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Rights Activists to drop copies of 'Interview' movie in North Korea  Dec 19, 5:34 pm
Washington, Dec 19 (ANI): The controversial film "The Interview" may have been put on the backburner by Sony following public threats, but an activist group is planning to drop DVDs of the movies in North Korea using balloons.
George Clooney: Nobody supported my Sony petition  Dec 19, 4:44 pm
Washington, Dec 19 (ANI): George Clooney has spoken of his frustrations with the press and his Hollywood peers at failing to contain the scandal around 'The Interview,' which Sony has pulled from cinema release as well as home-video formats.
White House views Sony Pictures hack attack as 'security issue'  Dec 19, 12:31 pm
London, Dec 19 (ANI): The cyber attack on Sony Pictures that led to the cancellation of the release of "The Interview," a movie based on Kim Jong-un, is being seen as a "security issue," the United States said.
Survey reveals less than 3 percent of U.S. adults belong to LGBT community  Dec 18, 3:19 pm
Washington, Dec 18 (ANI): A new survey has revealed that less than percent of the adult U.S. population is a sexual minority, as they belong to LGBT community.
US blames North Korea for 'crippling cyber attack' on Sony Pictures  Dec 18, 1:01 pm
Washington, Dec 18 (ANI): The United States has blamed North Korea for the "crippling" cyber attack on Sony Pictures as the Hollywood studio announced its decision to cancel the release of "The Interview," a movie based on North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, following threats by hackers to launch a 9/11-style attack on theatres screening the film.
Stars, politicians condemn Sony Pictures' decision to cancel 'The Interview' release  Dec 18, 12:28 pm
Washington, Dec 18 (ANI): As Sony Pictures announced its decision to cancel the December 25 release of "The Interview," a movie based on North Korea leader Kim Jong-un, several stars, politicians have taken to Twitter to condemn the decision.
Rob Lowe calls Sony 'spineless' for pulling-off 'The Interview'   Dec 18, 10:13 am
Washington, Dec 18 (ANI): Rob Lowe has slammed Sony Pictures after they decided to pull the movie 'The Interview', by calling the movie company a "spineless" sellout comparing it to the famous British Prime Minister who caved in to Hitler.
Homeland Security says '9/11-style attack threat' on US theatres screening 'The Interview' not credible  Dec 17, 1:09 pm
London, Dec 17 (ANI): The United States Department of Homeland Security has said that the latest threat issued by Sony Pictures hackers to launch a 9/11-style attack on American theatres showing the studio's film, The Interview, based on North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, is "not credible."
Satyarthi, Malala say joint Nobel can help restore friendly ties between India and Pakistan  Dec 11, 2:47 pm
Oslo (Norway), Dec.11 (ANI): Joint winners of this year's Nobel Peace Prize - Malala Yousafzai and Kailash Satyarthi - believe that the award can help restore friendly ties between India and Pakistan.
Bill Cosby to be interviewed by LAPD soon over sexual assault claims   Dec 9, 10:35 am
Washington, Dec 9 (ANI): LAPD, who is currently investigating Bill Cosby's sexual assault case, will contact the actor soon to further investigate the case, it has been revealed.
North Korea denies involvement in Sony Pictures hack attack  Dec 8, 12:34 pm
Washington, Dec 08 (ANI): North Korea has denied its involvement in a hack attack on Sony Pictures just ahead of the release of a film based on a plot to kill leader Kim Jong-un.
Taylor Swift happy to be single over fears of not wanting to hurt anyone   Dec 6, 12:04 pm
Washington, Dec 6 (ANI): Taylor Swift recently accepted her singlehood in an interview saying that she is still single and happy to be one.
Kazakhstan to invite PM Modi to visit next year, says envoy-designate  Dec 2, 4:56 pm
New Delhi, Dec.2 (ANI): Kazakhstan's Ambassador-designate to India Bulat Sarsenbayev has said his country's government plans to invite Prime Minister Narendra Modi to visit Kazakhstan sometime next year.
Madonna goes 'topless' for magazine   Dec 2, 2:23 pm
Washington, Dec 2 (ANI): Madonna recently went topless for 'Interview Magazine' and deeply discussed about drugs and God.
North Korea refuses to deny involvement in Sony Pictures hack attack  Dec 2, 10:02 am
London, Dec 02 (ANI): North Korea has reportedly refused to deny its involvement in a hack attack on Sony Pictures just ahead of the release of a film on leader Kim Jong-un.
'Star Wars: Episode VII' idea was pitched to Mark Hamill in '80s   Nov 30, 10:50 am
Washington, Nov 30 (ANI): Mark Hamill's 1983 interview has revealed that 'Star Wars' creator George Lucas had pitched the idea of 'Star Wars: Episode VII' to him in the '80s.
Bill Cosby to address rape allegations in tell-all TV interview   Nov 30, 9:54 am
London, Nov 30 (ANI): Bill Cosby is all set to do a tell-all -TV interview to address a series of rape claims made against him, it has been revealed.
Woods fires back at 84-year-old journalist over fake interview   Nov 19, 4:03 pm
Wellington, Nov 19 (ANI): Former world number one golfer Tiger Woods reportedly fired back at an 84-year-old journalist Dan Jenkins, calling the fake interview written by him as a nasty attack and character assassination.
Labour Ministry's 'sexist' interview tips for women spark outrage in South Korea  Nov 18, 4:39 pm
London, Nov 18 (ANI): In a post published on a government-run recruitment information site, South Korea's Labour Ministry has asked women to tell potential employers that they do not mind "casual jokes about sex."
Keira Knightley explains her refreshing take on body image   Nov 18, 4:08 pm
Washington, Nov 18 (ANI): Keira Knightley, whose dare-to-bare moment with topless photo shoot for Interview was about standing up to unrealistic expectations of women's bodies, has explained her refreshing take on body image.
Putin accuses West of provoking Russia into new cold war  Nov 18, 3:46 pm
London, Nov 18 (ANI): Russian President Vladimir Putin, during an interview with a German channel, accused the West of provoking Russia into a new cold war.
Unamid claims presence of Sudanese soldiers affected villagers' response   Nov 16, 7:13 pm
London, November 16 (ANI): The United Nation's agency in North Darfur, the African Union-United Nations Mission in Darfur's (Unamid) internal report, in view of the alleged attacks on the villagers by Sudanese soldiers, suggests that the presence of the soldiers during its interviews affected villagers' responses.
Anna Kendrick admits was 'drunk' during Marie Claire interview   Nov 15, 11:48 am
Washington, Nov 15 (ANI): Anna Kendrick has confessed that she was drunk during her interview with Marie Claire magazine.
Olly Murs gets 'death threats' from Taylor Swift's fans post 'love life' comment  Nov 10, 5:17 pm
Melbourne, Nov 10 (ANI): Olly Murs claims that he got death threats from fans of Taylor Swift after he mocked her love life during a radio interview.
George Bush: I didn't invade Iraq to finish what my dad started  Nov 10, 11:06 am
London, Nov 10 (ANI): Former United States President George W Bush said in an interview that he did not invade Iraq back in 2003 to finish what his dad and former American President George H.W. Bush had started.