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News Corp slams rumours of buying Twitter  Jan 21, 12:16 pm
New Delhi, Jan 21 (ANI): News Corp, in a statement, has denied rumours about the company's interest in buying micro blogging site Twitter Inc.
Indian Private Equity gathers highest pace, striking deals worth $14B in Jan-Sept 2015  Oct 8, 7:23 pm
New Delhi, Oct 8 (ANI): VCCEdge, the financial research platform of the VCCircle Network, India's released its quarterly deal report for the September ended quarter 2015. The report focuses on statistical and analytical overview of deals in the private equity, merger & acquisition and public offerings space.
News Corp's adds seven lakh users  Sep 9, 5:55 pm
New Delhi, Sept. 9 (ANI):, India's leading personal finance advice platform, said it passed a milestone in empowering 900,000 users to make informed financial decisions.
A year on, new footage proves pro-Russia rebels' role in MH17 crash 'yet again'  Jul 17, 6:11 pm
London, July 17 (ANI): A new 17-minute video shows 'confused' pro-Russia separatists rummaging through Malaysian Airlines MH17 passengers' belongings at the site of the crash, as they believed they had shot down a Ukrainian Airforce fighter jet.
VCCEdge reports boost in private equity inflows into India  Jul 14, 5:10 pm
New Delhi, July 14 (ANI): VCCEdge, the financial database and research platform of the VCCircle Network, which is India's leading online financial data and information services group, owned by News Corp, on Tuesday released its quarterly deal report for the quarter ended June 2015.
News Corp increases its stake in digital real estate platform  Jun 16, 6:56 pm
New Delhi, June 16 (ANI): News Corp, the global, diversified media and information services company, has raised its stake in the Singapore-based Elara Technologies Pte, the parent company of India's leading digital real estate marketing and transactions services provider
Fall in newspaper revenues halve Murdoch's News Corp profits in Q3 as compared to previous year  May 6, 11:41 am
London, May 06 (ANI): Rupert Murdoch's News Corp, owner of The Times, The Sunday Times and The Wall Street Journal newspapers, has reportedly revealed that it has recorded a 52 percent drop in net profits in third quarter, compared to the same period in 2014.
News Corp acquires Indian tech media startup VCCircle  Mar 9, 11:55 am
Washington, March 09 (ANI): News Corporation has announced its acquisition of Indian tech media startup VCCircle, as the company continues its focus in India.
News Corp acquires India-based  Dec 23, 12:01 pm
Washington, Dec 23 (ANI): News Corp has reportedly acquired India-based financial planning service startup
Hughes' family thanks Oz for 'support' since son's passing through full-page messages in newspapers   Dec 14, 1:13 pm
Wellington, Dec 14 (ANI): Late Australian batsman Phillip Hughes' family reportedly took out full-page messages in newspapers around Australia on Sunday to thank the nation for its support since their son's passing.
Doubts emerge over authenticity of MH370 black box pings  May 20, 1:50 pm
Johannesburg, May 20 (ANI): The Australian search agency's refusal to make public the audio recordings of four acoustic "ping" signals, believed to have come from the black boxes of MH370, has raised new doubt over the search for the missing Malaysian Airlines flight.
Murdoch admits being 'devastated' with ex's alleged 'affair' with Blair  Apr 11, 10:03 am
Sydney, April 11 (ANI): Rupert Murdoch has revealed that his divorce from Wendi Deng, who allegedly had an affair with Tony Blair, was very "stressful".
Murdoch livid over ex-wife's 'love note' to Tony Blair  Feb 7, 1:42 pm
London, Feb 7 (ANI): Rupert Murdoch, who was one of the closest pals of former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair, is supposedly furious with the politician after recent reports claimed that the News Corp tycoon's former wife Wendi Deng had written a love note to "ex-lover" Blair.
News Corp acquires social media tool Storyful for $25 mln  Dec 24, 11:23 am
Wellington, Dec. 24 (ANI): News Corp has purchased social news tool Storyful for 25 million dollars.
Oz cricket fans show 'no mercy' after Broad's injury, say player won't be missed  Dec 16, 9:14 am
Sydney, Dec 16 (ANI): A poll run on News Corp Australia websites in the hours following England player Stuart Broad's trip to hospital asked whether or not Broad would be missed for the remainder of the Ashes series if his injury kept him sidelined and 60 pc said showed no mercy by saying he would not.
Rupert Murdoch's News Corp posts 'lower-than-expected' $38 mn revenue  Nov 12, 12:00 pm
Sydney, Nov. 12 (ANI): Rupert Murdoch's News Corporation has reported 'lower-than-expected' 38 million dollars revenue in newspaper advertising in its first financial quarter, since being spun off as a publishing group from the 21st Century Fox.
News Corp posts 506-mln-dollar fiscal year profit   Sep 22, 11:19 am
New York, Sept 22 (ANI): Publishing company News Corp has reported a profit of 506 million dollars for the fiscal year ended in June, or 87 cents a share, compared with a loss of 2.08 billion dollars a year earlier.
Top places to visit before you die revealed  Aug 25, 2:05 pm
Melbourne, august 25 (ANI): If you are planning your dream vacation, then News Corp Australia's national travel editor Brian Crisp has made the ultimate bucket list for you.
Murdoch's News Corp books $7.66 bn annual profit   Aug 7, 5:48 pm
Sydney, Aug. 7 (ANI): Rupert Murdoch's 21st Century Fox, formerly known as News Corp, has reported a boost in annual profit with an increase of 10 percent over 2012 revenue.
Rupert Murdoch secret tape shows support for journalists in phone hacking scandal  Jul 4, 11:37 am
London, July 4 (ANI): News Corp chief Rupert Murdoch is being safeguarded by the agency after a secret recording was released of him criticizing the police inquiry into alleged phone hacking.
News Corp formally splits its publishing and broadcasting operations  Jun 29, 10:17 am
London, June 29 (ANI): Rupert Murdoch's media conglomerate, News Corporation, has divided itself into two separate companies, after shareholders approved the split following Murdoch's decision on the move last year.
Angelina Jolie stunt double sues News Corp over phone hacking  Jun 19, 11:27 am
Sydney, June 19 (ANI): A British stunt double for actress Angelina Jolie has sued News Corp. for hacking her phone.
Rupert Murdoch's News Corp set to split into two following shareholders approval  Jun 12, 1:42 pm
Sydney, June 12 (ANI): News Corporation Chairman and CEO Rupert Murdoch has said shareholders have approved a plan to split the media company into two independent firms.
News Corp. Board approved company's split into two public traded entities  May 25, 5:11 pm
London, May 25 (ANI): News Corporation Board has approved the split of its company into two publicly traded entities putting a step forward in separating its entertainment businesses from the publishing division.
Shareholders call for Rupert Murdoch to step down as News Corporation chairman  May 9, 1:53 pm
London, May 9 (ANI): Media mogul Rupert Murdoch is being pressed once again by dissident shareholders to step down as chairman of News Corporation.