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iCare announces 'Green Pentagon Award' for schools delivering best healthcare facilities   Jun 20, 7:23 pm
New Delhi, June 20 (ANI): iCare, a leading organization working in the area of new-age child health care announced 'Green Pentagon Award' for schools delivering the best healthcare facilities with environment friendly campuses.
Pakistan should stop being a host to terrorist groups, says Pentagon  Jun 18, 4:08 pm
Kabul, June 18 (ANI): The United States defence establishment Pentagon has urged Pakistan to stop providing safe havens to terrorist and extremist groups in its soil in a bid to help improve the security environment of the region.
U.S. claims Taliban leader Mullah Mansour likely killed in airstrike  May 22, 9:12 am
Washington D.C., May 22 (ANI): United States officials have claimed that Taliban leader Mullah Akhtar Mohammad Mansour was likely killed in an airstrike in Pakistan.
Chinese fighter jets intercept US spy plane over South China Sea: Pentagon  May 19, 11:31 am
Washington, May 19 (ANI): The Pentagon has said that two Chinese fighters have conducted an "unsafe" intercept of a U.S. spy plane in international air space over the South China Sea.
Islamic State losing control over Iraq, Syria: Pentagon  May 17, 11:07 am
New York, May 17(ANI): The Pentagon has said the Islamic State (IS) is losing control over territory across Iraq and Syria, including almost half of what it had once held in Iraq.
U.S. report on Chinese military misrepresented: Defense Ministry  May 15, 12:08 pm
Beijing, May 15 (ANI): The Chinese Defense Ministry has expressed strong dissatisfaction and firm opposition to a Pentagon report on Beijing's military, saying it has misrepresented the country's military development.
Top ISIS military leader killed in airstrike: Pentagon  May 10, 9:13 am
Washington D.C., May 10 (ANI): The Pentagon has claimed that the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS) "military emir of Anbar" Abu Wahib was neutralised in a "successful" coalition airstrike.
ISIS couple killed in Syrian airstrike: Pentagon  May 6, 12:52 pm
New York, May 6 (ANI): The Pentagon has announced that ISIS fighter and his wife, who were involved in planning attacks against the West were killed in the U.S. airstrike in Syria.
Pentagon CEO receives 'Excellence in Publishing Awards 2016'  May 4, 5:43 pm
New Delhi, May 4 (ANI): Rajan Arya, the founder and CEO of the iconic publishing house Pentagon Press, was conferred with 'Excellence in Publishing Awards 2016' at a ceremony held here yesterday.
US mulling over new strategies to fight ISIS  Apr 17, 9:48 am
London, Apr. 17 (ANI): United States Defense Secretary Ash Carter said that he will talk with his commanders in the coming days to identify new ways the US can intensify the fight against Islamic State militants in Iraq and Syria, which including more airstrikes and cyber attacks.
North Korea threatens US of more deaths than 9/11  Apr 5, 12:37 pm
Melbourne, Apr. 5 (ANI): North Korea has claimed that if it could, it would kill more Americans than the 9/11 attacks.
US Air Force F-16 fighter jet crashes in Afghanistan, pilot safe  Mar 30, 3:02 pm
Kabul, Mar.30(ANI): United States Air Force F-16 fighter jet crashed on takeoff near Bagram Air Field in Afghanistan this morning.
Pentagon: US airstrike in Yemen killed dozens of people  Mar 23, 2:42 pm
New York, Mar. 23 (ANI): The Pentagon has estimated that dozens of people were killed in a massive US airstrike in Yemen, the second such mass-casualty strike undertaken by the US military this month.
Obama to explain anti-ISIS strategy at Pentagon this week  Dec 14, 2:58 pm
New York, 14 Dec.(ANI): US President Barrack Obama will visit the Pentagon and the National Counterterrorism Center this week to explain his strategy to combat Islamic state of Iraq and Syria(ISIS) with no expectations of bringing significant changes to the plan.
Parrikar discusses Make in India, ISIS threat with U.S.  Dec 11, 11:27 am
New Delhi, Dec. 11 (ANI): Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar made an official visit to the United States at the invitation of U.S. Secretary of Defence Ash Carter from December 7th to 10th that included visits to multiple U.S. facilities including U.S. Pacific Command (PACOM), the Pentagon, and a visit with Secretary Carter to observe flight operations aboard the aircraft carrier USS Dwight D. Eisenhower (CVN-69).
Pentagon warns Trump's anti-Muslim rhetoric threatens national security  Dec 9, 11:03 am
New York, Dec. 9 (ANI): The Pentagon has warned that Donald Trump's anti-Muslim rhetoric weakens the national security of the United States and further encourages the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS).
Defence cooperation dominates meeting between Raheel Sharif, US officials  Nov 18, 1:56 pm
Karachi, Nov. 18 (ANI): Pakistan's Chief of Army Staff, General Raheel Sharif, has held meetings with top US defence officials at the Pentagon wherein military cooperation between the two nations dominated the talks.
ISIS chief in Libya killed in air strike: Pentagon  Nov 15, 1:07 pm
London, Nov. 15 (ANI): A day after the ISIS carried out six deadly attacks in the French capital slaughtering 129 people, the head of the terror outfit in Libya has reportedly been killed in a US military airstrike.
Pak army chief's US visit expected to be more substantive than PM Sharif's  Nov 8, 12:39 pm
Karachi, Nov. 8 (ANI): Pakistan Army chief General Raheel Sharif is expected to train his focus on the situation in Afghanistan when he meets senior Pentagon officials during his visit to the United States from November 15 to 20.
Bin Laden's 'bodyguard' sent home from GTMO after more than 10 years of detention  Sep 23, 10:10 pm
Sydney, Sept. 23 (ANI): A Saudi Arabian prisoner, believed to be the bodyguard for Osama Bin Laden, has been sent home from Gauntanamo Bay after more than a decade behind bars, said the Pentagon.
Pentagon plans to sharply expand US drone strikes by 2019   Aug 18, 11:37 am
New York, Aug 18 (ANI): The Pentagon is planning to increase the number of US drone strikes by 50 percent over the next four years to keep up with the sprouting number of international hot spots, said a senior defense official.
Senior ISIS militant killed in Syria airstrike  Jul 3, 9:30 pm
Johannesburg, July 3 (ANI): The Pentagon has said that a senior militant of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) who coordinated suicide bombing and recruitments was killed in a US-led coalition airstrike in Syria.
ISIS 'emir of suicide bombers' killed in US air strike: Pentagon  Jul 3, 3:58 pm
Atlanta, July 3 (ANI): The Pentagon has said that air strikes conducted by the U.S.-led coalition in Syria last month have reportedly killed an Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) leader, known as the 'emir of suicide bombers'.
US spending over USD nine million a day on anti-IS mission, says Pentagon  Jun 12, 3:01 pm
London, June 12 (ANI): The United States is reportedly spending more than USD nine million a day on the war against the Islamic State (IS), and has already shelled out USD 2.7 billion for the bombing campaign since it was started.
US soldiers may soon be able to see through walls  Jun 2, 6:34 pm
Washington, June 02 (ANI): The Pentagon has started a project aimed at capturing light wave history that will allow troops to see behind walls.