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Dhoni parachutes as part of army drill in Agra  Aug 19, 7:47 pm
Agra (Uttar Pradesh), Aug.19 (ANI): Indian one-day cricket captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni made his maiden parachute jump from an Indian Air Force aircraft as part of his training with the Territorial Army on Wednesday near Agra.
Supersonic parachute on NASA's 'flying saucer' fails in test   Jun 9, 2:15 pm
Washington, June 09 (ANI): The biggest supersonic parachute ever deployed, was torn apart during the second flight test of NASA's Low-Density Supersonic Decelerator (LDSD) vehicle on June 8.
NRI brother of martyr pays homage to him at Nagi War Memorial  Feb 27, 4:38 pm
Sri Karanpur (Rajasthan), Feb.27 (ANI): Major (late) A K Kanal of 4 Parachute Regiment laid down his life fighting the Pakistanis in the 1971 war at Nagi.
DRDO proves parachute system's efficiency for recovery of mission crew capsule  Dec 19, 9:44 pm
New Delhi, Dec. 19 (ANI): The Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) has proved the efficacy and reliability of the advanced parachute system designed and developed by its Agra based lab Aerial Delivery R and D Estt (ADRDE) to validate Moon Mission Crew Capsule Recovery by the GSLV MK-III launched yesterday by the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO).
Google's Alan Eustace beats Baumgartner's skydiving record with 135,890 feet jump  Oct 25, 11:58 am
London, Oct 25 (ANI): Google vice-president, Alan Eustace has reportedly broken the world record for high altitude parachute jump set in 2012 by Austrian Felix Baumgartner, by jumping from near the top of the stratosphere at an altitude of 135,890 feet.
Pakistan needs to concentrate on internal issues instead of Kashmir: Naqvi  Sep 27, 1:46 pm
New Delhi, Sept. 27 (ANI): Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi said Saturday that Pakistan should stop making Kashmir a parachute of politics and instead concentrate on resolving their internal conflicts and issues.
Now, restaurant that 'parachutes' meals to customers  May 5, 2:36 pm
London, May 5 (ANI): A Melbourne pop-up eatery has come up with a new way of delivering meals to their customers, by parachuting it.
Parachutist sets new world record with 14,000ft 'bed sheet' jump  Apr 8, 10:21 am
London, Apr 8 (ANI): A parachutist has sets a new world record by jumping 4,200m (14,000ft) using what may be the world's smallest parachute - a "bed sheet."
German woman skydiver attempting world record dies due to 'malfunctioning' parachute  Apr 4, 9:58 am
Washington, Apr 4 (ANI): A female German skydiver had reportedly plunged to her death while participating in a 222-person jump in Arizona when her main parachute malfunctioned.
Scientists drop 2000 mice by parachute in Guam to kill snakes  Dec 4, 3:50 pm
Washington, December 4(ANI): Scientists have dropped 2000 mice by parachutes pumped with painkillers in US territory of Guam to eradicate brown tree snake, which have caused losses worth millions of dollars in wildlife.
63 female skydivers break world record for largest vertical formation skydive  Dec 2, 9:24 am
London, Dec 2 (ANI): 63 skydivers have broken the record for the world's largest female vertical formation skydive in Arizona, according to reports.
Google Doodle celebrates 216th anniversary of world's first parachute jump  Oct 22, 11:10 am
London, Oct. 22 (ANI): Google is commemorating the 216th anniversary of the world's first parachute jump that was dared by Parisian Andre-Jacque Garnerin in 1797.
Cheryl Cole trashes rumors of split with boyfriend Tre Holloway  Sep 30, 2:18 pm
London, Sept 30 (ANI): Cheryl Cole has confirmed her relationship with Tre Holloway after rumors surfaced that they were on the verge of splitting.
Cheryl Cole flashes 'red rose' back tattoo in Los Angeles  Aug 16, 3:41 pm
London, August 16 (ANI): Cheryl Cole reportedly flashed her latest tattoo, which she unveiled onstage with 'Girls Aloud' earlier this year, in Los Angeles last night.
Olympic stuntman parachuting as James Bond killed in wing-diving accident  Aug 15, 10:14 am
Melbourne, Aug 15 (ANI): The British stuntman who parachuted into the London 2012 Olympics opening ceremony dressed as James Bond along with a stuntman dressed as the Queen, has reportedly been killed in a wing-diving accident.
Now, drones to deliver beer  Aug 9, 2:57 pm
Johannesburg, August 9 (ANI): Revellers of South African outdoor rock festival, Oppikoppi, don't need to line up for a drink because a flying robot will drop them beer by a parachute.
Curiosity rover's parachute on Mars flaps in the wind  Apr 4, 3:29 pm
Washington, Apr 4 (ANI): Photos from NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter has shown how the parachute that helped the Curiosity rover land on Mars last summer has subsequently changed its shape on the ground.
Mukherjee to release commemorative stamp on occasion of bicentenary celebrations of 3rd Battalion Parachute Regiment  Mar 1, 1:48 pm
New Delhi, Mar. 1 (ANI): President Pranab Mukherjee will release a commemorative stamp on the occasion of bicentenary celebrations of the 3rd Battalion Parachute Regiment (Special Forces) at the Rashtrapati Bhavan here on Saturday.
Former KGB agent receives largest pay-off in Russian corporate history  Dec 15, 2:02 pm
London, Dec. 15 (ANI): A former KGB agent, who served as the chief executive of a Russian mining group would be receiving a 100 million dollar golden parachute pay-off, which would be the largest pay-off in the country's corporate history.
Skydiving in lingerie can help you 'face your fears'!  Nov 9, 3:28 pm
Washington, Nov. 9 (ANI): 7 women are planning to jump from an airplane near Lake Elsinore, California, wearing nothing but parachutes and their lingerie, so that they can face their fears.
Mancini planned whopping 6.4m-a-year pounds tax-free 'parachute' at Monaco in case of axe by Chelsea!  Nov 2, 2:35 pm
London, Nov. 2 (ANI): Manchester City boss Roberto Mancini had a secret deal in place to take over at Monaco, in case he was sacked by Manchester City, it has been learnt.
AntiGravity Yoga 'helps improve blood flow and reduce back problems'  Oct 21, 1:09 pm
London, Oct 21 (ANI): Hanging upside down and moving acrobatically, often in mid-air, with legs wrapped around hammocks made from parachute silk, is the coolest new fitness trend to emerge from the States.
Boeing 727 crash test reveals how to survive plane crashes  Oct 2, 3:03 pm
Washington, October 2 (ANI): A Boeing 727 equipped with more than a half a million dollars worth of crash test dummies, 38 specialized cameras and sensors, and a crew of incredibly daring pilots was deliberately crashed in the Sonoran desert to learn more about what actually happens to passengers when a plane goes down.
US denies parachuting into N Korea to probe underground military installations   May 29, 12:34 pm
Washington, May 29 (ANI): The US military has denied reports that its special forces have parachuted into North Korea to gather intelligence on that country's underground military installations, saying a source had been misquoted.
Brit daredevil completes 2400ft skydive without parachute  May 24, 11:49 am
London, May 24 (ANI): British stuntman Gary Connery has become the world's first skydiver to leap 2400 feet and safely land without deploying a parachute.