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Using drugs illicitly negatively affect sexual function in men Jul 7, 2:26 pm
Washington DC, 7 July (ANI): Illicit use of drugs could have a negative impact on men's sexual performance.
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Healthy lifestyle halves the risk of heart failure post age 65 Jul 7, 2:05 pm
Washington DC, July 7 (ANI): A new study has revealed that people who follow healthy lifestyle avoid obesity and are half likely to have heart failure than those who have zero or low-risk factors after turning 65.
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Religious groups crucial in addressing current global health challenges Jul 7, 12:23 pm
Washington DC, 7 July (ANI): Religious groups could play a vital role in tackling global health challenges, claims a new research.
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Find out why wrinkles are more prominent near your eyes than forehead Jul 7, 10:13 am
Washington DC, July 7 (ANI): Sometimes a person might think that why wrinkles are more prominent on certain parts of face and shallow on other, well oil-secreting glands are the reason behind it.
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