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'Love-jihad' controversy being used as political tool: Atul Anjan  Sep 8, 1:20 pm
New Delhi, Sept. 8 (ANI): Asserting that the article published on 'love jihad' in the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) mouthpiece 'panchajanya' can incite communal violence in the nation, Communist Party of India leader Atul Anjan on Monday said this issue is being used as a political tool.
First factual information based report on MH17 plane crash to be published next week  Sep 4, 4:17 pm
Sydney, Sep 4 (ANI): The Dutch Safety Board (DSB) has said that a preliminary report on Malaysian airlines MH17 plane crash will be issued next week that will be based on factual information available to the board.
Early draft of Roald Dahl's 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory' revealed after 50 yrs  Aug 30, 4:49 pm
London, Aug 30 (ANI): An early draft of Roald Dahl's 1964 children's book 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory' has been published after 50 years, which has revealed many secrets relating to the story.
Al Qaeda magazine threatens to bomb Vegas casinos, military colleges in upcoming terror attacks  Aug 28, 12:25 pm
New York, Aug 28 (ANI): An Al-Qaeda magazine published in English language features an article that proposes casinos in Las Vegas, military colleges and oil tankers as potential terror targets in the Unites States while hinting that an attack is impending.
Leaked images show Nokia's 'selfie' Windows phone   Aug 8, 12:52 pm
Washington, Aug 8 (ANI): Windows Phone Central has published images of the speculated Nokia's 'selfie' Windows phone.
Russian publication mocks Obama by comparing him to Putin   Aug 2, 6:23 pm
Melbourne, August 2 (ANI): A picture of Barack Obama with a poodle posing alongside Vladimir Putin with a leopard was recently published by the Kremlin to show which President was stronger.
Women rights activist Abha Singh condemns Shiv Sena over 'Saamna' editorial  Aug 2, 6:23 pm
Lucknow, Aug.2 (ANI): Senior advocate and women's rights activist Abha Singh today condemned the Shiv Sena for its editorial on rape cases published in it's mouthpiece 'Saamna'.
American newspaper apologizes after Obama 'N****r' slur  Jul 8, 2:17 pm
London, July 8 (ANI): An American newspaper apologized after it referred to President Barack Obama using the 'N'-word in an opinion piece published in its July edition.
TSA now prohibits powerless devices to go on-board  Jul 7, 3:39 pm
Washington, July 7 (ANI): The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has published an announcement which states that passenger boarding flights to the US from certain overseas airports will first need to prove that all electronic devices they are carrying can be powered up.
TES Orbit Magazine bags ICE Award  Jul 2, 7:40 pm
Mumbai, July 2 (ANI): TES Orbit, a magazine published by Takshila Educational Society has won the 1st runner-up trophy in the best magazine (NGO) category of the prestigious Shailaja Nair Foundation ICE Awards 2014.
Sri-Lanka publishes 'world's first mosquito-repelling newspaper'  Jun 26, 5:06 pm
Washington, June 26 (ANI): Sri Lanka has published the world's first mosquito-repelling newspaper.
Southampton Varsity discovers mutations that can cause oesophageal cancer  Jun 24, 5:07 pm
Southampton (United Kingdom), June 24 (ANI): A new diagnostic test may be around the corner thanks to the discovery of two gene mutations that mark the progression from a harmless oesophageal condition to cancer, according to research published in Nature Genetics.
Why headphone cords get entangled revealed   Jun 14, 11:16 am
Melbourne, June 14 (ANI): A couple of students from the University of California have published a paper titled 'Spontaneous knotting of an agitated string' which reveals the ground breaking data surrounding the mystery of tangled headphones.
General Dwight Eisenhower's 'In case of failure' speech for D-Day gets published  Jun 6, 10:32 am
London, June 6 (ANI): A draft speech to be delivered by American president General Dwight Eisenhower in case the D-Day had ended in a failure has been published to mark the 70th anniversary of the famous Normandy landings.
China to become world's second-largest entertainment and media market by 2018  Jun 4, 11:30 am
Beijing, June 4 (ANI): The Global Entertainment and Media Outlook 2014-18, published by global consultancy PricewaterhouseCoopers has revealed that China will overtake Japan to become the world's second-largest entertainment and media market by the end of 2018, next only to the United States.
Oz papers publish Duchess Kate's 'infamous' bare bottom snap  May 29, 9:54 am
London, May 29 (ANI): Some Australian papers have published the Duchess of Cambridge's infamous bare bottom photograph.
First World War trench diaries now available online  May 22, 4:10 pm
London, May 22 (ANI): The National Archive has published the documents that contain the sport programmes and other ditch stories of the soldiers in the First World War online.
Moderate Internet use does not harm teenage brains  May 21, 1:46 pm
London, May 21 (ANI): A review of more than a hundred published studies of typical computer use among adolescents suggests that moderate Internet use does not appear to adversely affect the development of teenage brains.
Suarez says 'turns' page every time his move away from Liverpool is suggested  May 15, 2:31 pm
London, May 15 (ANI): Liverpool striker Luis Suarez has said that he turns the page every time reports speculating his move away from the Premier League club are published.
Chaucer's earliest manuscript goes online  Apr 27, 1:51 pm
London, April 27 (ANI): The earliest Chaucer manuscript, kept at the National Library of Wales in Aberystwyth, has been published online for the first time.
Gabriel Garcia Marquez leaves behind unpublished manuscript  Apr 23, 3:44 pm
Washington, Apr 23 (ANI): Colombian novelist Gabriel Garcia Marquez had left behind an unpublished manuscript that he chose not to print while he was alive, it has been revealed.
US official describes Earth Anthem as a significant contribution to Earth Day Celebrations  Apr 23, 3:44 pm
Chennai, Apr.23 (ANI): In a newsletter published by the United States Consulate General, U.S. Consul General to India, Jeniffer McIntyre, has noted the significant contribution made by Indian poet-diplomat Abhay K in developing Earth Day as an international day.
Is corporate fraud a menace waiting to erupt? (Correction)  Apr 19, 6:49 pm
New Delhi, Apr.19 (ANI): ANI issues a correction in relation to an article published on March 10 titled "Is corporate fraud a menace waiting to erupt?"
Lindsay Lohan 'humiliated' over lovers list  Apr 18, 11:51 am
Washington, April 18 (ANI): Lindsay Lohan has said that her alleged sex list which got published in a magazine was "not only humiliating, but just mean".
Peaches Geldof produced mag about young stars' death  Apr 15, 12:18 pm
London, April 15 (ANI): Peaches Geldof produced a magazine called 'Disappear Here,' which published articles about celebrities who died young.