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New DNA study explores history of Arctic's earliest people  Aug 29, 2:25 pm
Washington, Aug 29 (ANI): A new research has explored the DNA of current and former people of Greenland, Arctic Canada, Alaska, the Aleutian Islands and Siberia showing that a variety of cultures survived the harsh climate for thousands of years.
Local police recovers landmine and rifle from West Bengal's Lalgarh Village  Aug 28, 6:27 pm
Lalgarh (West Bengal), Aug. 28 (ANI): Police here have recovered a landmine and a rifle near Lalgarh village in West Midnapur District of West Bengal.
NHRC sends notice to Gurgaon police chief on rise of incidents of kidnapping, rape and murder of girl child  Aug 21, 4:37 pm
New Delhi, Aug 21 (ANI): The National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) has taken suo motu cognizance of a media report that an 11 year old girl was raped and murdered merely after four days of a two year old girl's kidnapping and rape in Gurgaon, Haryana.
How early changes in DNA methylation affects Alzheimer's disease revealed  Aug 18, 12:28 pm
Washington, Aug 18 (ANI): A new study has revealed reveals how early changes in brain DNA methylation are involved in Alzheimer's disease.
IS militants kill 80 Yazidis in Northern Iraq  Aug 16, 9:59 am
London, Aug 16 (ANI): Islamic State militants in Northern Iraq have reportedly killed at least 80 Yazidi Iraqis in a village and kidnapped many women and children.
Reasons for PMS demystified!  Aug 12, 7:01 pm
Melbourne, August 12 (ANI): A medical expert has claimed that premenstrual tension is nature's way for women to get rid of their infertile male partners.
Sunni militants may have 'vicious plans' for hundreds of kidnapped women in Iraq: Report  Aug 9, 12:19 pm
Washington, Aug 9 (ANI): An Iraqi official said hundreds of women belonging to the Yazidi religious minority have been abducted by Sunni militants with "vicious plans."
Nigeria schoolgirls kidnapping: New theory says girls being used as human bombs  Aug 7, 12:01 pm
Johannesburg, Aug 7 (ANI): A new theory on the missing Nigerian schoolgirls suggests the abducted girls are most likely being used as human bombs.
Indians enjoy visiting scenic Kazakhstan, says embassy official  Aug 6, 6:19 pm
New Delhi, Aug.6 (ANI): The Embassy of Kazakhstan has said that Mr. Iqbal Mulla, former president of the Travel Agents Association of India (TAAI), and other tourist operators have claimed that they were misquoted by the Daily News and Analysis (DNA) on Kazakhstan is emerging as the new sex tourism hub for Indians.
Naqvi expresses displeasure over UP law and order situation  Aug 5, 3:40 pm
New Delhi, August 5 (ANI): BJP leader Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi today expressed his displeasure over the deteriorating law and order situation in Uttar Pradesh by claiming that the state government had been kidnapped by criminals.
New genetic risk markers identified for pancreatic cancer  Aug 4, 3:50 pm
Washington, Aug 4 (ANI): A new discovery has been made with help of large DNA analysis of humans, which says that there are several genetic markers to identify pancreatic cancer.
Carlos Tevez's father freed by abductors in Argentina  Jul 30, 3:11 pm
London, July 30 (ANI): Argentine football star Carlos Tevez's father, who was kidnapped on the outskirts of Buenos Aires for eight hours, has finally been freed by his abductors.
Kidnapped Kanpur woman found murdered in car   Jul 28, 10:16 am
Kanpur, July 28 (ANI): Kanpur police recovered the dead body of a woman who was kidnapped by a gang of bikers late on Sunday night after she had gone out for dinner.
Top militant arrested at Afghan border, say Pakistani officials  Jul 25, 4:26 pm
Karachi, July 25 (ANI): Pakistani Security officials said on Thursday that they had arrested a senior most militant near Afghan border who was earlier confused with the man who had tried to kill former President Parvez Musharraf.
Merely 8.2 percent of DNA 'functional' in human beings  Jul 25, 11:56 am
Washington, July 25 (ANI): A new study claims that only 8.2 percent of our DNA actually does some significant work.
Declassified documents reveal how US military planned surveillance station on Moon  Jul 22, 12:50 pm
London, July 22 (ANI): The US military reportedly had plans to set up a surveillance station on the Moon once, declassified documents show.
How starvation effects get passed on to generations revealed  Jul 21, 12:50 pm
Washington, July 21 (ANI): A new study has revealed how starvation induces specific changes in so-called small RNAs and that these changes are inherited through at least three consecutive generations, apparently without any DNA involvement.
Your smartphone will soon analyze your DNA!  Jul 21, 11:26 am
Washington, July 21 (ANI): Researchers are developing new display sensors for smartphones that will read the user's spit to not only detect the body temperature, but also analyze the DNA.
Malala Yousafzai appeals for release of Nigerian girls at Abuja conference  Jul 15, 5:34 pm
London, July 15 (ANI): Malala Yousagfzai, young Pakistani girl who just turned 17, appealed for the release of the twelve Nigerian girls who were kidnapped three months ago by militant group Boko Haram.
Redheads falling prey to extinction due to climate change: Study  Jul 8, 12:21 pm
London, July 8 (ANI): We may feel a drop in the number of 'red-heads' around us, as a new study claims that they may very soon be on the verge of extinction.
Key to Tibetans' altitude adaptation may lie in extinct denisovans  Jul 3, 12:34 pm
Washington, July 3 (ANI): A new study has found that the altitude adaptation in Tibet might have been caused by the introgression of DNA from extinct Denisovans or Denisovan-related individuals into humans.
SUCI burns PM's effigy in protest against rail fare hike  Jun 24, 4:35 pm
East Midnapore, June 24 (ANI): Workers of the Socialist Unity Centre of India (Communist) (SUCI) on Tuesday burnt Prime Minister Narendra Modi's effigy on a railway track while protesting against the rail fare hike in East Midnapore District of West Bengal.
Andhra engineer kidnapped in Assam  Jun 22, 5:59 pm
Haflong (Assam), June 22 (ANI): Suspected militants belonging from UPLA have kidnapped an engineer here today who hails from Prakasham district of Andnra Pradesh.
Trapped nationals safe so far but situation still grim, says Indian returned from Iraq  Jun 19, 4:12 pm
New Delhi, June 19 (ANI): One of the Indian nationals trapped in Iraq, Zulfiqar Abbas who returned safely today told ANI that none of the kidnapped nationals have been killed so far but the situation is still very dangerous.
UK woman claims to have been raised by monkeys  Jun 19, 3:46 pm
London, June 19 (ANI): Marina Chapman, a middle-aged grandmother from Bradford, claims that she was brought up by the reclusive breed of Capuchin monkeys after being left in the jungle by kidnappers at the age of 5.