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Brit author claims Prince Charles turned his back on Rushdie over 'The Satanic Verses'  Apr 15, 2:26 pm
London, April 15 (ANI): Prince Charles had denied to back Sir Salman Rushdie during his fatwa over his book 'The Satanic Verses', because he thought the book was insulting to Muslims, author Martin Amis claims.
South African newspaper claims Pistorius is a habitual liar  Apr 14, 10:42 am
New York, Apr. 14 (ANI): A leading South African paper has reportedly claimed that the Paralympic runner, who is facing trial for murdering his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp, had lied to the media twice.
PMO rubbishes Sanjay Baru's claim of files being cleared by Sonia Gandhi  Apr 13, 8:57 pm
New Delhi, Apr.13 (ANI): The Prime Minister's office (PMO) on Sunday rubbished Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's former Media Advisor Sanjay Baru's claims that PMO files were being seen by Congress President Sonia Gandhi.
Zaka Ashraf challenges Sethi's claims of Pak benefiting from 'Big Three acceptance'  Apr 13, 12:13 pm
Karachi, Apr. 13 (ANI): Former Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) chairman Zaka Ashraf has reportedly challenged current chief Najam Sethi's claims that Pakistan would benefit by accepting the supremacy of 'Big Three'.
Baba Ramdev claims he will ensure win for Kejriwal, if he contests against Sonia  Apr 12, 8:56 pm
Chitradurga (Karnataka), Apr.12 (ANI): Yoga guru Baba Ramdev on Saturday gave an open offer to Kejriwal stating that if he contests against Congress President Sonia Gandhi from Rae Bareli then he will ensure his historic win from there.
Satanic website claims Peaches Geldof was murdered as part of black magic plot   Apr 12, 2:39 pm
London, Apr.12 (ANI): The death of Peaches Geldof has given birth to several internet trolls where everyone is reportedly coming up with their own theories which includes her murder was part of a weird black magic child sex plot.
Sofia Vergara claims her ass is as good as her boobs!  Apr 12, 2:39 pm
Washington, April 12 (ANI): Sofia Vergara has revealed that she also has "a great ass".
Pak Info minister refutes govt, army rift claims  Apr 12, 1:55 pm
Islamabad, Apr 12 (ANI): Pakistan's Information minister Pervaiz Rasheed has reportedly refuted claims of a rising rift between the government and the army.
Oz report claims Wisden honoured Root for 'getting punched' by Warner  Apr 11, 3:05 pm
Sydney, Apr 11 (ANI): England batsman Joe Root was formally recognised by the respected Wisden's Almanac as one of the 'Five Cricketers of the Year' for getting punched by Australian batsman David Warner last year, according to a report.
Time running out for destroying Syrian chemical weapons, claims OPCW  Apr 11, 2:36 pm
London, Apr. 11 (ANI): Time is running out for Syria to hand over its chemical weapons stockpile, the international body in charge of their destruction has said.
ABBA band member claims Eurovision Song Contest has 'changed too much'  Apr 11, 12:47 pm
London, April 11 (ANI): ABBA band member Frida Lyngstad has claimed that the Eurovision Song Contest has changed too much.
Man claims to tame horses through yoga!  Apr 11, 12:47 pm
London, April 11 (ANI): A man has claimed that he tamed his horse through yoga and uses the same method to relax other wild and nervous horses.
New report claims Apple will unveil two new iPhones this year  Apr 10, 11:03 am
Washington, Apr 10 (ANI): Apple is reportedly planning to launch a 4.7-inch iPhone 6 in July, followed by a 5.5-inch edition in September, a Japanese Web site EMSOne has revealed.
Had Titanic officer twisted facts about iceberg collision to avoid negligence claims?  Apr 10, 10:39 am
London, April 10 (ANI): Insurance documents filed after the sinking of the Titanic have revealed that an officer that survived the accident had twisted facts about the iceberg collision to evade negligence claims.
Ellen DeGeneres' Oscar selfie may be worth $1 Bln, claims ad whiz  Apr 9, 3:31 pm
Washington, April 9 (ANI): Ellen Degeneres' Oscar selfie that featured A-List celebs like Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence, Julia Roberts, Brad Pitt, Meryl Streep, Kevin Spacey may be worth 1 billion dollars.
Brooklyn Decker claims she was never a 'good model'   Apr 9, 2:49 pm
Washington, April 9 (ANI): Model-turned-actress Brooklyn Decker has claimed that she was never a good model because when she was modeling, she never walked a runway.
Amazon claims its now the third largest video site  Apr 9, 2:29 pm
Washington, Apr. 9 (ANI): Amazon has claimed its Instant Video streaming platform is now the third most popular of its kind in the US.
Pistorius claims shot through toilet door after 'hearing noise'   Apr 9, 10:13 am
Johannesburg, Apr 9 (ANI): Paralympic sprinter Oscar Pistorius has claimed during the second day of his murder trial that he shot four times through the door of his toilet, where his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp was, after he heard a noise behind it.
'Vulnerable' Pistorius claims was 'filled with terror' moments before 'fatal shooting'  Apr 9, 10:13 am
Washington, Apr 9 (ANI): Paralympic sprinter Oscar Pistorius has claimed that he was filled with terror moments before he shot his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp to death on Valentine's Day last year, during his testimony at the murder trial that included him removing his prosthetic legs to illustrate the events that led to the fatal shooting.
Ashraf confirms Sethi's 'Big Three' claims, but says India backtracked from offer later  Apr 9, 10:13 am
Karachi, Apr 9 (ANI): Former Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) chairman Mohammad Zaka Ashraf has confirmed current chief Najam Sethi's claims that India had offered them a chance to join the 'Big Three' during a major reorganisation of the ICC's administration.
AAP claims EVMs favouring Praful Patel in Maharastra's Bhandara-Gondia constituency  Apr 9, 8:57 am
Mumbai, Apr.9 (ANI): The Maharashtra unit of the Aam Aadmi Party's (AAP) has alleged in a statement that electronic voting machine (EVMs) in the state's Bhandara-Gondia constituency have been tampered with to favour incumbent Member of Parliament and Heavy Industries Minister Praful Patel.
Sri Lanka reclaims top spot in ICC T20 rankings following World T20 win  Apr 8, 9:03 am
Johannesburg, Apr 8 (ANI): Sri Lanka, who beat India in the finals of the ICC World Twenty20 on Sunday at Dhaka, has reclaimed the top spot on the ICC T20 International Team Rankings Table.
New anti-diet book claims 'being fat makes you healthier'  Apr 6, 11:16 am
New York, April 6 (ANI): A recent study has shown that being fat may actually make you healthier and better able to fight off diseases than normal-weight counterparts.
Rita Ora denies she ever dated Rob Kardashian  Apr 5, 2:02 pm
Washington, April 5 (ANI): Singer Rita Ora has rebuffed claims she ever had a real relationship with Kim Kardashian's brother Rob Kardashian.
UK man claims to have captured fairies through his lens  Apr 5, 1:44 pm
Melbourne, Apr 5 (ANI): One man in UK believes that he has seen fairies and has a photo as proof.