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Egypt gives Ramadan dessert 'Kunafa' several delicious 'twists' Jun 30, 1:35 pm
Riyadh, 30 June (ANI): Egyptian chefs have given popular Arabic dessert, the Kunafa, several twists for this Ramadan.
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It's official! Marriage isn't good for body figure Jun 30, 12:57 pm
Washington DC, Jun 30 (ANI): A new study has quashed the assumption that marriage has a positive influence on health and life expectancy.
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Planning a trip? These tips will help you save some money Jun 30, 11:55 am
New York, June 30 (ANI): Vacations are much more than just packing stuff and booking hotels as one needs to clutch to their money tight in order to control expenditures.
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Vacationers' baggage: Credit card debt Jun 30, 11:08 am
Washington DC, Jun 30 (ANI): Vacations are good, but for half of travellers, who jet off without saving enough in advance, they tend to come with a baggage: credit card debt, as per a new study.
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