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'Narcissistic' bosses perform better financially  Jul 25, 11:56 am
Washington, July 25 (ANI): Narcissistic CEO's make more money for the business as per a new study.
Star striker Drogba set for Chelsea return as player-coach   Jul 21, 12:50 pm
London, July 21 (ANI): Former Chelsea striker Didier Drogba, who helped the club win the Champions League during his time there, is reportedly set to return to Stamford Bridge as a player-coach at the start of next week.
Mars was warmer and wetter 3.7 bn yrs ago  Jul 18, 11:59 am
Washington, July 18 (ANI): Scientists have revealed that images and data captured by the rover Curiosity suggest that Mars would have been warmer and wetter some 3.7 billion years ago.
UAE to launch Arab world's first mission to Mars by 2021  Jul 17, 3:11 pm
Dubai, July 17 (ANI): In a bid to enter the race to develop space technology, the United Arab Emirates has launched a project to send an unmanned spaceship to Mars by 2021 which will go down in history as the first space mission from the Arab world.
First ever detailed map of Mars' surface revealed!  Jul 16, 12:36 pm
Washington, July 16 (ANI): The joint efforts of Arizona State University (ASU) and the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) have brought out the most detailed global map of Mars' surface.
Dry ice, not liquid water formed gullies on Mars' surface  Jul 11, 3:37 pm
Washington, July 11 (ANI): NASA has revealed that the gullies on Mars' surface are primarily formed by the seasonal freezing of carbon dioxide, not liquid water.
Buzz Aldrin wants to compose 'get your ass to Mars! ' song  Jul 10, 3:49 pm
Melbourne, July 10 (ANI): The second man to ever walk on Moon, Buzz Aldrin, recently revealed on his 'Ask Me Anything' session with online bulletin board site Reddit, that he was interested in composing a new song, entitled 'get your ass to Mars!' because he have heard Frank Sinatra sing Fly me to the Moon too many times.
NASA says purported 'UFO' on Mars mere 'hot pixel'  Jul 8, 1:28 pm
Washington, July 8 (ANI): NASA has recently stated that the bright light recorded by the Curiosity rover on Mars was just a 'hot pixel' and not a UFO.
New Mars map provides insight into water modifying planet's surface  Jul 8, 10:31 am
Washington, July 8 (ANI): A new geological map of mars has revealed new insight into surface modified by water over much of planet's history.
Indian and Australian students 'experience' Mars in South Australian outback  Jul 4, 2:30 pm
New Delhi, July 4 (ANI): Indian and Australian space scientists and students are carrying out a range of experiments in the Flinders Range in South Australia, a rugged environment that simulates the planet Mars.
Bruno Mars' songs heal 11-year-old girl post car crash  Jul 1, 4:40 pm
Washington, July 1 (ANI): Bruno Mars dedicated his concert in Cleveland to an 11-year-old Zumyah Thorpe, who doctor's claim that she was saved by his songs following a car accident.
Air Marshal P P Reddy takes over as CISC  Jul 1, 12:38 pm
New Delhi, July 1 (ANI): Air Marshal P P Reddy has taken over as the Chief of the Integrated Defence Staff to the Chairman, Chiefs of Staff Committee today.
NASA successfully tests 'saucer shaped' vehicle for future mars missions  Jun 30, 12:19 pm
Melbourne, June 30 (ANI): NASA has recently tested an effective saucer shaped vehicle technology that could be used for future mars missions.
Organised retail could grow from USD 40 Billion to USD 200 Billion  Jun 24, 6:56 pm
Mumbai, June 24 (ANI): Retail and FMCG sectors form the direct path to the India growth story stated Naushad Forbes, Vice President, CII and Director, Forbes Marshall Private Limited, while inaugurating the CII National Retail Summit and CII National FMCG Summit here on Tuesday.
NASA spells out Mars Curiosity Rover's success story in first Martian year  Jun 24, 1:00 pm
Washington, June 24 (ANI): NASA has spelled out the success story of the Mars Curiosity rover, which would be completing a Martian year - 687 Earth days - on June 24.
Investigators say MH370 search plan based on altitude data not reliable  Jun 24, 12:02 pm
Sydney, June 24 (ANI): Investigators say that the missing Malaysia flight MH370 may not have suffered serious damages and that the altitude data that prompted earlier searches was unreliable.
Former US Marine claims to 'have served in Mars' for 17 years  Jun 23, 11:05 am
London, June 23 (ANI): A retired US Marine have revealed that he has allegedly served 17 years at a secret alien base on 'Mars' in order to protect five human colonies from indigenous Martian life forms.
SpaceX hopes to send humans to Mars in 10 years  Jun 19, 3:46 pm
Washington, June 19 (ANI): Elon Musk, SpaceX founder, has revealed that it is certainly possible to shuttle off humans to Mars in 10 to 12 years.
NASA's Curiosity Mars rover clicks pic of Mercury passing in front of Sun  Jun 11, 10:26 am
Washington, June 11 (ANI): NASA's Curiosity Mars rover has imaged the planet Mercury passing in front of the Sun, visible as a faint darkening that moves across the face of the Sun.
Olly Murs beat Bruno Mars, Pink to claim 'most played pop star of 2013' title  Jun 4, 12:33 pm
London, June 4 (ANI): Olly Murs beat the likes of Bruno Mars, Pink, Rihanna and Katy Perry to top the 'most played pop star of 2013' chart, which was compiled by Phonographic Performance Ltd.
Working with my son was the joy of my life, says Sophia Loren  Jun 1, 10:38 am
Washington, June 1 (ANI): Sophia Loren, who is making her first screen appearance since Rob Marshall's 2009 musical 'Nine' has said that working with her son Edoardo Ponti on new short film 'Human Voice', was the joy of her life.
IAF chief reviews NDA Passing out Parade at Pune  May 31, 6:28 pm
Pune, May 31 (ANI): Air Chief Marshal Arup Raha Chief of Air Staff reviewed the passing out parade of 126th course of the National Defence Academy (NDA) at Khadakvasla, Pune, today.
Ponting reveals 'personal side' behind new role at Oz sports talent-scouting company  May 29, 2:24 pm
Sydney, May 29 (ANI): Former Australian captain Ricky Ponting has revealed his personal reasons behind his new role as a director in NSR Australia, a talent-scouting company that helps find places for junior athletes in the American college system.
Water in moon rocks key to understanding lunar history  May 29, 10:03 am
Washington, May 29 (ANI): A new review of hundreds of chemical analyses of Moon rocks indicates that the amount of water in the Moon's interior varies regionally - revealing clues about how water originated and was redistributed in the Moon.
Families of missing passengers condemn MH370 satellite data  May 28, 4:01 pm
Sydney, May 28 (ANI): Families of passengers travelling aboard the tragic MH370 condemned the raw satellite data tracking the plane's last movements released by the Malaysian government and said that it was 'little that is new'.