Apr 4, 2:06 pm
Washington, Apr 4 (ANI): The Twitter-owned video app Vine has reportedly come up with a new messaging feature that allows users to send video and text messages to anyone on Vine.
Fire engulfs orphanage in Delhi, two deaths reported  Apr 4, 12:21 pm
New Delhi, Apr. 4 (ANI): Fire killed two after it engulfed an orphanage in New Delhi on Friday, as the firefighters struggled to douse the raging inferno.
Schumacher showing 'encouraging signs' of coming out of coma: Manager  Apr 4, 9:58 am
Sydney, Apr 4 (ANI): The manager of comatose Formula One legend Michael Schumacher has said that there are 'encouraging signs' in the process of bringing the former German racer out of a medically-induced coma.
BBM app update brings stickers, group photo sharing   Apr 2, 5:50 pm
Washington, Apr 2 (ANI): BlackBerry's messaging app has reportedly been updated to facilitate the addition of more stickers, larger file attachments and group photo sharing.
Congress legislators blame Majithia for sabotaging Amritsar's development  Apr 1, 9:09 pm
Amritsar, Apr.1 (ANI): Congress legislators and leaders from Amritsar on Tuesday blamed Punjab Revenue Minister Bikram Singh Majithia for betraying and sabotaging the development of the city just to satisfy his bloated ego and not letting sitting MP Navjot Singh Sidhu to succeed.
Pak football officials 'invite' Maradona to country after Argentine's 'disparaging' remarks  Mar 28, 11:39 am
Karachi, Mar 28 (ANI): Pakistani football officials have reportedly invited Argentine legend Diego Maradona to visit the country after the former player and coach disparagingly compared his own country's association to the South Asian nation's.
Too much WhatsApping can lead to 'WhatsAppitis'  Mar 27, 4:22 pm
London, March 27 (ANI): Prolonged use of the instant messaging system on smartphones can lead to a new disorder called 'WhatsAppitis'.
Absence of contractual sanctity, the X factor in adverse times, says GVK's Sanjay Reddy  Mar 27, 2:01 pm
New Delhi, Mar.27 (ANI): Speaking on managing a business in adversity at the national conference and annual session of the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) Sanjay Reddy vice chairman, G V K Power and Infrastructure Ltd, said inconsistency in policies and violation of contractual sanctity pose the biggest challenge in adverse times, as companies are left with little option but to sink their investments in long term infrastructure projects.
Brains hardwired to stop us from overdrinking water  Mar 27, 11:14 am
Washington, March 27 (ANI): A new brain imaging study has found that our brains are hardwired to stop us from drinking more water than necessary.
Criminalisation of politics is the biggest challenge facing the country: H S Brahma  Mar 26, 6:10 pm
New Delhi, Mar.26, (ANI): Taking part in an interactive session on Managing Elections in India at the Confederation of Indian Industries (CII) National Conference and Annual Session: Managing Change: Role of Leadership and Institutions, Election Commissioner, H S Brahma on Wednesday stated that criminalization of politics is the biggest challenge facing the country today.
CII Annual Session to outline vision for India  Mar 24, 2:25 pm
New Delhi, Mar.24 (ANI): The annual session and national conference 2014 of the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), is being held on March 26 and 27, and is centered around the theme of 'Managing Change: Role of Leadership and Institutions'.
WhatsApp CEO says won't compromise user privacy for Facebook  Mar 18, 4:50 pm
Washington, March 18 (ANI): Following Facebook's Whatsapp acquisition, the messaging app company's CEO Jan Koum has reassured Whatsapp users that their privacy will not be compromised for the social network giant.
Indian Army's efficient response to snow calamity in Kashmir  Mar 15, 11:35 am
New Delhi, Mar.15 (ANI): End of season snowfall in Jammu and Kashmir, especially so in the Kashmir valley, tends to be heavy and damaging. The normal time for such a snowfall is end-February; its occurrence this year in mid-March has taken everybody by surprise.
Unseasonal snowfall in Kashmir brings life to a standstill  Mar 14, 8:27 pm
Srinagar, Mar.14 (ANI): Incessant unseasonal snowfall brought life to a standstill, forcing people to remain indoors and damaging property and cattle in Jammu and Kashmir.
CII calls for urgent measures to contain food inflation  Mar 14, 6:35 pm
New Delhi, Mar.14 (ANI): The Confederation of Indian Industry on Friday called for urgent steps to prevent the food inflation from staging a comeback, and added urged the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) to make a shift towards a more accommodative monetary policy stance to revive investment and propel demand.