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Amir Khan suspects Mayweather of finding excuses to avoid 'speculated bout'  May 25, 1:12 pm
London, May 25 (ANI): Two-time British world champion Amir Khan has claimed that Floyd Mayweather is hoping to duck him if he loses against Chris Aligeri on Friday in New York.
Ricky Hatton disappointed with 'Fight of the Century'  May 22, 5:02 pm
London, May 22 (ANI): Manchester's former two-weight world champion Ricky Hatton was among many who were disappointed with the much hyped 'Fight of the Century' bout between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao held on May 2 in Las Vegas.
Winter chill kills 20 times more people than hot weather  May 21, 10:04 am
London, May 21 (ANI): When it comes to death toll due to weather, cold winters claim 20 times more lives than hot summers, finds an international study.
'Lucky sports bettor' Floyd Mayweather boasts of $1m gambling win  May 19, 4:23 pm
Melbourne, May 19 (ANI): Floyd Mayweather, who recently pulled in 200 million dollars from his fight with Filipino Congressman Manny Pacquiao, has posted online pictures of a series of winning bets that earned him nearly a million dollars.
Woodland's support to UNICEF's WASH programme enters fourth year  May 14, 2:23 pm
New Delhi, May 14 (ANI): The world's leading manufacturer of extreme weather outdoor gear, Woodland, has extended its support to UNICEF's WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene) programme for fourth year with former already having inspired its employees and customers to raise Rs. 15 million for the noble cause.
Pacquiao admits 'retirement near' post Mayweather defeat   May 13, 5:08 pm
London, May 13 (ANI): Manny Pacquiao has admitted that he is close to call curtains on his boxing career as the Filipino boxer received a hero's welcome on return to his home country on Wednesday.
Google launches first Apple Watch app, News and Weather  May 13, 1:39 pm
Washington, May 13 (ANI): Google has updated its News and Weather app for the Apple Watch.
Mayweather-Pacquiao 'mega-bout' shattered pay-per-view records with 400M dollar earnings  May 13, 11:55 am
Johannesburg, May 13 (ANI): The 'richest fight' in boxing history between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao has rightly justified its tag by raking in an eye-watering 400 million dollars and more than 4.4 million pay-per-view buys, organizers have said.
Overcast morning, scorching afternoon is daily forecast for alien planets   May 13, 11:55 am
Washington, May 13 (ANI): Weather on Earth is way better that on some alien worlds, because as per a new report, there the daily forecast is cloudy, overcast skies in the morning and scorching heat in the afternoon.
Scientists warn of 'substantial' El Nino effect later this year  May 13, 10:34 am
London, May 13 (ANI): Scientists have warned an El Nino effect was under way in the tropical Pacific, and could be substantial.
Centre provided ample support to UP Govt. to deal with farmers' crisis: Rajnath  May 10, 5:55 pm
Ayodhya, May 10 (ANI): Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh on Sunday said the Central Government has provided ample financial support to Uttar Pradesh, where the farmers incurred heavy losses after their crops were damaged in inclement weather.
Mark Wahlberg admires Floyd Mayweather's expensive bracelet  May 10, 3:38 pm
Washington, May 10 (ANI): Mark Wahlberg couldn't take his eyes off the bling when he bumped into Floyd Mayweather at a Clippers game in Los Angeles.
Mayweather launches 'The Best Ever' t-shirt salvo in 'battle of greatest' with Ali  May 10, 11:20 am
Melbourne, May 10(ANI): After his victory in the most anticipated 'fight of the century' bout against Manny Pacquiao, unbeaten American boxer Floyd Mayweather has released a limited edition 'The Best Ever' t-shirt.
Mayweather's dad takes poetic swipe at Pacquiao camp  May 9, 12:31 pm
Washington, May 9 (ANI): Floyd Mayweather Sr. has taken a poetic swipe at the Manny Pacquiao camp, describing the Filipino boxer as a 'loser' with a 'pathetic trainer' (Frederick Roach) after the latter's 'Fight of the Century' defeat at the hands of his unbeaten son Floyd Mayweather Jnr in Las Vegas last Sunday.
Hamilton felt Pacquiao had won mega-bout against Mayweather  May 8, 4:01 pm
Johannesburg, May 8(ANI): Reigning Formula One world champion Lewis Hamilton said that he felt Pacquiao had won the most anticipated 'Fight of the Century' against unbeaten American boxer Floyd Mayweather.
Mayweather now not interested in rematch against 'cowardly sore loser' Pacquiao   May 8, 10:59 am
Wellington, May 08 (ANI): Floyd Mayweather has revealed that he is no longer interested in a rematch against Manny Pacquiao, describing the Filipino boxer as a 'sore loser' and a 'coward' for blaming a shoulder injury for his defeat against the American in the 'fight of the century' bout at the weekend.
Pacquiao undergoes successful shoulder surgery post Mayweather defeat  May 8, 9:16 am
London, May 08 (ANI): Filipino boxer Manny Pacquiao has undergone a successful surgery on his injured right shoulder following his defeat to unbeaten American boxing champion Floyd Mayweather in the 'fight of the century' bout on Saturday.
Amir Khan believes bout against Mayweather 'can happen' in September despite Ramadan pledge   May 7, 3:33 pm
London, May 07 (ANI): Britain two-time world champion Amir Khan believes that the speculated bout against unbeaten American boxing champion Floyd Mayweather can happen in September, despite his commitments to Ramadan.
Mayweather says `losers have excuses` after Pacquiao blamed injury for defeat in Las Vegas   May 6, 9:50 pm
London, May 06 (ANI): Floyd Mayweather Jr. has taken a swipe at Manny Pacquiao by saying 'winners win and losers have excuses' after the Filipino rival blamed a shoulder injury for his defeat against the unbeaten American boxing champion in the 'fight of the century' bout in Las Vegas.
Mayweather open to rematch post Pacquiao's surgery  May 6, 1:07 pm
Johannesburg, May 06 (ANI): Floyd Mayweather has reportedly gone on record to say that he would be open to a rematch after Phillipines boxer Manny Pacquiao recovered from shoulder surgery.
Pacquiao sued over shoulder injury dishonesty claims  May 6, 12:05 pm
London, May 6 (ANI): Phillipines boxer Manny Pacquiao is reportedly being sued in a court in Nevada after being accused of lying over a shoulder injury sustained before his fight against Floyd Mayweather in Las Vegas, which ended in a 48th consecutive win for the latter.
Manny Pacquiao sued for allegedly faking shoulder injury before fight against Mayweather  May 6, 11:41 am
London, May 06 (ANI): Filipino politician-turned-boxer Manny Pacquiao has been sued in Nevada over faking a shoulder injury before his fight against US boxing champion Floyd Mayweather in Las Vegas.
Mayweather-Pacquiao `rematch in doubt` post revealing Filipino's surgery plans  May 5, 6:29 pm
London, May 05 (ANI): The rematch of American professional boxer Floyd Mayweather is uncertain as Manny Pacquiao will be undergoing shoulder surgery, keeping him out of the ring for 9-12 months.
Brit boxer Amir Khan claims has been asked to square off against `unbeaten` Mayweather  May 5, 5:38 pm
Wellington, May 05 (ANI): British two-time world champion Amir Khan has claimed that he has been asked by the Floyd Mayweather's manager to compete against the unbeaten American boxing champion at the weekend.
Jamie Foxx blasted for national anthem rendition at Mayweather-Pacquiao fight  May 4, 3:12 pm
Wellington, May 4 (ANI): Jamie Foxx is facing criticism for his rendition of the American national anthem at the Mayweather vs Pacquiao fight.