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Internet can help reduce depression among elderly  Apr 18, 12:58 pm
Washington, Apr 18 (ANI): A new research that followed the lives of thousands of retired older Americans for six years, found that Internet use among the elderly can reduce the chances of depression by more than 30 percent.
Anti-depressants during pregnancy linked to autism and developmental delays in boys  Apr 16, 9:21 am
Washington, April 16 (ANI): Researchers have found that prenatal exposure to selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs), a frequently prescribed treatment for depression, anxiety and other disorders, was associated with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and developmental delays (DD) in boys.
Girls' mental health suffers when romances play out differently than they imagined  Apr 16, 9:21 am
Washington, April 16 (ANI): Researchers have revealed that adolescent girls' risk of severe depression, thoughts of suicide, and suicide attempt increase after their relationships unfold differently than what they imagined.
'Young dads at risk of postpartum depression too'  Apr 15, 10:59 am
Washington, April 15 (ANI): Researchers have said that young fathers are at an increased risk of depression.
Lee Ryan reveals DUI and drug arrest was 'biggest wake-up call'  Apr 14, 4:10 pm
London, April 14 (ANI): Lee Ryan has revealed that his drink-driving and drug arrests have forced him to finally face his demons.
Miley Cyrus was 'depressed' and 'felt bullied' during her time at school  Apr 11, 3:57 pm
London, April 11 (ANI): Miley Cyrus has admitted that she suffered from depression, asserting that there was a time when she had locked herself in her room and her dad Billy Cyrus had to break down her door.
Depression ups heart failure risk by 40 pc  Apr 7, 12:13 pm
Washington, April 7 (ANI): Researchers have said that moderate to severe depression increases the risk of heart failure by 40 per cent.
Kylie Minogue fears leaving 'The Voice' will take her back to post-tour depression  Apr 6, 12:40 pm
London, Apr.6 (ANI): Kylie Minogue revealed that she might go back to her "crippling depression" if she leaves the singing reality show 'The Voice'.
Some new moms living with parents suffer more baby blues  Apr 5, 1:14 pm
Washington, April 5 (ANI): A new study has revealed that married and single moms, who are living with parents, suffer higher rates of depression.
'Party drug' Ketamine could help treat severe depression  Apr 3, 10:49 am
Washington, April 3 (ANI): Researchers have used Ketamine - an illegal dance club drug - successfully to treat severe depression.
Early depression suffering men likelier to become couch potatoes than women  Apr 2, 1:05 pm
Washington, April 2 (ANI): Researchers have said that young men, who have suffered from early depression, are more vulnerable than women to spending many hours in front of a screen later on.
Australian golfer proves to be an 'inspiration' after fighting depression to win Texas Open  Mar 31, 4:00 pm
Sydney, Mar. 31 (ANI): Australian golfer Steven Bowditch has proved himself to be an inspiration as he battled depression in the past and has now pocketed 1.2 million-dollars after winning the Texas Open at his maiden PGA Tour success.
Nasal spray offers new type of treatment for depression  Mar 25, 11:06 am
Washington, Mar 25 (ANI): A nasal spray that delivers a peptide to treat depression could be a potential alternative therapeutic approach, according to researchers at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH).
Lifestyle interventions could prevent major depression in adults with mild symptoms  Mar 21, 10:53 am
Washington, March 21 (ANI): Researchers have suggested that lifestyle interventions can prevent major depression in adults with mild symptoms.
Tooth loss associated with depression and anxiety: Study  Mar 21, 10:10 am
Washington, March 21 (ANI): Researchers have associated tooth loss with depression and anxiety.
Social groups can help ease depression  Mar 20, 10:10 am
Washington, March 20 (ANI): Researchers have suggested that building a strong connection to a social group helps clinically depressed patients recover and helps prevent relapse.
Playing scientific mobile gaming app for 25 minutes helps reduce anxiety: Study  Mar 19, 4:00 pm
Washington, Mar. 19 (ANI): Playing a science-based smartphone gaming app for 25 minutes could help reduce anxiety in stressed individuals, a new study has revealed.
Vitamin D supplements may not reduce depression: Study  Mar 19, 9:54 am
Washington, March 19 (ANI): Researchers have suggested that Vitamin D supplements may not be able to decrease depression.
Hoggard fears Trott's 'Ashes burn-out' revelation damaged 'cause of mental health care in cricket'  Mar 18, 1:31 pm
London, Mar 18 (ANI): Former England bowler Matthew Hoggard has said that he fears batsman Jonathan Trott's revelations about the real reason behind his exit from his team's disastrous Ashes tour has damaged the cause of mental health care in cricket.
Vaughan feels 'little bit conned' by Trott's 'Ashes burn-out' revelation  Mar 18, 1:15 pm
Johannesburg, Mar 18 (ANI): Former England captain Michael Vaughan has admitted he felt a 'little bit conned' by batsman Jonathan Trott's revelation that he left England's Ashes tour of Australia suffering from 'burn out'.
Trott says 'mental burnout', not depression behind 'sudden' withdrawal from Ashes tour  Mar 15, 11:00 am
Johannesburg, Mar 15 (ANI): England batsman Jonathan Trott has dismissed suggestions that he was suffering from depression when he withdrew early from England's Ashes debacle in Australia, and said that 'mental burnout' was behind his sudden withdrawal.
Shinde's remark on media, result of depression due to defeat of Congress  Feb 25, 11:23 am
New Delhi, Feb. 25 (ANI): Reacting to Union Home Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde's comment about 'crushing' the media, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi on Tuesday said Shinde's comment was an outcome of the depression prevailing within the Congress due to their defeat.
Call to add depression as risk factor for heart disease   Feb 25, 10:00 am
Washington, Feb. 25 (ANI): An extensive review of scientific literature indicates that depression should be added to the list of risk factors associated with heart disease risk.
Depressed teenage girls also plagued by chronic pain  Feb 19, 4:55 pm
Washington, February 19 (ANI): A new research has found that teenager girls who suffer from depression are plagued by chronic pain.
Scientists 'find' new ways to treat depression   Feb 18, 2:34 pm
Washington, Feb 18 (ANI): Researchers claim to have found new and different methods, beyond common antidepressants like Prozac and Zoloft, to treat depression in people.