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Al Qaeda condemns TTP for Peshawar school massacre, calls it 'deeply saddening'  Dec 21, 12:29 pm
Islamabad/New Delhi (ANI): A new statement has been released by Al Qaeda in Indian Subcontinent (AQIS) condemning the Peshawar school massacre by the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) saying that it was "deeply saddening".
U.S. issues rare global travel alert to citizens about terror attack threat  Dec 20, 1:31 pm
Wellington, Dec 20 (ANI): The United States has issued a global travel alert to U.S. citizens about the threat of a terrorist attack advising them to be extra cautious regarding their personal security over the holiday period, citing Sydney's "lone-wolf attack".
Wikileaks releases CIA report on high value target assassination programs  Dec 19, 4:54 pm
Washington, Dec 19 (ANI): Wikileaks has reportedly released a 5-year old CIA document that analyses both positive and negative effects of high value targeting of terrorist leaders.
CIA tortured terror suspects under 'intense pressure' to link Iraq to Al Qaeda post 9/11 attack  Dec 15, 5:26 pm
London, Dec 15 (ANI): A report has said that the Central Investigative Agency (CIA) tortured Al Qaeda suspects because it was under "intense pressure" to extract evidence that's proved Saddam Hussein was linked to 9/11 attack in order to justify United States' invasion of Iraq in 2003.
Ex Egyptian minister says Muslim Brotherhood 'godfather' of IS, Al Qaeda  Dec 15, 12:58 pm
Dubai, Dec 15 (ANI): A former Egyptian Minister of Foreign Affairs who served under ousted President Hosni Mubarak has reportedly said that the Muslim Brotherhood is the "godfather" of several Islamist terror groups operating in the Middle East like, Islamic State (IS), Al Nusra and Al Qaeda.
Yemeni forces shoot Al Qaeda suspects disguised as 'veiled women'  Dec 14, 1:52 pm
London, Dec 14 (ANI): Yemeni security forces have reportedly shot several suspected Al Qaeda militants disguised as fully-veiled women near the Saudi border.
Jihad violence killed 5000 people worldwide in November: Study  Dec 11, 5:14 pm
London, Dec 11 (ANI): A new study has revealed that jihad has claimed the lives of almost 5,000 people across the world in November alone.
White House says CIA torture undermined US' 'moral authority'  Dec 11, 1:47 pm
Johannesburg, Dec 11 (ANI): The White House has said that the torture meted out to Al Qaeda suspects by the Central Investigative Agency (CIA) in the aftermath of the 9/11 attack undermined the United States' "moral authority" and added that the release of a report detailing the brutal interrogation techniques is an important step in regaining that authority.
Jihadists call for retribution post publication of CIA torture report  Dec 11, 12:47 pm
Washington, Dec 11 (ANI): Muslim extremists are reportedly enraged by the US Senate report detailing the forms of torture used on detainees suspected to be militants.
Ghani says CIA's 'cruel interrogation techniques' violated human rights  Dec 11, 11:39 am
London, Dec 11 (ANI): Condemning the harsh interrogation program employed by the U.S.' Central Investigative Agency's (CIA) in the aftermath of the 9/11 attack, Afghan President Dr. Ashraf Ghani has said that the programme "violated all accepted norms of human rights in the world."
CIA unlikely to lose power post release of 'brutal' 9/11 interrogation dossier: Report  Dec 10, 11:48 am
Washington, Dec 10 (ANI): The Central Investigation Agency (CIA) is unlikely to lose power following the release of a dossier by the United States Senate that said the CIA carried out "brutal" interrogation of Al Qaeda suspects in the aftermath of 9/11, said reports.
Top al Qaeda commander in Yemen calls IS beheadings 'barbarious'  Dec 9, 4:01 pm
Washington, Dec 9 (ANI): A top military commander of al Qaeda in Yemen has condemned the mass beheadings carried out by the Islamic State, calling its actions "barbarious."
U.S., NATO end 13 year combat mission in Afghanistan  Dec 9, 2:19 pm
New York, Dec 09 (ANI): The United States and NATO have ended their combat mission in Afghanistan more than 13 years after invading the country in the aftermath of 9/11 to target al Qaeda militants and Osama Bin Laden.
U.S. raises security ahead of CIA's torture report release  Dec 9, 11:24 am
London, Dec 09 (ANI): Security at the United States facilities around the world has been stepped up ahead of the release of a report which is expected to reveal the details of the CIA's campaign against al-Qaeda in the aftermath of 9/11 and its harsh interrogations, said the White House.
Al Qaeda hostage Luke Somers killed during rescue attempt in Yemen  Dec 6, 4:18 pm
New York, Dec 6 (ANI): Luke Somers, an American journalist held by al-Qaeda militants in Yemen, was reportedly killed during a rescue attempt by United States commandos.
Top Al Qaeda leader behind NY subway system attack plot killed in Pak  Dec 6, 4:18 pm
Islamabad, Dec 6 (ANI): Top Al Qaeda leader Adnan el Shukrijuma, carrying a bounty of 5 million dollars on his head for plotting attacks on the US and UK, was reportedly killed early morning in the Shinwarsak region of South Waziristan Agency.
Musharraf says recognizing Taliban regime in Afghanistan Pak's biggest 'blunder'  Dec 5, 10:57 am
Karachi, Dec 05 (ANI): Former military strongman General (retired) Pervez Musharraf has reportedly termed Pakistan's decision to recognize the Taliban regime in Afghanistan "a blunder."
Al Qaeda plotting to blow up 5 European passenger planes before Christmas  Nov 30, 3:42 pm
London, Nov 30 (ANI): Al Qaeda terrorists are reportedly plotting to blow up five European passenger planes before Christmas.
IS, Al Qaeda serious challenge for India, says DIB  Nov 30, 10:11 am
Guwahati, Nov. 30 (ANI): Director of Intelligence Bureau (DIB) Asif Ibrahim on Sunday said that that Islamic State (IS) and Al Qaeda are a serious challenge for India.
IS pamphlets warning Pak tribesmen against spying for US surface in South Waziristan  Nov 27, 11:19 am
Karachi, Nov 27 (ANI): A pamphlet, ascribed to the Islamic State (IS) distributed in Wana area of South Waziristan, has sought the support of local tribesmen and warned them against spying for the United States, a report said.
IS collected 45 mln dollars in ransom last year  Nov 26, 1:54 pm
New York, Nov 26 (ANI): The Islamic State (IS) has received up to 35 to 45 million dollars in ransom last year, a United Nations expert monitoring sanctions against Al Qaeda said.
Suicide bomber kills 45 during volleyball match in Afghanistan  Nov 24, 11:06 am
London, Nov 24 (ANI): A suicide bomber has killed at least 45 people at a volleyball tournament in Afghanistan after the attacker detonated a bomb amid a crowd of people gathering for a game, a report said.
Al Qaeda flays ISIS for declaring expansion of Islamic caliphate  Nov 22, 2:38 pm
Washington, November 22 (ANI): Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP), an affiliate of al Qaeda in Yemen has released a video condemning the ISIS leader Abu Bakr al- Baghdadi's declaration of expanding Islamic caliphate as illegitimate.
UAE names 5 Pak-based groups on list of 83 'militant organizations'  Nov 16, 1:12 pm
Karachi, Nov 16 (ANI): A list of 83 terror groups published by the United Arab Emirates, which it identified as "militant organizations," includes five Pakistan-based outfits, a report said.
Director of U.S. National Intelligence doesn't see IS, al Qaeda joining hands  Nov 15, 4:20 pm
Washington, Nov 15 (ANI): The director of U.S. National Intelligence has said that he does not believe that the Islamic State (IS) and al Qaeda are teaming up and joining forces.