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Hillary Clinton's Cirque du Soleil repartee post shoe-throwing incident  Apr 11, 10:30 am
Sydney, April 11 (ANI): Hillary Clinton carried on with her speech after she dodged a shoe thrown towards her by an uninvited woman.
Hillary Clinton dodges shoe thrown at her at Las Vegas hotel  Apr 11, 8:53 am
Melbourne, April 11 (ANI): Hillary Clinton dodged a shoe thrown by a woman while delivering a speech at Mandalay Bay hotel in Las Vegas.
When 6-year-old boy left 'Madam President' Hillary Clinton speechless!  Apr 10, 3:22 pm
Washington, April 10 (ANI): A 6-year-old boy recently left Hillary Clinton speechless after he asked her about her plans for running for 2016 Presidential election.
Hillary Clinton to release memoir on June 10  Apr 10, 2:04 pm
Washington, April 10 (ANI): Hillary Clinton's publisher has announced that her memoir, wherein she has chronicled her time at the State Department, is due out on June 10.
Clinton praises 'strong and brave 'Pussy Riot band   Apr 9, 2:29 pm
Washington, Apr. 9 (ANI): Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has praised Russian punk band Pussy Riot as 'strong and brave young women'.
Hillary Clinton drops first hint of presidential run in 2016  Apr 9, 12:45 pm
Washington, Apr. 9 (ANI): Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has said she's thinking about a run for the White House.
Hillary Clinton says media exhibits double standards against powerful women   Apr 5, 5:47 pm
Washington, Apr 5 (ANI): Hillary Clinton reportedly asked women not to take criticism personally while she criticized media for exhibiting double standards when it came to talking about powerful women in public life.
Bill Clinton parodies wife Hillary's Twitter avatar for April Fools' Day  Apr 2, 1:08 pm
Washington, April 2 (ANI): Bill Clinton recently parodied his wife Hillary Clinton's Twiiter profile by posting a snapshot similar to her display picture.
Pharrell Williams believes Hillary Clinton will win 2016 presidential elections  Apr 2, 1:02 pm
Washington, April 2 (ANI): Pharrell Williams, singer of Oscar-nominated song 'Happy', believes that Hillary Clinton will win the presidential elections in 2016.
Sarah Palin voter's second choice to Hillary Clinton, says poll  Apr 1, 5:44 pm
Washington, April 1 (ANI): Former Alaska governor Sarah Palin is reportedly the second choice of Americans after Hillary Clinton when it comes to seeing their favorite female candidate running for the high office, a new poll has found.
Hillary Clinton jokes about upcoming memoir title  Mar 20, 11:16 am
Washington, March 20 (ANI): Hillary Clinton has joked about her upcoming memoir, as she lightheartedly suggested that it could be named "Bossy Pantsuit".
Hillary Clinton says Putin doing what Hitler did in 30s   Mar 6, 1:27 pm
Washington, Mar. 6 (ANI): Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has likened Russia President Vladimir Putin to Adolph Hitler and Russia-Ukraine dispute to Nazi Germany.
Majority of Americans feel Hillary Clinton is 'not hard to like'  Mar 5, 2:50 pm
Washington, Mar. 5 (ANI): A majority of Americans feel former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is likeable enough, a new poll has revealed.
Nadella names ex-Hillary Clinton pollster Microsoft's chief strategist   Mar 4, 1:59 pm
Washington, Mar. 4 (ANI): Microsoft chief executive Satya Nadella has made his first move to leave a mark on the tech giant by brining changes to the senior leadership team.
Chelsea Clinton opens up about her childhood in political household  Feb 18, 11:39 am
Washington, Feb 18 (ANI): Chelsea Clinton has shed light on what growing up in a political family was like, claiming that she was raised in a family where inertia was not an option.
Romney says Clinton-Lewinsky scandal won't be campaign issue for Hillary  Feb 17, 2:36 pm
Washington, Feb. 17 (ANI): Mitt Romney has said the Bill Clinton-Monica Lewinsky scandal would not be an issue if former secretary of state Hillary Clinton runs for president again.
Hillary Clinton advises women to 'grow skin like a rhino'  Feb 14, 11:17 am
Washington, Feb. 14 (ANI): Hillary Clinton has advised women to "grow thick skin like a rhinoceros" if they are public figures.
Hillary Clinton `blames herself for letting Bill lean towards `looney` Lewinsky  Feb 11, 10:17 am
Melbourne, Feb 11 (ANI): Hillary Clinton has blamed herself in part for her hubby and former US president Bill Clinton's philandering ways, new documents have revealed.
US VP Biden tight-lipped on reason to skip Presidential race  Feb 8, 4:03 pm
Washington, Feb. 8 (ANI): U.S Vice President Joe Biden reportedly answered with a simple 'I can't' when asked to give a reason for not contesting the presidential elections.
Hillary Clinton's not driven a car since 1996  Jan 28, 1:33 pm
Washington, Jan. 28 (ANI): Hillary Clinton has confessed that she hasn't driven a car since 1996.
US embassy attack in Benghazi Hillary's 'biggest regret' as Secretary of State   Jan 28, 11:31 am
Washington, Jan. 28 (ANI): Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has called the deadly attack on the United States mission in Benghazi, Libya, in 2012 as the 'biggest regret' of her tenure.
Clinton runs up nine-point lead over Christie in 2016 presidential bid: Poll  Jan 22, 1:53 pm
Washington, Jan. 22 (ANI): Former secretary of state Hillary Clinton is ahead of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie for 2016 presidential bid, a new poll has said.
Hillary Clinton starts off 2014 with new 'bangs'  Jan 3, 3:53 pm
Washington, January 3 (ANI): Hillary Clinton has started the year 2014 with a new hairdo at the swearing-in of N.Y.C. mayor Bill de Blasio.
Obama, Hillary most admired people in America  Dec 31, 10:36 am
Washington, Dec. 31 (ANI): President Barack Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton are the most admired man and woman in America, a new poll has found.
Christie, Clinton top picks for 2016 presidential race  Dec 27, 1:57 pm
Washington, Dec. 27 (ANI): Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie are the top picks for 2016 presidential race among party faithful.