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Blanking out Nehru's legacy is BJP's 'intolerance': Congress  Nov 27, 3:40 pm
New Delhi, Nov. 27 (ANI): Hitting out at the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) for overlooking the legacy of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, the Congress on Friday said the attempt to enforce November 26 as the Constitution Day was a move by the government to 'rewrite history'.
Dictatorship was worst under Indira's 'Hitler-like regime': Jaitley  Nov 27, 2:01 pm
New Delhi, Nov.27 (ANI): Launching a blistering attack on the Congress for the 1975 emergency imposed by then prime minister Indira Gandhi-led government, Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley on Friday dubbed the suspension of Article 21 during that time as 'dictatorship at its worst'.
JD (U) compares Modi-Shah to Hitler, says dictatorship hijacked BJP  Nov 11, 2:24 pm
Patna, Nov. 11 (ANI): Comparing Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) chief Amit Shah to Adolf Hitler, the Janata Dal (United) on Wednesday said the duo has hijacked its party.
'Award Wapsi' similar to revolt against Hitler: Congress  Oct 30, 12:47 pm
Chandigarh, Oct. 30 (ANI): Comparing the BJP-led NDA Government with the Hitler regime, the Congress on Friday blamed Prime Minister Narendra Modi for the protest by the country's intelligentsia.
I'm in no way a Nazi supporter, says Tila Tequila  Aug 31, 4:35 pm
Washington. D.C. Aug. 31 (ANI): Tila Tequila, who was thrown out of the'Celebrity Big Brother' house for showing sympathy with Hitler, has now apologised for her remarks.
PM Modi's speeches similar to Nazi ideology, says Nitish  Aug 30, 5:44 pm
Patna, Aug 30: Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar on Sunday drew a parallel between Prime Minister Narendra Modi's speeches about Bihar and the Nazi ideology.
Tila Tequila kicked out of 'Celebrity Big Brother' for sympathising with Hitler   Aug 29, 2:46 pm
Washington D.C., Aug. 29 (ANI): Tila Tequila's sympathy for Hitler seems to have caused problems for her as she has been recently thrown out of 'Celebrity Big Brother' house.
Tila Tequila kicked out of `Celebrity Big Brother` for sympathising with Hitler   Aug 29, 12:03 pm
Washington D.C., Aug. 29 (ANI): Tila Tequila's sympathy for Hitler seems to have caused problems for her as she has been recently thrown out of 'Celebrity Big Brother' house.
Hitler's lost bronze 'Walking Horses' recovered in German police raids  May 21, 3:24 pm
London, May 21 (ANI): German police has found two bronze horse statues that once stood in front of Adolf Hitler's chancellery and several pieces of Nazi-era art in black market probe.
Einstein, Hitler world history's biggest heroes, villains   May 21, 1:06 pm
Washington, May 21 (ANI): As per a new study, Einstein, Mother Teresa, Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr., Newton, Jesus, Mandela, Edison, Lincoln and the Buddha all make up the top 10 heroes in world history.
Meet Johann Georg Elser, the man who missed killing Hitler by 13min in 1939  Apr 7, 4:29 pm
Melbourne, Apr.7 (ANI): Johann Georg Elser came very close to assassinating Adolf Hitler in the early days of World War Two, but he missed his target by 13 minutes.
Chinese CEO compares Apple to Nazis in new poster teasing launch of new smartphone  Mar 28, 10:27 am
Washington, March 28 (ANI): The billionaire founder and CEO of Chinese internet video site Leshi TV Jia Yueting has compared Apple to the Nazis in a new poster that teases the launch of the company's new smartphone wherein the image shows a cartoon of Adolf Hitler wearing a red armband with the Apple logo in place of the Nazi swastika.
Hitler's painting withdrawn from Los Angeles auction  Mar 26, 4:30 pm
London, March 26 (ANI): An auction house in Los Angeles has reportedly withdrawn a still-life watercolor painted by a young Adolf Hitler, which was set to go on auction online on Thursday.
New documentary reveals Adolf Hitler was meth addict   Mar 26, 11:33 am
Melbourne, Mar 26(ANI): A new documentary has indicated that Adolf Hitler consumed a cocktail of different drugs including tranquillisers, morphine and crystal meth during the Second World War.
Nazis bombed German cities for 'target practice' during WW ll killing thousands  Mar 12, 10:53 am
London, Mar 12 (ANI): A newly-released archive of test reports has revealed that Nazis killed thousands of German citizens by bombing their own cities for target practice during World War Two.
Hitler's Mein Kampf to hit Germany book stores again   Feb 26, 10:25 am
Washington, Feb 26 (ANI): Adolf Hitler's autobiographical manifesto titled Mein Kampf is all set to be republished in Germany, it has been reported.
Outrage over Hitler's bunker's recreation plans near Berlin  Feb 20, 11:48 am
London, Feb 20 (ANI): Plans for rebuilding the chilling bunker, where Adolf Hitler shot himself with his wife Eva Braun near Berlin, as a tourist attraction have sparked outrage.
British army dabbled with supernatural trials to help win war against Hitler's Nazis  Feb 8, 2:17 pm
London, Feb. 8 (ANI): British army dabbled with supernatural trials to help win the war against Adolf Hitler's Nazis, it has been revealed.
Hitler built secret aerodromes in Norfolk to invade England  Jan 26, 3:35 pm
London, Jan. 26 (ANI): The classified wartime papers that were recently unearthed have revealed that Dutch farmers working for Adolf Hitler had built secret Nazi aerodromes in Norfolk to invade England from the sky.
U.S. Congressman compares Obama to Hitler for his failure to join anti-terror march in Paris   Jan 14, 11:01 am
Johannesburg, Jan 14 (ANI): A United States Congressman has compared President Barack Obama to Adolf Hitler in a tweet criticizing him for not joining the world leaders at an anti-terror march in Paris on Sunday post Charlie Hebdo massacre saying that "even Adolph Hitler thought it more important than Obama to get to Paris".
German museum plans to rebuild Hitler's massive bunker in Berlin  Jan 9, 12:33 pm
Berlin, Jan. 09 (ANI): A German museum will be rebuilding Adolf Hitler's massive bunker in Berlin, it has been reported.
D-Day got new secret name amid fears Hitler had cracked it  Dec 27, 1:21 pm
London, Dec. 27 (ANI): According to the new discovered documents, D-Day code was changed last minute in the weeks before the invasion over the fear that Adolf Hitler had cracked it.
Rob Lowe calls Sony 'spineless' for pulling-off 'The Interview'   Dec 18, 10:13 am
Washington, Dec 18 (ANI): Rob Lowe has slammed Sony Pictures after they decided to pull the movie 'The Interview', by calling the movie company a "spineless" sellout comparing it to the famous British Prime Minister who caved in to Hitler.
New tell-all book reveals tyrants' dinner table secrets  Dec 8, 3:27 pm
London, Dec 8 (ANI): A new book has revealed the food habits of the 20th century's great tyrants, including Saddam Hussein, Joseph Stalin and Hitler among many others.
Hitler's watercolour painting fetches 130,000 Euros at auction   Nov 23, 11:45 am
Wellington, Nov 23 (ANI): Adolf Hitler's 1941 watercolour painting has fetched 130,000 euros at an auction in Nuremberg, Germany, it has been revealed.