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Offended man hacks wife to death for poking fun at his 'manhood' Apr 1, 1:10 pm
London, April 1 (ANI): A man from Taiwan was so offended by his wife's joke on his poor erectile function, that he hacked her with a cleaver to death.
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Middle classes have 'more sex' than others Apr 1, 12:55 pm
London, Apr 1 (ANI): A new study has revealed that middle classes have more sex than other classes.
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Meet the man who died after his mother-in-law's gravestone fell on him Apr 1, 12:55 pm
London, Apr. 1 (ANI): A 74-year-old man was killed in Pennsylvania after his mother-in-law's gravestone collapsed on top of him during the cemetery visit.
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In India, meritocracy hindered by classist ideas Apr 1, 11:11 am
Washington, Apr 1 (ANI): A new study on Indian caste system suggests that stereotypes persist that class and privilege determine intellect and success.
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