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Japan introduces new technology for eye care and safe driving  Nov 12, 1:06 pm
Tokyo (Japan), Nov.12 (ANI): Work stress and long working hours in modern times lead to serious health problems. The impact is visible on the eyes.
From eye care to home appliances, Japan gears up to grab larger market share  Aug 4, 1:11 pm
Bangkok / Melbourne, Aug. 4 (ANI): Japan is fast grabbing a larger slice of the pie in the global market - be it eye care or home appliances.
Contact lens discomfort may soon be history  Oct 22, 1:23 pm
Washington, Oct 22 (ANI): Vision researchers and eye care professionals are working on defining and managing the causes of contact lens discomfort (CLD) which is the leading cause of patient dissatisfaction with, and discontinuation of, contact lens wear throughout the world.
Now, eyeglasses that allow you to adjust prescription yourself  Oct 2, 1:49 pm
London, October 2 (ANI): A new set of self-adjustable specs that can be focused by the person wearing them could revolutionise eye care in third world countries.
Now, 'magic cream' that can take 8 years off your face!  Dec 20, 5:09 pm
London, Dec 20 (ANI): A new innovation in anti-aging eye care will now help women look eight years younger in just 15 minutes.