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You can do better if you think so Jul 1, 1:19 pm
Washington D.C, Jul 1 (ANI): If you believe that you are never good enough, there's a good chance you have never performed well, suggests a recent study.
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Is media really to blame for teen sex? Jul 1, 1:02 pm
Washington D.C, Jul 1 (ANI): Many of us blame the TV's thirst for ratings and profit for young people's sexual behaviour, but a recent analysis has claimed that when it comes to teen sex, media is not the right scapegoat.
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Newest shade of blue set to make world a better place Jun 30, 12:48 pm
London, Jun 30 (ANI): To err is human and, in some cases, it has led to great things like penicillin and chocolate chip cookies. Recently, history repeated itself when a researcher stumbled upon the newest shade of blue.
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Women to swap men for sex robots by 2025 Jun 30, 12:25 pm
London, Jun 30 (ANI): Apparently, we're all going to be making love to robots in less than 10 years!
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