Oz wins $1.3 million lottery after psychic prediction

   Apr 24, 2:00 pm

Melbourne, April 24 (ANI): A Forest Lake family won $1,369,698.34 in Gold Lotto on Saturday, years after a psychic predicted they would come into a large sum of money.

The family from Forest Lake, west of Brisbane, always believed it would win a large sum of money after several psychics and tarot card readers foretold the windfall.

"I've always had a sixth sense that I would win big in Gold Lotto," Courier Mail quoted her as saying.

"Several psychics and tarot card readers have confirmed this prediction over the years. I normally only play my lucky numbers in Saturday Gold Lotto but last week, I had a feeling that I should buy a QuickPick entry as well.

"I'm so glad I did as that was the winning ticket," she added. (ANI)

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