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Life stressors in expectant mothers could trigger neurological disorders in babies  Apr 23, 10:52 am
Washington, April 23 (ANI): Researchers have suggested that trauma, illness, alcohol or other drug abuse in expectant mothers could activate a single molecular trigger in brain cells that can go awry and activate conditions like schizophrenia, post-traumatic stress disorder or autism in their babies.
Babies born to women over 30 at accelerated risk of developing autism  Apr 23, 9:38 am
Washington, April 23 (ANI): Older parents are likelier to have a child who develops an autism spectrum disorder (ASD) than are younger parents, a new study has suggested.
'Game of Thrones' characters' monikers trending as baby names   Apr 19, 2:27 pm
London, Apr.19 (ANI): Many real-life babies now have name corresponding to 'Game of Thrones' character names, including names such as Khaleesi and Arya.
Babies prefer fairness in choosing a playmate but only if it benefits them   Apr 15, 1:28 pm
Washington, April 15 (ANI): A research team designed a new experiment to test how race and fairness - a social tendency that infants appear to notice - influence babies' selection of a playmate.
New theory suggests babies wake new mothers at night as part of survival tactic  Apr 10, 2:40 pm
London, Apr 10 (ANI): A leading evolutionary biologist has put forward the theory that an infant's tendency to wake up in the night may have been a Darwinian tactic to make mothers breastfeed more, thus reducing their fertility and limiting the number of siblings that will be born, which in turn improved a child's chances of survival.
Johnny Depp says he wants to have 100 babies with fiance Amber Heard  Apr 10, 11:53 am
London, April 10 (ANI): Johnny Depp has revealed that he would like to "make 100 babies" with his fiance Amber Heard amid reports that she is already pregnant.
New software lets you see how your child will age  Apr 10, 11:53 am
Washington, Apr 11 (ANI): If you are imagining what your child will look like when he or she grows up, a computer could now answer that question in less than a minute.
Babies evolve to move hands to mouth in womb  Apr 1, 2:00 pm
Washington, April 1 (ANI): A new study has found that human babies have the hand-to-mouth motion encoded in the brain from birth which explains why they try to stick everything from Lego to a chair in their mouths from very early on.
'Suiting up' babies new trend on Instagram  Mar 31, 2:52 pm
New York, March 31 (ANI): Turning babies into mini businessmen by making them wear adult suits is the latest trend doing the rounds on Instagram.
We'll all soon know why babies laugh  Mar 16, 11:58 am
London, March 16 (ANI): Scientists have recently launched a huge study to find out what makes a baby laugh and why.
Why breastfeeding boosts babies' IQs later in life  Feb 27, 10:30 am
Washington, Feb. 27 (ANI): Previous studies have shown that children who were breastfed score higher on IQ tests and perform better in school, now a new study has revealed the reason behind this well stated fact.
Caesarean babies at increased risk of becoming obese later in life  Feb 27, 10:05 am
Washington, Feb. 27 (ANI): A new study has found that babies born by C-section have 26 percent higher risk of becoming overweight or obese as an adult when compared to those born by vaginal delivery.
Baby media products don't instill reading skills in infants  Feb 26, 1:01 pm
Washington, Feb 26 (ANI): Even though parents use DVDs and other media in an attempt to teach their kids to read, these tools don't instill reading skills in babies, a new study has revealed.
Why babies cry revealed  Feb 24, 2:43 pm
New Delhi, Feb. 24 (ANI): Crying is the only way of communication for babies. All babies cry at times, which is normal as they express their emotions -anger, anxiety, frustration, boredom and discomfort-by crying.
Premies benefit from adult talk  Feb 21, 9:41 am
Washington, Feb. 21 (ANI): Researchers have suggested that premature babies benefit from being exposed to adult talk as early as possible.
Natural stress hormone found in breast milk  Feb 15, 10:24 am
London, Feb 15 (ANI): A hormone that is released when someone is under physical or emotional stress has been found in breast milk and appears to affect babies differently depending on their sex, according to a study done on laboratory monkeys.
Justin Timberlake and wife Jessie Biel too busy to have babies  Feb 6, 2:37 pm
London, Feb. 06 (ANI): Justin Timberlake's nan has dismissed rumours that the singer and his and wife Jessie Biel are planning family.
UAE makes breastfeeding for new mums mandatory for two years  Feb 1, 10:54 am
Washington, February 1 (ANI): United Arab Emirates' Federal National Council has passed a clause, which is a part of their new Child Rights Law, to make it compulsory for new moms to breastfeed their babies for two ears.
More working middle-class mothers quit to raise their babies: Study  Feb 1, 10:53 am
London, February 1 (ANI): A new study has revealed that thousands of wealthy mothers are quitting their jobs to look after their children themselves, instead of using childminders or nurseries.
Smoking `pregnant` mums `can turn babies gay`  Jan 20, 10:04 am
Melbourne, Jan. 20 (ANI): A leading neuroscientist has claimed that smoking and drug use during pregnancy could raise the chance of having a baby who would turn out to be gay.
Now, 3D printers to let mums hold model fetuses of unborn babies   Jan 19, 11:45 am
New York, Jan 19 (ANI): A California-based company has taken 4D sonograms to a different level, by making replicas of unborn babies, using their latest 3D-printers.
New mums enjoy their baby only after six months  Jan 16, 11:40 am
London, Jan 16 (ANI): A new study has found that most new mothers can't enjoy their babies till they are six months old, due to tiredness and stress.
Risk of birth problems doubles after assisted conception  Jan 13, 11:24 am
Washington, Jan. 13 (ANI): A new study has shown that the risk of serious complications such as stillbirth, preterm birth, low birth weight and neonatal death is around twice as high for babies conceived by assisted reproductive therapies compared with naturally conceived babies.
One-in-10 babies in England are now Muslim   Jan 11, 11:22 am
Johannesburg, Jan. 11 (ANI): Nearly one-in-10 babies and toddlers in England and Wales have been found to be Muslim, according to a new analysis of census figures.
Infants can distinguish between friends and foes  Jan 9, 1:20 pm
Washington, Jan 9 (ANI): A new study suggests that even before babies have language skills or much information about social structures, they can infer whether others are likely to be friends by observing their likes and dislikes.