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NASA and ISRO join hands for future Mars missions  Oct 1, 10:28 am
Washington, Oct 1 (ANI): NASA and ISRO have agreed to cooperate on future explorations of Mars, which America believes will yield "tangible benefits" to both the countries and the world at large.
First mineralogical evidence of past glaciers in Mars' Grand Canyon identified  Sep 30, 12:57 pm
Washington, Sept 30 (ANI): A team of researchers have identified the first mineralogical evidence of past glaciers in the Grand Canyon of Mars.
ISRO to launch navigational satellite next month  Sep 29, 8:59 am
New Delhi, Sept. 29 (ANI): Following the grand success of Mars Orbiter Mission, ISRO scientists will reportedly launch navigational satellite, IRNSS 1C, on October 10.
Mangalyaan is testament of India's talent, says PM Modi  Sep 29, 12:55 am
New York, Sept. 28 (ANI): Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday hailed the successful Mars Orbiter Mission 'Mangalyaan' and called it a testament of India's talent.
Pak twitterati enraged at Nawaz Sharif's hotel choice  Sep 25, 9:53 pm
New York, Sept. 25 (ANI): Pakistan Prime Minister arrived in New York to attend the 69th UN General Assembly session. He will be staying at the Waldorf Astoria, billed as most expensive hotel in the Big Apple. Pakistani twitterers who just a day before had been tweeting extensively about misplaced priority of India to send a mission to Mars when it hasn't provided for water and sanitation for its millions were enraged when they heard about their Prime Minister's choice of hotel.
NASA's Curiosity Rover finds 'round rock' on Mars  Sep 25, 4:54 pm
Washington, Sept 25 (ANI): Curiosity Rover has found a spherical rock on the Martian land atop a rocky outcrop.
Loughborough University proposes aerodynamic cab with better vision for lorry drivers  Sep 25, 12:50 pm
London, Sept. 25 (ANI): A new study by the academics at Loughborough University's Design School Dr Steve Summerskill and Dr Russell Marshall, said that a longer, more aerodynamic cab with better vision for lorry drivers could save the lives of hundreds of cyclists and pedestrians.
Mangalyaan sends first pictures of Mars  Sep 25, 12:20 pm
New Delhi, Sept.25 (ANI): Indian Mars orbiter spacecraft 'Mangalyaan' which began its rotation around Mars after its successful insertion into the orbit on Wednesday, has now sent the first pictures of the red planet.
Cabinet unanimously passes resolution lauding ISRO  Sep 25, 8:52 am
New Delhi, Sept.25 (ANI): The Union Cabinet has passed a unanimous resolution lauding the efforts of scientists and engineers of the Indian Space Research organisation (ISRO) for the success of Mars Orbiter Mission 'Mangalyaan'.
CII congratulates ISRO for creating history  Sep 24, 7:59 pm
New Delhi, Sept. 22 (ANI): On behalf of the Indian industry and its members who have contributed to make Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM) a success, the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) on Wednesday congratulated the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) and its scientists for an extraordinary feat of getting a spacecraft into the Martian orbit that too on its first attempt.
Amity University organizes lecture on Mangalyaan  Sep 24, 7:23 pm
Noida, Sept. 24 (ANI): Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) emeritus scientist N Vedachalam has said that scientific fraternity has a responsibility to inculcate scientific temper and motivate the youth, which is the backbone of the country.
Mars mission: Ex-President Kalam lauds ISRO scientists  Sep 24, 7:07 pm
New Delhi, Sept.24 (ANI): Former President A.P.J Abdul Kalam on Wednesday praised ISRO scientists for their unique feat of making India as the first nation to insert a spacecraft into Mars orbit.
Congress lauds Mars mission's success  Sep 24, 3:42 pm
New Delhi, Sept. 24 (ANI): The Congress Party on Wednesday expressed joy and happiness over India becoming the first country to enter the Mars orbit on its first attempt.
Mangalyaan success marks new era for India, says former ISRO chief  Sep 24, 3:31 pm
Thiruvananthapuram, Sept. 24 (ANI): Former Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) chairman G Madhavan Nair on Wednesday congratulated all scientists and workers associated with the Mars Orbiter craft, which successfully entered the orbit of Mars, calling it the dawn of a new era for India.
Humbled by privilege of being the government that piloted Mangalyaan project: Manmohan Singh  Sep 24, 1:39 pm
New Delhi, Sept. 24 (ANI): Congratulating ISRO for achieving a huge milestone with the success of the Mars Orbiter Mission, former Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh on Wednesday said the UPA was humbled by the privilege of having been the government that piloted the Mangalyaan project.
Australia lets world know India's Mars Orbiter Mission has arrived  Sep 24, 1:28 pm
New Delhi, Sept. 24 (ANI): Australian engineers and technicians working at the CSIRO-managed Canberra Deep Space Communication Complex (CDSCC) in regional Australia today played a critical role in confirming the successful first phase of India's Mars Orbiter Mission.
ISRO scientists revel in Mangalyaan's glory  Sep 24, 1:28 pm
Bangalore, Sept. 24 (ANI): The successful Orbit Insertion Maneuver of Mangalyaan earned praise and brought relief and delight for the scientists at Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO).
Mars Mission success: Vice Prez Hamid Ansari, former PM Manmohan Singh congratulate ISRO  Sep 24, 11:34 am
New Delhi, Sept. 24 (ANI): Vice President Hamid Ansari has congratulated the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) scientists and all others concerned with the Mangalyaan mission on the successful placement of Mangalyaan in the orbit of Mars.
Mangalyaan success: Congratulations pour in for ISRO from all over  Sep 24, 11:12 am
New Delhi, Sept. 24 (ANI): Congratulatory messages have started pouring in for ISRO after the Mars Orbiter Mission, Mangalyaan, created history by successfully entering the Martian orbit on its maiden attempt.
Scientists thrilled at Mars mission's success  Sep 24, 10:02 am
Ahmedabad/Jaipur, Sept. 24 (ANI): The scientific community has expressed their joy and satisfaction over India's Mars Orbiter Mission, Mangalyaan, successfully entering the Martian orbit in its maiden attempt.
Namaste MarsOrbiter! Curiosity Rover congratulates India on Mars Mission  Sep 24, 10:02 am
New Delhi, Sept 24 (ANI): While, India created space history by placing Mars Orbiter Mission into Martian orbit at the first attempt, Mars Curiosity Rover congratulated ISRO and India on its interplanetary mission via its official Twitter account.
NASA congratulates ISRO for successful maiden Mars mission   Sep 24, 10:02 am
New Delhi, Sep 24 (ANI): NASA sent its congratulatory message to ISRO for its successful maiden Mars mission today on Twitter.
Mars Mission success: PM Modi, President Mukherjee congratulate ISRO scientists  Sep 24, 9:42 am
New Delhi, Sept.24 (ANI): President Pranab Mukherjee and Prime Minister Narendra Modi congratulated Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) scientists on Wednesday for successfully going through with the orbit insertion manouvre of the 'Mangalyaan
India's space programme creates history, Mangalyaan enters Mars orbit  Sep 24, 9:19 am
New Delhi, Sept.24 (ANI): India's space programme created history early on Wednesday morning with the Mars Orbiter Mission, Mangalyaan, successfully entering the Martian orbit.
India becomes 1st country to successfully reach Mars orbit on 1st attempt  Sep 24, 8:45 am
New Delhi, Sep 24 (ANI): India has become the first country to be successful on its maiden Mars mission as ISRO's Mangalyaan entered the Mars Orbit today.