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Tabloid retracts Katy Perry's false pregnancy, wedding cover story  Mar 31, 1:45 pm
Washington, Mar.31 (ANI): The Ok magazine retracted its Katy Perry's cover story which falsely reported that she was pregnant and was planning a wedding.
Here's how Facebook can help you make your man propose to you!  Mar 31, 1:34 pm
Melbourne, March 31 (ANI): Urging women to fake a pregnancy to gain a man, a Melbourne Facebook page is reportedly selling positive pregnancy tests for 20 dollars.
Diet during pregnancy influences offspring's weight later in life   Mar 31, 11:55 am
Washington, Mar 31 (ANI): A new study has examined that maternal diet during pregnancy and lactation may prime offspring for weight gain and obesity later in life.
Helena Bonham Carter played Mozart during pregnancy to make kids 'clever, alert'  Mar 29, 12:55 pm
London, Mar.29 (ANI): Helena Bonham Carter revealed that she played Mozart and violin concertos while she was pregnant in order to make her kids alert, unbelievably clever, and very relaxed in the future.
Brandon Jenner expecting first child with wife Leah  Mar 16, 12:19 pm
Washington, Mar 16 (ANI): Brandon and Leah Jenner have announced that they are expecting their first child together.
Billy Ray Cyrus jokes on Miley's pregnancy rumors  Mar 8, 1:02 pm
Washington, Mar 8 (ANI): Billy Ray Cyrus has poked fun of his daughter Miley Cyrus' pregnancy rumors by tweeting that he will going to be a grand father soon.
Diabetes risk increases for middle-aged women whose parents smoke during pregnancy  Mar 8, 10:37 am
Washington, Mar. 08 (ANI): A new study has revealed that women female fetuses exposed to tobacco smoke may have increased diabetes risk in middle age.
Indian maternal health far worse than previously thought  Mar 3, 11:02 am
Washington, Mar 3 (ANI): As per a new study, maternal health in India much worse than previously thought as more than 40 percent of women are underweight when they begin pregnancy.
'Pregnancy perfume' broadcasts whether mom-to-be is carrying boy or girl  Feb 25, 3:24 pm
Washington, Feb 25 (ANI): A new study has revealed that lemur moms carrying boys smell different from those carrying girls, suggesting that pregnancy odor reveals unborn baby's sex.
Mila Kunis gushes about post-pregnancy burgeoning boobs  Feb 6, 11:30 am
London, Feb 6 (ANI): Mila Kunis is amazed at her new found post pregnancy boobs.
Kate Winslet says life too short to focus on losing baby weight  Feb 3, 1:59 pm
Washington, Feb 3 (ANI): Kate Winslet, recently discussed losing the baby weight after pregnancy saying that life is just too short to spend time on focusing thinks like this.
Improving pre-pregnancy health critical to averting childhood obesity  Feb 2, 3:32 pm
Washington, Feb 2 (ANI): In a new study, scientists have claimed that maintaining a good health before pregnancy can avoid childhood obesity problems.
Justin Timberlake confirms wife Jessica Biel's pregnancy on Instagram   Feb 1, 5:05 pm
Washington, Feb 1 (ANI): Justin Timberlake has now officially confirmed that his wife Jessica Biel is pregnant and the couple is expecting a cute baby.
Courtney Love reveals took drugs during pregnancy  Jan 29, 5:12 pm
New York, Jan 29 (ANI): Courtney Love has admitted in her late husband and musician Kurt Cobain's documentary 'Montage of Heck', that she took heroin while she was pregnant.
Abbey Clancy feels getting 'fat and ugly' in second pregnancy   Jan 27, 3:09 pm
London, Jan 27 (ANI): Abbey Clancy has admitted that she is getting fat, ugly, spots on the body and completely sick while expecting her second child with footballer husband Peter Crouch.
Stress in soon-to-be moms not good for fetal development  Jan 26, 11:20 am
Washington, Jan 26 (ANI): Feeling stressed during pregnancy is not good for fetal development, says a new study.
Abbey Clancy shares growing baby bump pic in Calvins on Instagram   Jan 23, 2:04 pm
London, Jan 23 (ANI): Abbey Clancy recently shared her black and white photo pregnancy snap in'Calvins'on Instagram .
Zooey Deschanel 'thrilled to bits' with first pregnancy  Jan 14, 1:30 pm
London, Jan. 14 (ANI): Zooey Deschanel has recently revealed that she is expecting her first child with boyfriend Jacob Pechenik and the couple is very "excited" about meeting the little one.
Meet the '1-in-Mil' identical triplets born to Montana couple  Jan 13, 2:48 pm
Washington, Jan 13 (ANI): A couple in Montana has welcomed "one in a million" identical triplets, who were delivered before their mom reached the 32-week mark of her pregnancy.
Beyonce spark rumors of second pregnancy on Instagram   Jan 12, 9:30 am
Wellington, Jan 12 (ANI): Beyonce has sparked rumors of her second pregnancy after she shared a pic on Instagram where she can be seen buried in sand with giant sandy mound covering her stomach.
Meet the woman who gave birth to baby just hour after learning about pregnancy  Jan 10, 11:06 am
Washington, Jan. 10 (ANI): A woman recently gave birth to a baby girl just an hour after learning about her pregnancy, it has been reported.
Jessica Biel feeling really good during pregnancy   Jan 8, 3:24 pm
Washington, Jan 8 (ANI): Jessica Biel, who is expecting her first child with Justin Timberlake, has said that she is feeling really good during pregnancy.
Exercising during pregnancy lowers high BP risk for kids in later life  Jan 6, 11:05 am
Washington, Jan 6 (ANI): Mothers can lower the chances of their offspring developing a high blood pressure problem as adults, by exercising while expecting, claims a new research.
Abbey Clancy flaunts 'pregnancy cleavage' in skin tight bikini top  Jan 5, 1:12 pm
London, Jan 5 (ANI): Abbey Clancy showed off her pregnancy cleavage in a tight zip-up bikini top.
Nicki Minaj opens up about teen pregnancy  Jan 2, 3:45 pm
London, Jan 2 (ANI): Nicki Minaj has revealed that she got pregnant in her teenage and it plagued her for decades.