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Two of four Indians detained in Libya released  Jul 31, 6:35 pm
New Delhi, July 31 (ANI): Two of the four Indians detained in ISIS-controlled territory in Libya have been released, according to the Ministry of External Affairs.
Four Indian nationals abducted by IS brought back to Sirte: MEA  Jul 31, 12:56 pm
New Delhi, July 31 (ANI): The External Affairs Ministry on Friday said that according to the information available through their sources, all the four Indian nationals who have allegedly been abducted by IS, have now been brought back to Sirte in Libya.
MEA briefs PM Modi over Libya abduction  Jul 31, 11:59 am
New Delhi, July 31 (ANI): External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj on Friday reportedly apprised Prime Minister Narendra Modi about the hostage situation in Libya.
Four Indians kidnapped by IS extremists in Libya: MEA  Jul 31, 10:40 am
New Delhi, July 31 (ANI): The Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) on Friday informed that four Indians have been kidnapped by the IS extremists in Libya's Sirte.
Muammar Gaddafi's son Saif al-Islam sentenced to death for war crimes  Jul 28, 5:53 pm
London, July 28 (ANI): A Libyan court has sentenced former dictator Muammar Gaddafi's son, Saif al-Islam, to death for war crimes committed in 2011 revolution.
Sousse attack: Tunisia to erect 'great wall' to counter terror threat from Libya  Jul 8, 8:23 pm
London, July 8 (ANI): Tunisia has reportedly gone on record to say that it is planning to erect a wall along its border with Libya to counter the threat from jihadist militants.
UN to monitor archaeological sites in ISIS-controlled areas via satellite  Jul 2, 4:08 pm
London, July 2 (ANI): In the wake of the devastation unleashed by the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) on ancient sites and ruins in Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Libya, UNESCO has signed a satellite deal to improve its monitoring of these sites in areas controlled by the terror group.
EU launches naval operation against migrant smugglers  Jun 22, 5:35 pm
Washington, June 22 (ANI): The European Union has reportedly initiated a naval operation to stop human traffickers from bringing migrants across the Mediterranean to Europe in dangerous boats.
Rights group accuses Libyan Govt. of torturing prisoners  Jun 18, 3:56 pm
Johannesburg, June 18 (ANI): A rights group has accused the Libyan government of torturing and ill-treating prisoners in the eastern regions of the country.
Libya says key terrorist leader Mokhtar Belmokhtar killed in U.S. airstrike  Jun 15, 9:37 am
Washington, June 15 (ANI): Libyan authorities have issued a statement saying that key terrorist leader Mokhtar Belmokhtar has been killed in U.S. airstrike
'Unstable' Libya an 'entry point' for ISIS   Jun 13, 3:34 pm
Washington, June 13 (ANI): The Islamic State is said to be using Libya, which is gradually becoming the most unstable country in the region, ?as an 'entry point' into Europe.
Migrant crisis: Warships rescue thousands off Libya coast  Jun 7, 8:32 am
London, June 7 (ANI): European warships and coast guard vessels have reportedly rescued over 2,000 migrants off the coast of Libya.
IS militants take over al-Ghardabiya airport in Libya's Sirte  May 30, 1:45 pm
London, May 30 (ANI): Islamic State (IS) militants have claimed that they have taken over the al Ghardabiya airport in the Libyan city of Sirte.
Libyan PM escapes assassination attempt in Tobruk  May 27, 12:23 pm
London, May 27 (ANI): Libyan Prime Minister Abdullah al-Thinni has claimed that he survived an attack on his car in the city of Tobruk when gunmen attempted to assassinate him.
US condemns IS' beheading of 30 Ethiopian Christians in Libya   Apr 20, 10:26 am
London, Apr. 20 (ANI): The US has condemned the killing of 30 Ethiopian Christians in Libya by Islamic State (IS) militants who released a video showing the beheadings.
Hundreds of migrants feared drowned as boat capsizes off Libya  Apr 15, 10:06 am
London, April 15 (ANI): At least 400 migrants are believed to have been drowned as their boat capsized off Libya, survivors said.
Pope Francis calls for 'peace above all' in Iraq, Syria in his Easter message  Apr 6, 10:35 am
London, April 6 (ANI): In his Easter "Urbi et Orbi" message, Pope Francis has called for "peace" above all in Syria and Iraq.
IS releases 2 Bangladeshi citizens captured in Libya  Mar 25, 5:31 pm
Johannesburg, March 25 (ANI): Two Bangladeshi citizens, who were among a group of foreign workers captured by the Islamic State (IS) in an attack on a Libyan oilfield, have reportedly been released after more than two weeks, the foreign ministry said.
UN envoy warns Yemen's 'protracted conflict' may turn into civil war  Mar 23, 10:18 am
London, March 23 (ANI): The United Nations' special envoy has warned that Yemen crisis may become "protracted in the vein of an Iraq, Syria, Libya combined scenario."
Pope justifies use of military force to stop IS  Mar 16, 2:12 pm
London, March 16 (ANI): While condemning the beheading of Coptic Christians in Libya by the Islamic State (IS), Pope Francis has reportedly argued that "military force is legitimate to stop an unjust aggressor," a report said.
Canada intelligence chief warns IS spreading to Libya, Afghanistan, Pak  Mar 12, 10:31 am
Ottawa, March 12 (ANI): The head of Canada's intelligence agency has reportedly warned that the Islamic State (IS) is spreading to Libya, Afghanistan and Pakistan.
Libya crisis: UN-brokered peace talks suspended by internationally-recognised govt  Feb 24, 10:34 am
London, Feb 23 (ANI): Talks to restore peace in Libya, brokered by the United Nations, have come to a halt in Morocco as the nation's internationally-recognised parliament suspended its participation, a report said.
Experts say IS video showing mass beheading of Coptic Christians in Libya doctored   Feb 21, 1:34 pm
Washington, Feb 21 (ANI): Experts say that the video showing 7 feet tall Islamic State members killing Christians in Libya has been clearly doctored with.
IS militants kill 40 in bombing in eastern town of Libya  Feb 21, 1:21 pm
London, Feb 21 (ANI): Islamic State militants have killed at least 40 people and wounded dozens in a bombing in al-Qubbah, an eastern town of Libya.
Masked IS executioner in Egyptian Christians' mass beheading video could be 'American'  Feb 20, 12:43 pm
Melbourne, Feb 20 (ANI): The masked fighter who led the beheading of 21 Egyptian Christians in Libya in a recent video released recently by the Islamic State (IS) over the weekend could be American, a report said.