Egyptian court disbands Islamist-dominated panel drafting new constitution over blatant "misuse of power"

   Apr 11, 5:00 pm

Cairo, Apr 11 (ANI): An Egyptian court has suspended an Islamist-dominated panel, which was set up for drafting a new constitution by the parliament, claiming the formation was "marred by misuse of power".

Several protest and liberal groups believed that the make-up of the panel was unbalanced, had gone to the court in Cairo to challenge the parliamentary formation.

The Islamist-controlled parliament had voted to have the 100-member panel composed of 50 lawmakers, with the remaining half selected from civil institutions, professional unions and public figures. But the panel witnessed the withdrawal of more than 20 members, including representatives from the Sunni Al Azhar institution, the Coptic Church and the Press Syndicate, the Gulf News reports.

Though, there was no immediate comment from the parliament on the ruling issued by a court dealing with administrative issues, Ahmad Abu Baraka, a lawyer for the Muslim Brotherhood party which holds nearly half of the parliament, said that the court had no warrant to decide on the issue.

"The formation of the panel was made by the parliament based on its legislative powers that are not subjected to the administrative judiciary," he added.

The panel has up to six months to draft a new constitution to replace the one suspended by the military in Egypt, which gained power after the Arab uprising which dethroned President Hosni Mubarak last year. (ANI)

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