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Now you can detect dangerous vapour  Mar 27, 12:09 pm
Washington D.C., Mar. 27 (ANI): The engineers in University of Utah have developed a new type of fiber material for a handheld scanner which can detect small traces of alkane fuel vapor, a valuable advancement that could be an early-warning signal for leaks in an oil pipeline, an airliner, or for locating a terrorist's explosive.
Gin, tonic vapour cloud might make you drunk at Brisbane show  Sep 3, 2:58 pm
Melbourne, Sept 3 (ANI): Brisbane show director Scott Maidment has defended his decision of presenting a vapour cloud of gin and tonic, saying that it is not about new ways of getting drunk, but to bring an exciting experience for the senses.
Scientist claims examining cloud changes can help trace missing MH370  Oct 18, 4:17 pm
Johannesburg, Oct 18 (ANI): An Australian scientist, Aron Gingis claims that it is possible to trace the missing Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 by examining cloud changes for proofs of vapour trails caused by burning fuel emissions from the aircraft.
Rising levels of water vapour in atmosphere amplifies Global Warming  Jul 29, 6:25 pm
Washington, July 29 (ANI): A new study has revealed that increased water vapour concentration in the atmosphere contributes in global warming process.
Water vapour detected in Jupiter-like exo-planet's atmosphere  Feb 25, 10:53 am
Washington, Feb 25 (ANI): Researchers at Caltech and several other institutions have made the first detection of water in the atmosphere of the Jupiter-mass planet orbiting the nearby star Tau Bootis.
US military working on electronics that can vapourize on command in battlefield  Jan 30, 3:47 pm
Washington, Jan. 30 (ANI): The US military is reportedly working on electronics that could be vaporized on command.
Water vapour in distant planet's atmosphere provides clues to its formation  Mar 15, 12:42 pm
Washington, March 15 (ANI): A team of international scientists has made the most detailed examination yet of the atmosphere of a Jupiter-size like planet beyond our solar system.
E-cigarettes can cause more harm than smoking, says experts  Jan 27, 2:19 pm
London, January 27 (ANI): E-cigarettes, which are billed as a healthier alternative to smoking, may be more damaging than the habit they replace, experts have warned.
Now, 'breathable' nail polish that fits religious restrictions of Muslim women  Jan 26, 11:18 am
London, Jan 26 (ANI): A "breathable" nail polish, which allows water vapour to pass through to the nail, is causing a stir among devout Muslim women who are unable to wear regular nail paint because of the washing involved in daily prayers.
New material generates power from water vapor  Jan 11, 10:58 am
Washington, Jan 11 (ANI): Engineers at MIT have created a new polymer film that can generate electricity by drawing on a ubiquitous source - water vapour.
New nanotech device could replace dogs to sniff out explosives  Nov 21, 11:34 am
Washington, November 21 (ANI): Inspired by the biology of dog's nose, researchers at University of California, Santa Barbara, have developed a device that sniffs out vapours from explosives.
Water vapour equal to 2,000 times Earth's oceans detected in 'star forming' cloud  Oct 10, 10:32 am
Washington, October 10 (ANI): Researchers at the ESA's Herschel space observatory have spotted enough water vapour to fill Earth's oceans more than 2000 times over, in a gas and dust cloud that is on the verge of collapsing into a new Sun-like star.
Soon, electronic nose app for smart phones to diagnose illness in a jiffy  May 12, 12:09 pm
London, May 12 (ANI): In a new study, researchers are working to manufacture a smart phone attachment that works when used in conjunction with what they call sensory vapour technology.
Tiny 'spherules' tell tale of Earth's asteroid impacts  Apr 26, 1:05 pm
London, Apr 26 (ANI): Researchers are learning details about asteroid impacts going back to the Earth's early history by using a new method for extracting accurate information from tiny "spherules" embedded in layers of rock.
Jets of water ice and vapour captured on Saturn moon   Mar 30, 5:06 pm
Washington, Mar 30 (ANI): The international Cassini spacecraft was on its way to its lowest pass yet over the south polar region of Saturn's moon Enceladus when it captured the striking plumes.
Laser 'unprinter' vapourizes photocopied ink from paper  Mar 16, 5:55 pm
London, Mar 16 (ANI): Researchers have developed a new laser powered device to "unphotocopy" toner ink from paper.
Herschel observatory finds young planet with water for thousand oceans  Oct 21, 5:05 pm
Washington, Oct 21 (ANI): A new study is said to have found evidence of water vapour emanating from ice on dust grains in the disc around a young star, thereby revealing a hidden ice reservoir the size of a thousand oceans.
Mars' atmosphere 'supersaturated with water vapour'  Oct 1, 3:17 pm
Washington, Oct 1 (ANI): The upper atmosphere of Mars contains up to a hundred times more water vapour than anyone had ever imagined, according to a new study.
Mystery solved: Saturn gets water from its own moon!  Jul 27, 4:00 pm
Washington, July 27 (ANI): The 14-year mystery behind the source of the water in Saturn's upper atmosphere has been solved.