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Libya holds quick polls amid turmoil  Jun 25, 3:08 pm
London, June 25 (ANI): Libya is holding quick elections on Wednesday in an attempt to end the prevailing anarchy in the country.
India among countries that systematically violate workers' rights, says report  May 22, 3:40 pm
Islamabad, May 22 (ANI): India is reportedly ranked among countries where systematic violations of rights of workers are widely reported.
Militias loyal to ex-general storm Libyan parliament and declare it dissolve  May 19, 10:04 am
Washington, May 19 (ANI): Libyan militias allied with a former general staged a brazen attack on the country's parliament and declared it dissolved.
Bill Clinton says Hillary not 'flesh-eating zombie' post Rove jibe   May 15, 12:24 pm
Washington, May 15 (ANI): Former US President Bill Clinton has said wife Hillary is not a flesh-eating zombie.
Libyan judge orders Gaddafi's son to be tried by video link  Apr 15, 1:28 pm
Tripoli, Apr. 15 (ANI): A Libyan judge has decided that slain Muammar Gaddafi's son can be tried in the proceedings via a video link.
Libyan PM steps down after attack on family  Apr 14, 12:23 pm
Washington, Apr 14 (ANI): Libya's acting prime minister Abdullah al-Thinni has reportedly stepped down from his post following an attack on him and his family.
Gaddafi was 'charming, ruthless and stupendously rich', reveals new docu  Apr 7, 4:48 pm
New York, Apr.7 (ANI): A new documentary based on Late Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi has shed light on his brutal regime and his lust for power, where director Christopher Olgiati described the 69-year-old as utterly charming, utterly ruthless and stupendously rich.
Saadi Gaddafi apologizes to Libya in prison video for role in 'acts of destabilisation'   Mar 29, 4:58 pm
Dubai, March 29 (ANI): In an interview released by prison authorities, slain Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi's son Saadi Gaddafi has reportedly apologized to the Libyan people for his role in acts of destabilisation against the country.
US embassies in Pakistan short on resources to survive emergency attack: Report  Mar 22, 5:22 pm
Washington, March 22 (ANI): A new report has revealed that the two US embassies in Pakistan don't have the resources required to survive emergency situations like the attack on the U.S. Embassy in Benghazi, Libya.
Lockerbie bombing may have been 'ordered by Iran, not Libya, carried out by Syria'  Mar 12, 10:52 am
London, Mar. 12 (ANI): The Lockerbie bombing, which claimed 270 lives, was ordered by Iran and carried out by a Syrian-based terror group, a former Iranian intelligence officer has revealed.
Google ordered to remove anti-Islamic 'Innocence of Muslims' from YouTube  Feb 27, 10:30 am
Washington, Feb. 27 (ANI): Google has been reportedly ordered by a US court to remove an anti-Islamic film from its video service, YouTube.
Libya confirms destruction of all chemical weapons in country  Feb 5, 3:55 pm
Johannesburg, Feb. 5 (ANI): Libya has said the country's caches of chemical weapons have been completely destroyed.
US embassy attack in Benghazi Hillary's 'biggest regret' as Secretary of State   Jan 28, 11:31 am
Washington, Jan. 28 (ANI): Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has called the deadly attack on the United States mission in Benghazi, Libya, in 2012 as the 'biggest regret' of her tenure.
BBC documentary unveils horrors of Gaddafi's macabre rape chamber  Jan 27, 11:57 am
Sydney, Jan. 27 (ANI): After more than two years of capture and death of Libyan leader Muammer Gaddafi, details about his brutality towards young girls-turned-sex slaves have been emerging gradually.
Libya's move towards Shariah laws sends chill among Christian community  Jan 7, 12:22 pm
Washington, Jan. 7 (ANI): Libya has recently decided its new constitution will be based on Shariah law, which has caused panic among the nation's small Christian community.
NYT report casts doubt on al Qaeda involvement in US embassy attack in Benghazi  Dec 30, 1:46 pm
London, Dec. 30 (ANI): Terror group al-Qaeda had no direct involvement in the September 2012 attack on the US consulate in Benghazi, Libya, according to a New York Times investigation.
UK, US, Libya vow to investigate 'full facts' on Lockerbie bombing on 25th anniversary  Dec 22, 2:53 pm
London, Dec. 22 (ANI): The UK, United States and Libya have vowed to work together to find full facts on the Lockerbie bombing, which claimed 270 lives.
UNSC expresses grave concern over Libya's deteriorating security situation   Dec 17, 10:46 am
Washington, Dec. 17 (ANI): The United Nations Security Council has expressed 'grave concern' over weakening security situation in Libya.
Gaddafi's widow demands bodies of husband, son back on 2nd death anniversary  Oct 22, 1:50 pm
Washington, Oct. 22 (ANI): Former Libyan ruler Muammar Gaddafi's widow has called for the United Nations and the European Union to help her recover the remains of her husband and their son Mutassim, who were killed by rebel fighters in 2011.
Libyan PM accuses congressmen for his abduction  Oct 21, 2:02 pm
Tripoli, Oct. 21 (ANI): Libyan Prime Minister Ali Zeidan has accused two congressmen for plotting his abduction earlier this month.
New Gaddafi book reveals how dictator imprisoned schoolgirls to rape on daily basis  Oct 19, 10:38 am
London, Oct. 19 (ANI): A book written by acclaimed French journalist Annick Cojean reveals that the slain Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi imprisoned schoolgirls to abuse and rape them on a daily basis.
Libyan al-Qaeda suspect pleads not guilty to 1998 US embassy blasts in Africa   Oct 16, 10:36 am
Washington, Oct. 16 (ANI): A Libyan charged in the deadly 1998 al-Qaeda bombings of U.S. embassies in Africa has pleaded not guilty to terrorism charges in federal court in New York.
Libyan PM denounces abduction as 'attempted coup'  Oct 12, 2:05 pm
London, Oct. 12 (ANI): Libyan Prime Minister Ali Zidan has reportedly denounced his abduction by the militias and said that it was an 'attempted coup'.
Libyan PM lashes out at militias over moves to terrorise government  Oct 12, 11:01 am
Sydney, Oct. 12 (ANI): Libyan Prime Minister Ali Zidan has reportedly lashed out at militias for abducting him and keeping him in detention for several hours.
Libyan PM abducted by rebels, taken to undisclosed location  Oct 10, 10:53 am
Washington, Oct. 10 (ANI): Libyan Prime Minister Ali Zidan has been reportedly abducted by rebels and taken to an undisclosed location.