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Smoking during pregnancy affects future grandkids' growth  Aug 19, 1:39 pm
Washington, Aug 18 (ANI): A new study has revealed that smoking during pregnancy has discernible effects on the growth of a woman's future grandkids.
SC issues notice on PIL seeking ban on sale of smoking products  Aug 14, 2:35 pm
New Delhi, Aug. 14 (ANI): The Supreme Court has issued a notice to the centre and state governments on a public interest litigation (PIL) seeking to ban smoking products in the country.
Robert Downey Jr.'s son charged for drug possession  Aug 9, 10:43 am
Washington, Aug 9 (ANI): Robert Downey Jr.'s son Indio has been charged with felony possession after the police found his son smoking out of a crack pipe, it has been revealed.
Embrace healthy lifestyle to prevent dementia, claim scientists  Jul 14, 2:42 pm
London, July 14 (ANI): Researchers have revealed that people could be saved from developing Alzheimer's disease with the help of just few simple alterations in their lifestyle.
People with mobility impairment have high smoking rate: Study   Jul 13, 2:46 pm
Washington, July 13 (ANI): A new study has revealed that people with mobility impairments under age 65 are more prone to smoking.
Larger warning labels urge smokers to quit better  Jul 11, 6:18 pm
Washington, July 11 (ANI): Scientists claim that larger warning signs on cigarette packets can influence people to quit smoking.
Daniel Radcliffe to visit rehab for smoking addiction  Jul 10, 9:56 am
London, July 10 (ANI): Daniel Radcliffe, who smokes 20 cigarettes a day is going to rehab to beat his smoking addiction, according to reports.
Keep your lifestyle healthy to have longer life: Study  Jul 9, 12:59 pm
Washington, July 9 (ANI): A new study had claimed that maintaining a healthy lifestyle could help in increasing people's lifespan.
Hookah smoking just as dangerous as cigarettes: Study  Jul 9, 12:59 pm
Washington, July 9 (ANI): A recent study has claimed that the belief of many young adults that they can replace cigarette with hookah as its not harmful to their health is wrong.
2 out of 10 American high school seniors smoke Hookahs: Study  Jul 7, 4:57 pm
Washington, July 7(ANI): A recent study has shown that though the use of cigarette has declined sharply among the youth in the US, 18 percent of high school seniors have taken up to smoking hookah.
Justin Bieber cleared off 'flight pot smoking' charges   Jul 5, 11:08 am
Washington, July 5 (ANI): Justin Bieber has been cleared in the case after he allegedly filled Canada to New Jersey flight with marijuana smoke that forced pilots to wear oxygen masks.
Shane Warne dating 'smoking hot' Aussie Playboy model Emily Scott  Jul 4, 1:15 pm
London, July 4 (ANI): Shane Warne has admitted that he is dating an Aussie model Emily Scott, who is 14 years younger to him.
Aspirin and smoking affects ageing of cancer genes   Jul 2, 6:00 pm
London, July 2 (ANI): New study shows that while regular use of aspirin reduces ageing of cancer genes, smoking can accelerate them.
Justin Bieber caught in 'coke romance' with Selena Gomez  Jun 26, 2:08 pm
Washington, June 26 (ANI): Justin Bieber, who has already been alleged of smoking pot, was recently caught taking cocaine with his girlfriend Selena Gomez at 1Oak.
Menthol ciggies linked to increased smoking among teens  Jun 21, 9:35 am
Washington, June 21 (ANI): Researchers have claimed that teens who use menthol cigarettes smoke more cigarettes per day than their peers who smoke non-menthols.
Why quitting smoking is harder for some  Jun 14, 11:27 am
Washington, June 14 (ANI): For some smokers, strategies to aid quitting work well, but for others no trick seems to work.
Silent Killer: Cardio-vascular diseases cause 17.3 m deaths annually   Jun 12, 5:05 pm
New Delhi, June 12 (ANI): Cardiovascular diseases (CVD) are the world's leading cause of death and disability. An estimate by the World Heart Federation indicates that 17.3 million deaths are caused every year due to CVD. However, this "silent killer" is also preventable and can be combated by addressing issues of adverse lifestyles, smoking, physical inactivity, improper diet and stress.
Peers influence teens to start smoking more than quitting  Jun 12, 1:11 pm
Washington, June 12 (ANI): Sociologists say that adolescents tend to be more powerful in influencing their friends to start smoking than in helping them to quit.
E-cigarettes may be able to help quit smoking  Jun 5, 4:56 pm
London, June 5 (ANI): A new study by Dennis Nowak et al. has concluded that E-cigarettes are likely to terminate smoking and may just be able to lessen the risk of nicotine dependency in high-risk groups.
1D's Liam Payne apologizes for 'controversial joint video'  Jun 1, 12:41 pm
London, June 1 (ANI): One Direction star Liam Payne has apologized for the controversial video, which show his fellow band members Louis Tomlinson and Zayn Malik smoking a "joint".
Famed sand artist depicts horrors of smoking through sculpture on 'World No Tobacco Day'  May 31, 6:28 pm
Puri (Odisha)/ Vishakhapatnam (Andhra Pradesh), May 31 (ANI): On the occasion of World No Tobacco Day, which is observed annually on May 31 by the World Health Organisation (WHO), internationally renowned sand artist Sudarshan Patnaik created an anti-smoking sculptor on sand on a beach in Odisha.
1D star Louis Tomlinson under fire over use of 'N-word'  May 29, 5:18 pm
London, May 29 (ANI): One Direction star Louis Tomlinson is currently facing a lot of backlash for using the "N-word" in the controversial video of smoking weed.
1D stars Zayn Malik, Louis Tomlinson caught 'smoking weed' on camera  May 28, 6:02 pm
Melbourne, May 28 (ANI): One Direction members Zayn Malik and Louis Tomlinson were recently caught smoking a "joint" and joking about marijuana in a controversial video that was posted online.
E-ciggies 'not a healthy alternative to smoking'  May 28, 8:58 am
Washington, May 28 (ANI): Researchers have said that "buyer beware" caveat holds true when it comes to the unknown health effects of e-cigarettes.
Mental illnesses can reduce life expectancy more than heavy smoking  May 25, 11:44 am
Washington, May 25 (ANI): An analysis by Oxford University psychiatrists has shown that serious mental illnesses reduce life expectancy by 10-20 years - a loss of years that's equivalent to or worse than that for heavy smoking.