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Ancient Mars was once washed over by mega-tsunamis  May 20, 12:44 pm
Washington D.C, May 20 (ANI): Billions of years ago, mega-tsunamis scarred the Martian landscape, yielding evidence of cold, salty oceans conducive to sustaining life, according to a recent study.
Jaya writes to PM Modi over demolition of church by SL   May 14, 2:58 pm
New Delhi, May 14 (ANI): Tamil Nadu Chief Minister on Saturday wrote to Prime Minister Narendra Modi over reports indicating that the Sri Lankan Government plans to demolish and reconstruct the ancient St Anthonys Church on the island of Katchatheevu, which holds great significance by Tamil fishermen who have been visiting the church since centuries.
Iron-age Ireland's musical traditions live on in modern India  May 14, 8:25 am
Washington D.C, May 14 (ANI): Ancient Irish musical traditions, thought to be long dead, has been discovered in South India by an archaeologist studying musical horns from iron-age Ireland.
Experts restore Japan's ancient temple 'Izumo-Oyashiro'  May 4, 3:59 pm
Tokyo, May 4 (ANI): One of the most ancient and important temple in Japan, Izumo-oyashiro, is gradually losing its charm due to lack of maintenance.
Vrindavan-based Braj Foundation working for revival of ancient water bodies  May 1, 7:55 am
Vrindavan (Uttar Pradesh), May 1 (ANI): The Braj Foundation, a Vrindavan-based NGO working for the conservation and restoration of environmental and cultural heritage of Braj- the land of Radha Krishna, has been undertaking a massive exercise to restore and revive ancient water bodies associated with legends of Lord Krishna.
Dalai Lama attends seminar on ancient philosophy, modern science  Apr 30, 3:59 pm
Dharamsala (Himachal Pradesh), Apr.30 (ANI): Tibetan spiritual leader, the Dalai Lama attended a seminar on 'Interactive Query in the Field of Ancient Indian Philosophy and Modern Science' here on Saturday.
Lankan team visits ancient Buddhist center Taxila in Pakistan  Apr 23, 3:17 pm
Colombo, Apr. 23(ANI): A delegation of senior Sri Lankan Buddhist monks and scholars led by the Speaker of the Parliament, Karu Jayasuriya, visited Taxila, Pakistan's ancient Buddhist center of learning, the Taxila museum and Taxila University.
Supernova explosion likely occurred close to Earth in ancient past  Apr 15, 8:02 am
Washington D.C, Apr 15 (ANI): By discovering supernova iron on the moon, a team of researchers has confirmed that a star died near our solar system in the ancient past.
STIs, peer pressure drove ancient humans to monogamy  Apr 13, 7:57 am
Washington D.C, Apr 13 (ANI): According to a recent study, the root of marriage can be traced back to nothing romantic, rather it may have been started just to avoid sexually transmitted diseases (STIs).
India, Maldives sign six agreements to boost ties  Apr 11, 4:45 pm
New Delhi, April. 11 (ANI): India and Maldives on Monday signed six agreements in different sectors including avoidance of double taxation, conservation and restoration of ancient mosque, tourism and defence.
Google`s 120th anniversary doodle recalls 1st modern Olympic Games   Apr 6, 7:58 am
New Delhi, April 6 (ANI): Google has dedicated its today's 120th anniversary doodle to mark the modern incarnation of the ancient Olympic Games.
Ancient India, Eurasia link were 'freeways' for biodiversity exchange  Mar 25, 12:33 pm
Washington D.C., Mar. 25 (ANI): Before the final collision of Eurasia and the Indian subcontinent, land bridges between the landmasses may have served as 'freeways' of biodiversity exchange that flowed in both directions, says a research led by Grismer.
Enamelling: Know more about the majestic art  Mar 17, 1:56 pm
London, Mar. 17 (ANI): One of the ancient arts besides glass and pottery is enameling, but it is very less known. To make the art form that has a unique feature of being a covenant between the artist and craftsman popular among the folks, the Enameling Society is organising an exhibition 'Enamel Revisited VIII- Art of unity and diversity.'
Global Buddhist monks call for tackling climate change  Mar 4, 4:40 pm
Ayutthaya, March. 4 (ANI): Buddhist monks from around the world gathered at Thailand's ancient Ayutthaya city on Thursday for the last day of the International Buddhist Confederation (IBC) during which they laid emphasis on actions to tackle climate change.
Mummy portraits offer clues to how painting techniques evolved  Feb 15, 11:46 am
Washington D.C, Feb 15 (ANI): With scientists getting a clearer picture of how ancient Egyptians painted lifelike portraits that were buried with mummies of the depicted individuals, evolution of painting techniques can be better understood.
This ice age beast had bizarre dinosaur-like trait  Feb 5, 10:11 am
Washington D.C, Feb 5 (ANI): An ancient wildebeest-type animal and a dinosaur had several similarities, according to a team of researchers.
Indigenous sport 'Thangta' fights for recognition  Jan 30, 6:59 pm
Chennai, Jan.30 (ANI): Thangta, an ancient Manipuri martial art, which represents ancient culture and traditions of the state, is still fighting for recognition as a national game.
Here's how moon's phases influence rainfall  Jan 30, 12:06 pm
Washington D.C, Jan 30 (ANI): A team of scientists has shown that there is a degree of truth in the ancient folklore "rain follows the full and new phases of the moon."
French delegation to undertake restoration in Punjab: Parkash Singh Badal  Jan 22, 1:25 pm
New Delhi, Jan 22 (ANI-NewsVoir): A high level cultural team from France led by the former French Culture Minister Renaud Donnedieu De Vaber called on the Punjab Minister Parkash Singh Badal and evinced keen interest in restoration work of ancient monuments and cultural heritage sites in the state.
Human-Neanderthal relationships may be root of modern allergies  Jan 8, 9:49 am
Washington, D.C., Jan. 8 (ANI): Passionate encounters between ancient humans and their burly cousins- the Neanderthals, may have left modern people more prone to sneezes, itches and other allergies, researchers say.
People across world turning to yoga to redefine lives: PM Modi  Jan 3, 7:03 pm
Anekal (Karnataka), Jan. 3 (ANI): Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday said that people across different cultures and geographies are turning to yoga to redefine their lives, adding that the ancient practice had rekindled the hopes of millions across the world.
Kashmir's ancient Mughal Road reopens for traffic  Dec 19, 1:10 pm
Rajouri, Dec.19 (ANI):Traffic resumed on Friday (December 18) on the historic Mughal Road, one week after it was closed due to persistent snowfall in Jammu and Kashmir.
Ancient human ancestors may have lived until dawn of civilization  Dec 18, 3:03 pm
Washington D.C, Dec 18 (ANI): A thigh bone found in China suggests that an ancient species of human, thought to be long extinct, may have lived among our modern cousins.
Lionsgate apologises for casting choices in `Gods of Egypt`  Nov 29, 5:52 pm
London., Nov. 29 (ANI): The makers of 'Gods of Egypt' have apologised for casting white actors to play ancient Egyptian characters.
India, ASEAN are 'natural partners': PM Modi  Nov 21, 9:47 am
Kuala Lumpur, Nov. 21 (ANI): Pitching for major economic reforms, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday called India and ASEAN 'natural partners', whose relationship goes back to 'ancient times'.