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Use of surveillance software by abusive spouses reaches 'epidemic proportions' Dec 27, 1:35 pm
London, Dec. 27 (ANI): Abusers using spyware apps to monitor the phones and computers of their partners secretly have reached "epidemic proportions," it has been revealed.
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Now, serve your guests Mincemeat Irish cocktail this Christmas Dec 26, 6:03 pm
London, Dec 26 (ANI): Sainsbury's have teamed up with 'London Cocktail Club' owner, JJ Goodman to turn the traditional festive snack into a brew.
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Now, hide your bulges in new Christmas pants Dec 26, 1:31 pm
London, Dec 26 (ANI): A supermarket's fashion label has come up with BLD i.e. Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner pants which helps one to hide their bulges.
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Average American eats more than 7,000 calories on Christmas Dec 26, 10:51 am
Washington, Dec 26 (ANI): A new research has demonstrated that the average American eats more than 7,000 calories on Christmas.
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