German tabloid Bild to abolish front page pics of nude women

   Mar 10, 7:13 pm

London, Mar 10 (ANI): Bild has decided to end its 28-year-old tradition of publishing photos of naked women on its front page.

Germany's biggest circulation tabloid has published more than 5,000 pictures of naked women on page one since 1984.

Under a headline "Bild abolishes Page 1 Girl", Friday's final subject, Eva from Poland, says, "I am the last".

The decision to abandon the tradition was taken at an editorial meeting on Thursday - International Women's Day.

"It is perhaps a small step for women but a big step for Bild and for men," BBC quoted the paper as saying.

Bild reprinted a cutting from 13 May 1970 which carried the headline, "Women have less in the head than men".

"This old headline is now completely embarrassing for us," the paper said on Friday.

According to BBC correspondent in Berlin, Stephen Evans, although pictures of nude women will continue inside the paper, there does appear to be a change of image, perhaps in the light of falling circulation. (ANI)

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