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Women more prone to develop anxiety, depression post heart attack than men  Oct 20, 1:27 pm
Washington, Oct 20 (ANI): A new study has revealed that women are more likely to develop anxiety and depression after a heart attack (myocardial infarction; MI) than men.
New study aims to prove diets of Asian Americans not as healthy as believed  Oct 13, 1:26 pm
Washington, Oct 13 (ANI): A new research will aim at Asian Americans to reduce myth of Asian diet and reduce high risk for diabetes, hypertension, heart attack and stroke, as they maybe under a misconception that their diet is healthy and not a risk factor for these chronic diseases.
Healthy lifestyle may help 4 out of 5 men prevent heart attacks   Sep 23, 10:33 am
Washington, Sep 23 (ANI): A new study has revealed 80 percent of men could prevent heart attacks by adopting healthy lifestyle choices.
Donating sperm while looking at smut can cost you your life!  Sep 13, 10:38 am
London, Sept 13 (ANI): A Chinese trainee doctor recently suffered a heart attack while looking at erotic magazines in private booth during his visit to a sperm bank.
Aspirin lowers risk of stroke and heart attacks  Aug 26, 10:45 am
Washington, Aug 26 (ANI): A new study has revealed that low dose aspirin lowers the occurrence of new venous blood clots.
Status Quo guitarist Rick Parfitt fears death post heart attack  Aug 24, 12:25 pm
London, Aug 24 (ANI): Status Quo guitarist Rick Parfitt, who recently suffered a near- fatal heart attack has said that he don't want to die.
Friendly social network helps reduce heart attack risk   Aug 19, 11:16 am
Washington, Aug 19 (ANI): A new study has demonstrated that residing with neighbors that help in difficult times and a friendly local community can help in controlling heart attack risk.
Cartoonist Pran passes away due to heart attack (Update- Cartoonist Pran   Aug 6, 12:07 pm
New Delhi, Aug. 6 (ANI): Veteran cartoonist Pran, who passed away today, battled a multitude of health issues, including colon cancer for a year, and finally succumbed to a heart attack, his daughter-in-law Jyoti Pran told ANI.
Massive heart attack led to James Garner's death  Jul 30, 9:37 am
Washington, July 30 (ANI): It has been recently reported that James Garner died because of a massive heart attack.
2 min of intense exercise helps elderly stay healthy   Jul 28, 11:54 am
London, July 28 (ANI): Experts have revealed that intense workout regime for only 2 minutes twice a week over a month and a half would help people aged over 60 stay fit and lowered their chance of suffering a heart attack or stroke.
Barry Gibb wants to die singing 'Stayin Alive' on stage  Jul 12, 1:11 pm
London, July 12 (ANI): Barry Gibb's idea of an ideal death is a quick heart attack on the stage while he sings his iconic hit 'Stayin Alive'.
Scientists claim hydrogen sulfide to be beneficial for health  Jul 10, 1:18 pm
Washington, July 10 (ANI): Scientists have found that hydrogen sulfide, a chemical which stinks like rotten eggs, can offer health benefits to people suffering from diabetes, stroke, heart attacks and even dementia.
Mafia don Dawood's sister dies of heart attack in Mumbai hospital  Jul 7, 9:24 am
Mumbai, July 7 (ANI): Fugitive underworld don Dawood Ibrahim's sister, Haseena Parkar, has died in a private hospital in South Mumbai of a heart attack.
Cheaper drugs can improve outcome for heart attack treatment  Jul 5, 5:31 pm
Washington, July 5 (ANI): A new study suggests that out of the two drugs used for preventing blood clot formation, heparin, could result in improved outcomes in the treatment for heart diseases.
Testosterone therapy doesn't increase heart attack risk  Jul 3, 2:49 pm
Washington, July 3 (ANI): A new study has found that testosterone therapy does not increase men's risk for heart attack.
Oscar Pistorius' psychiatrist suffers heart attack  Jun 28, 11:56 am
London, June 28 (ANI): A psychiatrist assessing Olympic athlete Oscar Pistorius' mental health has suffered a heart attack.
Scientists explain how stressful situations lead to heart attack  Jun 11, 11:55 am
London, June 11 (ANI): A new study has revealed the hypothetical mechanism behind heart attack caused by stress, emotional shock, or overexertion.
UK drug safety body confirms statins are safe   May 31, 5:02 pm
London, May 31 (ANI): The UK's drug safety body, the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency, has confirmed that the heart attack preventing drug statins are not at all harmful for health.
Too much exercise can be dangerous for patients with heart problems  May 21, 12:44 pm
Washington, May 21 (ANI): A new research has found that too much exercise may increase the risk of death from heart attack or stroke in patients with existing heart problems.
Researchers confirm statins are safe to use   May 16, 5:02 pm
London, May 16 (ANI): Researchers have withdrawn their statements about the harmful side effects of statins, as the heart pills which are taken by millions every day have been confirmed as safe.
Study reveals new drug may decrease heart attack dangers  May 14, 11:28 am
London, May 14 (ANI): A new research has revealed that an injection of a new experimental drug might be able to reduce heart attacks risks by decreasing cholesterol levels up to 75 per cent when combined with statin.
Samsung chairman stable after suffering heart attack  May 12, 3:13 pm
Washington, May 12 (ANI): Samsung Electronics chairman was in stable condition after suffering a heart attack.
Who should or shouldn't take aspirin to prevent heart attacks revealed  May 10, 10:47 am
Washington, May 10 (ANI): Despite aspirin being known to prevent heart attacks and strokes for over 30 years, a new study suggests that it is still unclear as to who exactly should take it daily.
People warned against taking aspirin to prevent heart attacks  May 7, 2:49 pm
Washington, May 7 (ANI): The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has warned the public in a statement that most people shouldn't take aspirin to prevent heart attacks.
How stress increases stroke and heart attack risk  May 6, 9:06 am
Washington, May 6 (ANI): Researchers have shown that anger, anxiety, and depression not only affect the functioning of the heart, but also increase heart disease risk.